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  1. El Dub

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    Long time stalker, first time poster so take from this what you will. I have heard from several Movie World employees that the call has recently been made to pull the coaster down. This has come from more than one source but I suppose we won't know for sure until an official announcement is made.
  2. El Dub

    Disneyland Trip Discussions

    There are plenty of free things Disney do to make your trip more enjoyable too. Make sure to stop off at city hall and let them know you are celebrating a honeymoon. They will provide you with free buttons celebrating the occasion and cast members will comment and congratulate during the day. A favourite of mine is to tell them it's your birthday (it doesn't have to be, they don't check). All cast members will wish you a happy birthday (even from the other side of the street!). I was even lucky enough to be sung happy birthday by Mater. Also if you fancy a ride on the Mark Twain paddle steamer, ask the cast member politely on entry if you can drive. They will take you to the top and let you ring the bells and whistles. It's on a track so the steering wheel does nothing but it is also a good time to chat with the cast member about all things Disneyland. You will get a pilots licence to mark the occasion. If you want a map of the jungle cruise, just ask a cast member when exiting the ride and they will get one for you. Also if you fancy a collection of Cars buttons, brush up on your knowledge of the movie and start asking cast members in the shops and at the rides for buttons of characters. They will either not have any, just give you one or ask you a question about the movie in order to receive one. One last thing is Radiator Springs Racers gets super busy and fast passes are gone quite early in the day, best to get a ride in first thing. The single rider queue is a riders best friend. You may not be sitting beside anyone you know but you usually end up in the same car anyway. This is the method the cast members use when they want to ride so they've apparently stopped suggesting it to visitors so it doesn't get too crowded.
  3. I was in yesterday and failed to get to ride it. In the morning they had to replace a pump, which meant the ride didn't open until after 12. Then, whilst I was waiting in line, around 1, one of the boats got stuck near the top of the lift hill. They evacuated everyone in the line and in the half hour I stood and waited, had only just reached the poor people stuck on the ride. The ones stuck in a boat at the bottom got out in about 15 or 20. I was on a time limit so didn't see anyone get rescued from the top. Also Sea Viper was not going and Jet Rescue wasn't open in the morning, so I'm guessing SeaWorld will have a lot of unhappy customers.