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  1. Disney Parks' forums if you weren't allowed to mention Bob Chapek by name
  2. I've finally figured out what "World Class" means to Australian theme parks, a ride that had classmates all around the world that recieve almost identical results to them!
  3. So even though you don't work there anymore and weren't told this when you did work there, you would be breaking your NDA not the friends who currently work there... right...
  4. Won't be themed as well as it's brother, why even bother... The ride looks to have nicer theming and integration than Rivals, and with the way people treat that like the second coming of Coaster Jesus it shows that Australian's don't care too much for theming on the big mess of steel Thrill Coasters.
  5. By 2032 VRTP might have finally made that big announcement that's coming "soon"!
  6. Come on man, that's not fair. It could have been the backstage friend of the Gamesite Prawn, he's been pretty lonely lately!
  7. Company executives have been touting a "Big announcement!" coming soon for months now, hopefully soon is almost here.
  8. I honestly thought with no announcement or construction progress midway through July the event had been quietly cancelled but looks like Fright Nights will go ahead this year!
  9. The audio alone of that video is heartbreaking when you know the outcome. The last few weeks we have seen a lot more incidents in Theme Parks than normal and it's a worrying trend.
  10. And the posts mere minutes before of him driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge are also actually about his daily commute, one that a few days ago he wasn't able to do because of the stay-at-home order according to Instagram
  11. I too go excercising to a completely out of the way private carpark during a stay-at-home order!
  12. We want something like this. Here's $7.50 on a Bunnings gift card, make it happen!
  13. I'm curious to know what you think those rides are? Looking at the Coaster Bot rankings from 2020 Rivals came in at number 12, which is pretty decent for a ride in the middle of nowhere for most Coaster enthusiasts. If you look at the 11 above it though none of those are Hypers so DC Rivals ranked as the best Hyper Coaster in the world last year?
  14. For the last few years the major Halloscream houses have been built in the Big Top. 2019 had 3 in the Big Top + Mystery Manor, 2020 just had 3 in the Big Top. Seeing as they've announced 3 houses for this year best bet is that they're all in the Big Top again.
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