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  1. mrx0000001

    Sea Viper maintenance 2014

    The thing I do not get is the lack of information regarding the Sea Viper. My family and I have been to Sea World on three seperate trips in the last two years and there is still no information regarding what is wrong with the Viper or when the repairs are scheduled to be completed. Surely Sea World management would rather have all this speculation as to the demise of the Sea Viper ended but just advising the public as to the status of the ride. Disappointing really. Mind you they really do need a big wrap for keeping a steel rail roller coaster alive for the time that they have in what can only be considered a hostile environmement for this type of coaster.
  2. mrx0000001

    Is Sea World in Financial Hot Water?

    Yeah OK, but how do you write off the complaints about no ice on hot days for patrons when buying drinks. Facebook is a mass of complaints and finger pointing. Viper aside, they are not fairing too well on the positive public perception. Personally I love the place but it appears that something is not right about the place.
  3. Hi All, I would like to know what the theme park community makes of what is going on at SeaWorld Gold Coast. Is this iconic theme park on its last legs? You would like to think that the addition of Storm Coaster would imply that all is good and things are OK, however with all the complaints from customers on facebook and similar you would have to question what is going on there. The Sea Viper / Cork Screw Coaster still being closed and no opening date yet to be made public the question has to be asked what is going on at the park. We all know what some people have been saying about the Viper being in a hostile salt air environment and the age of the coaster being 32 years or thereabouts so it is tired etc etc, but surely the idea of scheduled maintenance is design to keep this icon in tip top shape. I can't imaging a Sea World park without the Sea Viper, the icon must be preserved..... Anyones thoughts would be appreciated on this subject.
  4. mrx0000001

    Holiday Club Parasites

    Alex B I think you must either work for them or are just plain ignorant. You already pay $16+ bux for food, $25 for a photo etc etc etc. These things I accept as part and parcel of being in their parks, however the marketing of time share in the parks I can do without. I think it is naïve to suggest that without them prices will go up and to compare little ole Sea World Qld with Disney is simply a gross over exaggeration on your behalf. I think as a regular patron of theme parks and everyday given I have two kids I happily invest my hard earned cash on stuff at the parks as the happy memories I have with my kids is worth every cent, but to have marketing vultures target families is I guess sort of double dipping and I would have to suggest greedy. I know they are a business and need to make money to survive and to prosper and grow, but is this the correct way to go about it? To suggest that they are not in the business of creating memories and happiness is possibly the most shallow and stupid comments I have ever come across. So Movie World and Sea World don't market themselves as the " Theme Park Capital of Australia" with the cute pics of little girls with wonder women and cute tiger cub pics etc etc you must be living in a vacuum.
  5. mrx0000001

    Holiday Club Parasites

    What I found amusing was we won the major prize on their first attempt at us at movie world, the dude went through his little spiel partly hiding the fact the little scratch box to determine which major prize we had won would be scratched at the 90 minute meeting, having no intention of attending I told him up front that the box would reveal we had won the holiday and not the 2k cash or the 1k Ipad, he tried to suggest that it may be the cash or ipad at this point I advised him that there was no way we were going to attend and for him to scratch of the prize box to reveal that it would be the holiday for sure, to this he refused as this would then prove me correct. I know this practice is not illegal and I am sure the parks are getting some sort of kick back from this all I am suggesting is that the happy world of the theme park really is not the place when hawkers should be able to flog holidays etc. The whole idea of the theme parks is to forget the outside world and in my case immerse myself in some quality time with my family and not have to think about the real world outside. Is this really that much to expect? I find it really hard to believe that the theme parks are hard up for a buck. These type of selling techniques belong at the bottom of the escalators outside woolworths not in theme parks....
  6. mrx0000001

    Holiday Club Parasites

    Having just come back from a whirlwind six day Qld park blitz I have to raise an issue of disappointment on behalf of the triple park management. Movie World and SeaWorld in their ultimate wisdom allowing the con men of Holiday Club pestering patrons at the aforementioned parks. I find it terribly disappointing to have these so called commission sales people who you would normally find at the bottom of the escalators outside Woolwoorths in Cavel Ave annoying all who pass by with their dumb scratchy promotion offering super prizes if you just attend a 90 minute sales meeting about their time share junk. Given that at both Parks everything comes with a price tag and we all tolerate this as we are there to hopefully have an exciting fun time, to be assaulted by these parasites is a little annoying. Given that in one day at movie world I was accosted three times. Upon raising my concerns with the parks customer services I was informed that this was a corporate decision and out of there control. I am not sure if others feel this way about having third party spruikers annoy the crap out of you when you are trying to have a fun family time.