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  1. themagician

    Fright Nights 2018

    And following from @Skeeta point, I am that member
  2. themagician

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    That was a bloody brilliant show. So simple, well written and funny. Great job DW, this is the kind of stuff we want to see
  3. themagician

    Dreamworld Late September Update 2018

    Now that is good reserved seating. Well done DW. Mane if I remember, in the early days of the BuzzSaw, the ride did do a double circuit with riders, but I think due to the large wait times, they changed it to a single loop. Anyone correct me if wrong
  4. themagician

    Mystery Future Dreamworld Attraction

    Definitely a poor choice of location to do it in, right in front of MDMC
  5. themagician

    Mystery Future Dreamworld Attraction

    Did you get to see it though?
  6. themagician

    ParkChat Live VRTP Interview

    The extent of the stunts are a figure 8 drift across the arena a couple times. Buggy drives up a small ramp and gets some air time. And there was a guy who climbed some scaffolding and fell from it (But not even sure they have that anymore, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it)
  7. themagician

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    That’s great if true, just in time for the school holidays. But the website still says it’s closed with no reopening date. And with the large amount of construction happening around the entrance I can’t see it happening
  8. themagician

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    Just looked at the availability, Sunday has 2 spots left, Monday has 6 and the rest have 8. It’s proving to be very popular 😒
  9. themagician

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    They won’t get rid of the screens because the queue area is used for private evening events, and they use those screens. But it would definitely would be good to show multiple videos or something different. They won’t show cartoons because it doesn’t fit into what the ride is based around (the film), but it would certainly be great if they did play classic Scooby cartoons
  10. themagician

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    A group of climbers have just reached the top of Rivals
  11. themagician

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    Great to hear about BuzzSaw A number of kids rides were moved around when they changed from Nickelodeon to Dreamworks
  12. themagician

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    We have to remember that it was just something an staff member said. It could just be speculation or misunderstood.
  13. themagician

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    I definitly don’t think they should make that whole area themed around the airport. They should just keep this one attraction as airport style, it’s on Main Street, no issue. But then if they expand it to BuzzSaw, then that affects the theme possibilities for any other future attractions. I think they should stick to the Gold Rush/Rocky Hollow theme because it won’t affect continuity as much and connects to the log ride and GD, and then they can save money from changing BuzzSaw
  14. I looked through my archives and couldn’t find anything. I do remember the entrance was covered in scaffolding and sheeting, but don’t remember the print of Wayne’s Manor being on it
  15. themagician

    Fright Nights 2018

    But maybe they did try and for licensing reasons they couldn’t have it. I’m sure there have been dozens of movies and franchises they’ve tried to get for a maze but just haven’t been allowed to