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  1. Ok... the 'Edutainment factor' is not in your face, you won't even realise you are learning stuff, you will be having way to much fun, but your mind will know. As both a Designer, Conceptual Engineer and Quantum physicist, I have applied a combination of highly advance technologies, many of which you will never even have heard of yet, and exact physics, to create experiences that will seem so real, your body and mind will believe they are. The Educational factor is purely a side effect of enjoying the thrill, amazement and exhilaration of fully immersible experiences. I like to us the SuperNova XI as an example; When you board the space craft at the space terminal in Astron, you will look out your window, or the pilots front window and see the terminal you just stepped in from, and the illusion starts there. Using advanced cutting edge seamless HD 3D Omnisphere nano technology with an infinity depth factor created by optical placement, what you see out your window, to you will be the real world. When the applied 'exact' physics of take-off kick in, you will feel genuine thrust and take off, as the ride applies the three sets of physics encountered in space travel, Earthbound, Atmospheric and Space vacuums. And as you soar into the wide void, you may already be saying to yourself, "My God, I think they are really taking us into space!" However, that is only the start. you may, depending on which flight you are aboard, then fly past all the planets in our solar system so close to them, if you could open your window, you would be able to touch them... you won't be thinking, 'That is the best image of Jupiter I've ever seen', you will probably be thinking by this stage...'Wow, that is actually Jupiter, and I am so close to it, I could almost touch it'. Then you may go on any number of wild adventures, designed by people like George Lucas 's Industrial Light magic team, at such amazing resolutions, you will be fully immersed in them, not watching them as a third party observer. You may pull into an Alien space station, where a mysterious field is applied to the ship that allows you to enter a wormhole, or black hole horizon, and transverse into an alternate Universe. Any number of adventures that might happen on your ride. But when the fun stuff comes to a close and the pilot turns the ship back to home, as you are zooming along toward the Earth, the pilot pulls the ship up abruptly and informs you that you have to take a holding position until you get authority to re-enter Earth's Atmosphere. The lights go out and the only illumination you can see, is the tiny blue orb that is our home, Earth, through the pilots window. By now, you won't be looking at it as an image of Earth, you will be seeing it as the real Earth just like the Astronauts that went to the moon. Having listened to many Astronauts and cosmonauts talk about how seeing Earth from distant space, effected they way the think about the Earth, the way they treat it, and the way they look and treat other humans, knowing first hand that we are a single race living on a tiny fragile blue orb in the middle of nowhere. No neighbours around to help us in a crisis, nothing... just tiny sparkles in an otherwise black empty void. I remember one particular Astronaut who said when I looked down at that tiny little planet, I realised that my family were down there, and it is the only home we have, so it really dawned on me how important it is to look after it and each other. So, the human mind, on average, takes 28 seconds to contemplate the object it is looking at, so this ride is going to have the longest pause of any ride I have ever known... the pilot is going to hold that position in the silence of space for 30 seconds, and the only thing you will be able to see is the tiny planet Earth. Then the pilot will simply say, we have permission to land, and you will zoom toward Earth at lightening speed and power through the Earth's atmosphere to land safely back on the ground. Now, that ride has four pods, each carrying 20 passenger and one pilot, that is 80 passengers per ride, and it is also one of the longest turn around rides designed, so do the math, 80 passengers, every ten minutes, 7 days a weak, 364 days a year... if only 1% of people get off that ride and say... "I really have to think carefully about the way I treat the Earth and my fellow human beings and change my thinking and actions for the better", then that entire $68 billion dollar complex with over 90 other rides and attractions is a huge success... that is EDUTAINMENT ! Now consider that there are in fact rides and attractions that fill FantasmicWorld, that all have some elements of that magical Edutainment ingredient, all aimed at helping you explore, discover and learn, so you can ultimately create and be more than you ever dreamed. That is the vision of ElysianWorld incorporating FantasmicWorld. Yes the project is costing a lot of money, $68 Billion to the completion of stage 5 and into stage 6. Stage 7 is a living organism expansion stage. The focus in FantasmicWorld is 'Entertainment' with a philosophy in 'Education through Entertainment', it is the ElysianWorld precincts that are more focused toward Human Advancement and Improvement and Education, with real world applications and developments, to assist and help in many of the real world problems we face today and in our foreseeable future. When Disneyland first opened, people could barely get their head around the style of park, the names and ideas... it was all totally foreign to them and many people even criticised the notion of it on variable levels before it opened. FantasmicWorld is what it is, it is most definitely not an EPCOT or an attempt to be an EPCOT 2... it is evolutions ahead of that, but you won't know that until the gates open. Of course our Venture Partners, Backers, Investors, Lawyers and Management are all privilege to more finer details about designs, engineering, technologies etc, but as I have said, this is a multi billion dollar project and neither our legal firm or Venture Capital partners, nor myself would allow the highly sensitive and highly classified designs and technologies to be out in public domain before the gates open. Every person that has, is and will work on this project, signs a strict Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement, that if broken may result in severe litigation and even jail terms. While I appreciate all your ideas and suggestions, the idea here was just to get opinions of where you think in Australia would be the best place to build this project. The project will be built as it is, and I assure you, it will be far more than you are imagining it to be. The websites have not been set up as public promotional sites, they are there essentially as an attachment to our very comprehensive Business Plan and our very extensive Development & Operations Schedule and Budget Plan, which accounts for every step and stage of development and operations, and every single dollar of expenditure for the first 5 years of development and operations across the first five stages of the total 7 stage project. there is 30 years of development and planning gone into this project so far, keeping up with cutting edge technologies all the way and in many cases creating and developing new technologies some of which you are using today. If we do not get a favourable response from Australia for this project, Australia will sadly loose it to one of the four other countries who have put their hand up and desperately want us to build in their counttry, offering all manner of incentives for us to do so, including additional infrastructure and money. I am a born and bread Australian, I have lived and worked all over the world and I know first hand that we here in Oz, have a brilliant pool of creative mind power, and I would love to build this in Australia, not only for the people of Australia, but also to showcase to the world how brilliant we truly are, despite all our shortcomings. Regarding the tags... I apologise, I was under the impression they were simply SEO words or phrases to help people who are looking for this type of info, to find this forum and topic. This site is great for people wanting to keep up-to-date with the world of Theme and Entertainment parks, but I am finding it does have a few snags. I'm not about to continue justifying our project that has taken 30 years and a lot of dedicated people to put together, suffice to say, if we do build it in Australia, and keep in mind, Australia is purely a contender at the moment, I believe you will be more than pleased and amazed with the result... if nothing else, there is most definitely nothing anywhere close to like it in Australia... and for those of you who have been lucky enough to visit complexes like Walt Disney World in Florida, USA, which is a 25 thousand acre complex, as opposed to the 300 acre or so parks here in Oz, I would hope you would encourage the millions of Australians who have never been to Walt Disney World and will probably never be able to afford it, to cast their vote to have this project built in Australia where they can visit. Thanks for all your comments.
