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  1. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    1. Millenium Force (Cedar Point) 2. Steel Dragon 2000 (Nagashima Spa Land) 3. Maverick (Cedar Point) 4. Gatekeeper (Cedar Point) 5. Valravn (Cedar Point) 6. Thunder Dolphin (Tokyo Dome City) 7. Hollywood Dream The Ride (Universal Studios Japan) 8. Hyperspace Mountain (Hong Kong Disneyland) 9. Flying Dinosaur (Universal Studios Japan) 10. White Cyclone (Nagashima Spa Land) Has been a really great year for me for coasters, and within the next two weeks I'll officially hit the big 100 on my Coaster Count!
  2. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Is it this type of thing? I've seen them in many parks but never seen one actually being used.
  3. Japan rollercoasters

    Where you basing yourself? Got back from a trip there earlier in the year. We did a few days out in Osaka to do Universal then one the way back to Tokyo did Nagashima Spaland. It's a little out of the way but has some really great coasters including the beast that is Steel Dragon 2000 a ride easily in my top three coasters. It also has some classic old school rides among it's 12 coaster credits including a Togo Twister as well as some cool flats such as a first generation Free Fall (If they happen to be open the day you're there operations can be a bit iffy).
  4. As someone who worked in Orlando at the time of this happening, having quite a few colleagues working at HHN that year it was a move that caused a lot of rumour and speculation, however the most prominent rumour was that the owners of the Scream franchise feuded with Universal about whether it be based on the films or the then newly released MTV show. Ultimately they couldn't come to an agreement and had to quickly retrofit a Universal owned property into the already built maze at the last minute thus the return of The Purge.
  5. Their websites truly are terrible and seldom updated, the Movie World Map on it's on site hasn't even been updated to show off Doomsday or the Supervillains area...
  6. Fright Night 2014

    Interestingly a similar maze is being installed at the EB Expo this year which is on from the 3rd-5th of October, which happens to also be the first weekend of Fright Nights.
  7. Hollywood Stunt Driver 2

    Interesting choice to bring back the "Rodney" type of character from the Police Academy days, as what I'm assuming will be the comedic relief, rather then a Marty type character. The Rodney type character however requires better acting that hopefully the Doug character will pick up better in time. Other then that looks promising, I didn't have much hope but the green screen gives me faith it might still have a trace of the Movie Making Magic aspect rather then just a Rev head show.