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  1. Sooooo if I can't ride Superman, does that mean no Rivals for me?
  2. That's strange, I'm also bigger and I can easily fit on SDSC but when I went to Superman back in April, I wasn't allowed on because it was like 3cm off some white line on the harness.
  3. Definitely this. I went yesterday too and tbh I LOVED it so dark and gutted, but then again I haven't been up here in QLD in like 3 years lol. A lot of people were asking me and my friend why it looked different :') And may have rode it 10 times? There were times it was literally walk on so took it to my advantage tbh. It didn't however stop working around 4pm-4:30pm though. Not sure if it got up and running again.
  4. I posted on their Facebook regarding when it'll be shut down (only because I'm flying up on the 28th from Newcastle and wanna ride Scooby whilst it's barren) and this is the reply I got:
  5. Well granted it is the first night of the event so any small kinks will be evened out for the month ahead.
  6. Tbh I know there was a post with someone wanting American Horror Story but good luck. Considering licensing was hard to get on merchandise with Hotel this year, I doubt it could be included in an attraction like this. If Gaga wasn't involved from now, it'd probably be a lot easier.
  7. Dear POP, do this forum a favour and go make an account on BreatheHeavy.com and join all of the other hateful, annoying users that are there. And this is coming from someone who is on GagaDaily. :flop:
  8. Hey there! I'm heading to Disneyland in December with my Mum and Nan and I'm just wondering what rides would they like the most? The most 'complex' ride they've been on was Scooby Doo at Movie World and they're both older than 45. Thoughts? PS the title is terrible, sorry about that
  9. Ah okay! Thanks, I don't know what made me think it was at Dreamworld. It's been a long time since the show aired.
  10. We all know that Big Brother house in in Dreamworld, but does anyone know where The Shak was filmed? Apparently it was filmed in DW too?
  11. When I went to Sea World back in June '13 it was pouring rain when I went on that jet ski ride and boy it made you soaked by the time you got off!
  12. Ooh Alex and Jobe are from Newcastle! Same here! I'm going on the 7th so that's why I'm disappointed that it won't be open. :')
  13. I just recieved an email back from LPS and the Tango Train won't open till after the 7th. They are trying to get it back up and running for this Monday coming so I don't know tbh. :')
  14. Hey all! I've been reading in a couple of threads that the Tango Train at Luna Park Sydney is closed? I'm going on the 7th and it's honestly one of my favourite rides there. :') Does anyone know what's going on? And if it'll be open anytime soon? Thanks!
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