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  1. It's a bit disappointing to see it go though. It was just a classic . So now that Sea Viper is gone forever, now they should build a new coaster OR extend the jet rescue to make it more longer! But back to this topic, they should add something like a Intamin Mega Lite like Piraten at Djurs Sommerland! They could do it in the water park area, since hardly no one uses it If so, get rid of sand in former Wild area and they should make something like the Board-walk at Knott's joining to bridge and theme it like 80's style with a roller coaster and rides, covering some of the lake!
  2. Hi I recently got a go pro hero 3+ silver edition. It's awesome I'm going to movie world tomorrow and I was wondering are you allowed to take go pro's on movie world rides and roller coasters? I really want to but I'm nervous If anyone catches me with a camera filming and getting confiscated. Do you know what will happen If you are caught? I don't know what to do! Anyway I would love your answers. I might sound crazy but have you done it before and close to getting caught? Thanks I know I posted another topic again based on this so just ignore it!
  3. Here are some things that need improving/ new rides at theme parks: Movie World: Add a indoor ride in the ark ham asylum area, that would be pretty cool. Also do something about Chinatown alley, like mentioned. Do a studio tour, attracts more tourists. Add maybe a drop tower in the middle of superman (or Doomsday) Or add a upside down track in superman, awesome. I know a lot but those are some things I would love to see. Sea World: Do something with the sea viper area! Continue making Wild if still true. Improve the water park or get rid of it if not used and add a mega attraction there. Improve flume ride like replace cars and structures like the castle, station and add theme! Wet N Wild: Wet N Wild need a huge water slide like the bombora at wet n wild Sydney. That's all Dream world; Need a make over! White Water World: Expand and make more slides That's my opinions
  4. Hi guys So as you know many renovations are happening in the GC. I have a question that I've wanted to ask and I might sound insane to ask. What theme park could do with a renovation? Before you rush ahead, I think that one of the parks should do with a renovation, do you think? Personally, I think dreamworld could do with a renovation. I mean, look at the queue line for the giant drop, it's so old and the back of the park has no improvement at all. So some rides they could add and keep is giant drop but different, make buzzsaw like superman ultimate flight at six flags discovery kingdom. Those are a few that come to my mind So what park do you think could do with a renovation? Sorry if I confuse you guys but I really would like your answers Thanks
  5. Hi guys Recently, Epcot announced Maelstrom would be closing to make way for a frozen attraction. Personally, I think Maelstrom was a very enjoyable ride. It's sad to see it go. As Epcot are ready to construct the frozen attraction, do you think it's a good idea to put that kind of ride in there? It would go good in magic kingdom but epcot?? Anyway, since that the land is themed to Norway, a frozen attraction wouldn't go good there because it just ruins the theme of Norway and Epcot!!. Would you see a future at Epcot with a frozen attraction in a area themed to Norway?? So what do you think?? Leave a comment Thanks
  6. You got to admit a studio tour could attract more tourists. In Universal, many people always come for the studio tours
  7. Who thinks it's good that Movie World did a maze of the evil within??
  8. I found triple vortex a really enjoyable ride. It's a bit weird how the heaviest person sits in front and the lightest sits at the back don't you think. But it's really confusing getting up there because I went the rip way and you're supposed to go the bro way. Lol
  9. Hi guys Recently, I went to movie world and when I was in the green lantern store I saw a souvenir book and there was a birds eye view of movie world. I was shocked by the MASSIVE amount of studios. I mean there is way too much. Do you think that they should use the studios for more rides. But if mw keep doing that, then there would be too much indoor rides. I know they film movies there but I think they should do something about it. They should keep the studios used for filming and use the other studios for rides. So what do you think? Do you think that mw should minimize their studios if NECESSARY? Thanks
  10. I'm guessing all those parks are doing/or have those attractions
  11. The pictures look great! I think this a great addition to the park, especially for the younger ones who can't ride the slides. I think Wet N wild made a wise decision!!
  12. It's not our fault for having "bad thrill rides''. I know the US have really awesome roller coasters, but the US has a much bigger population than us. We can't afford these new and innovative thrill rides because of our population. But other than that, many tourists come to visit our theme parks and they think it's great so we have pretty good rides.
  13. Themagician. Yes they should upgrade the super 8 racer, perhaps make it like the BRO with the tunnel curving around!!!
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