  2. It's odd you say that Jacbo96, given that people all over the world come to me for the most advanced technological developments in this industry... you will be surprised when we open, at the cutting edge technology, but as I said earlier, we cannot show all this information on our websites, as it is strictly and highly confidential material, as I'm sure you can appreciate.
  3. Just to ease everyone's minds, who are worried about the name, Disney are well aware of 'FantasmicWorld', and we even had meetings back in the late 1980's and early 1990's about the possibility of partnering with Disney in this project, and they think the project is remarkable, to say the least! They had already begun the 'Celebration project', but a partnering with Disney has still not been ruled out!
  4. Yes we have done all our research, feasibilities and logistics and we already have our preferred sites whom we have had extensive negotiations with property professionals etc... as I said before, there is 30 years of development so far in fact... so much work and effort by many dedicated people, it would make your head spin. We have done extensive study into the feasibilities of building in Australia, and contrary to most uneducated opinions, the figures stack up to build and operate in Australia, and keep in mind, we have a fully planned extensive global marketing and promotions program to roll out, and we also have a massive Asian market to draw on at our front door. This forum is seen purely as another market research vehicle in a global social network world, with people we feel count... Theme park enthusiasts and fans.
  5. Hi... Zacsta_1997 made a really good point, and I sent a message in response, but thought maybe others of you might be asking the same thing. So here is what I said... Good point, but I can tell you, there are a lot of roller coaster type rides in FantasmicWorld, some of the most amazing rides you will ever go on, and all wrapped around genuine themes. I am a huge Theme Park fan myself... I'm sure you can guess. But a lot of people misinterpret the term 'Theme park' these days. They confuse them with 'Amusement or Activity parks. The Term Theme Park was coined by Walt Disney back in the early 1950's when he was designing and building Disneyland, which opened the year I was born 1955. A theme park is a park or complex that has an actual 'Theme', or themed environments, like Disneyland, Futuroscope, Legoland, Wet n Wild, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Movie World, Sea World, or even smaller parks like Victoria, Australia's Sovereign Hill or Kryal Castle. Parks that just have a collection of assorted rides, roller coasters and attractions, are actually 'Amusement or Activity or Leisure Parks, regardless of how many or how big their rides might be. But all that aside, we do have lots of exhilarating, thrilling and amazing coasters and velocity rides etc, but as you can imagine, we can't put too many details about all the rides and attractions on the websites, as they are all under strict confidentiality... but they will be there, believe me... and I hope you all come and get the thrill of your life on them... I'm already lined up and I designed most of them.
  6. We have been planning, and are about to build a multi Billion Dollar Global Complex, incorporating the world's most advanced Theme Park in Australia…'ElysianWorld incorporating FantasmicWorld', focused on 'Edutainment' (Education through brilliant Entertainment). Linked to the site in Australia, which we call the 'Mothership' site, being the largest of the sites and principle World Headquarters, will be additional smaller sites we call 'Satellites', in other selected location around the world. Some of these satellite locations include, New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, the Bahamas and Western Europe/UK. There will be approximately 100 major rides and attractions in FantasmicWorld, many which have never been seen before, and it will be a 365 days of the year weather proofed environment, so no getting soaked in the rain, or burnt under the hot sun, or rides closed down do to weather! Yet it will still give the feeling of open space and outdoor environments. The overall ElysianWorld project will be built over 7 stages. FantasmicWorld will be the largest Theme Park in Australia, and when all seven stages of the project are complete, it will be the largest of it's kind in the world. We are looking at several possible locations in Australia, so, where would you like to see this project built, and where do you think the best place in Australia is to build it?Keep in mind we will be looking to attract visitors from all around the world, including our closest neighbours in Asia and New Zealand. The locations we are looking at, to build the 'Mothership', are; Melbourne Victoria, Central to Northern NSW Coast, Sydney NSW, Gold Coast Queensland, Sunshine Coast Queensland, Central Queensland Coast & Great Barrier Reef region, or Northern Queensland up around Cairns and Port Douglas and Great Barrier reef region. I realise most people would want it built in their own state or region, but we would like to get your idea of where you think it would be best for all Australians, and overseas visitors, as well as your own personal preference. What State do you live in, and would you be willing to travel interstate to visit FantasmicWorld, if it was not built in your state? Leave your comments and let us know what you think. Visit the Websites to find out about FantasmicWorld and the overall ElysianWorld vision:The Theme Park website: FantasmicWorld The Overall Project website: ElysianWorld