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  1. themagician

    DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains 2018

    The event is now on MWs website Main thing to note is that Robin will be returning to the park alongside Batman
  2. themagician

    Sea World Updates 2018

    Good to see they’ve brought the construction fencing back out and are installing a structure in front of the attraction, but at this point definitely seems quite different from the original plan
  3. themagician

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    This was posted on DWs FB page yesterday
  4. themagician

    Topgolf Gold Coast Soft Open

    Both carparks this evening were completely full
  5. themagician

    Topgolf Gold Coast Soft Open

    With Topgolf officially open, the connection bridge between the attraction and Movie World is now open And it gives some pretty cool new angles of the ride And if you park in the front carpark, this path runs alongside the netting to the entrance One of my first thoughts is that there isn’t any actual signage around the carparks. They may install them over time, but I think they need a sign at the start of this path to say where the entrance is. And the same over on the MW side. Also some signage in the carpark is needed, because we depsite their being road markings, people are ignoring them and driving the opposite way on a one way carpark (This is the carpark next to the main entrance)
  6. Does it officially open at 9am tomorrow, or is there a special offical opening time?
  7. themagician

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Courier Mail thinks the same
  8. themagician

    Afterglow - Movie World

    Probably because they announced the event only a week before it began, and not as many knew about it
  9. themagician

    Topgolf Gold Coast Soft Open

    Sure can
  10. themagician

    Topgolf Gold Coast Soft Open

    Topgolf is currently in soft opening, as of yesterday
  11. themagician

    Afterglow food options

    What are your overall thoughts on the event @JaggedJanine
  12. themagician

    Topgolf Gold Coast Soft Open

    I’m pretty sure the media event is this Thursday. They just posted on Instagram a sneak peek at the light show
  13. themagician

    Afterglow food options

    Other food and beverage prices are found here:
  14. themagician

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    What about the two guys before you go backwards?
  15. themagician

    Afterglow - Movie World

    Besides the issues with queue times, how were other aspects of the event? Food, atmosphere, food, etc.