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  1. Thrill rides are mostly scary because of cognitive dissonance in your mind. In a nutshell the mind is battling between rational and irrational thoughts. On one hand it believes that the attraction is completely safe through rational deduction: This ride runs multiple times a day, every day, for years without fail. The engineers who built this know what they're doing. I'm harnessed in so I can't do something stupid. etc. But on the other it believes that you're in some kind of danger: What if this time it fails? What if my harness flies open?
  2. I'm actually really surprised that they managed to get in the country this year. Europe is absolutely falling apart at the moment in terms of COVID and its wild that ride engineers are considered an essential service worth the risk of bringing them over. Definitely good news for the theme park community though.
  3. WNW has always been a miss for me when visiting the GC. I remember having a lot of fun there but considering it seems that VRTP forgot it existed they just haven't really done anything to bring me back in. I don't really feel the need to spend an entire day at a water park considering we have WNW: Lite in Sydney but if I want to sate my slide urges I'll just duck over to WWW whilst at Dreamworld. Good to see it's finally get some attention and I hope we get some well needed upgrades and additions.
  4. I'm a little late but I really like the new colour scheme of the Gold Coaster though I'd definitely say it's on the way out in terms of longevity. My assumption is that once they're done with Orange & Brown: The Coaster they will likely look to decommission the Gold Coaster.
  5. Definitely some good and fair points. I guess if the park is busier then you're going to second guess whenever you jump into a line which leaves you open to more opportunities to purchasing upcharges, food and drink whereas if you blast through the park because it's quiet then you're going to leave earlier or go off property for food.
  6. I like that colour scheme and design from what I can see. I don't mind that it's using 2D flats unlike this monstrosity
  7. 1. There are some folks from Wonderland History on here who can help you out more but from what I can gather it may have been some official wonderland fan-site sort of thing. A lot of the images are of rare moments such as demolition, park flyovers, insider information, etc. which makes me believe it was either sanctioned by the park when they knew time was up or its some disgruntled employees trying to salvage what remains. 3. I used to live in Sydney when Wonderland existed and drove past a few times for visiting and when travelling through the area. If you look at this image it gives y
  8. It is pretty wild that overtime as the parks have expanded and improved their offerings that the passes have technically gotten cheaper. I'd say the justification is that the more people they can get through their gates the better but I honestly wonder whether it's a quantity over quality issue? Also I agree that people would be outraged if they had to pay those prices for Movie World but I wonder why they got away with it back in the day. Has the quality of the park changed? $50 is way too cheap for a season pass. Hell even $99 is. I honestly can't fathom how they make a profit w
  9. Do we feel that our parks need to embrace a different season pass scheme? I find it surprising that both Dreamworld and VRTP only offer very basic season pass offerings unlike a lot of parks overseas. Personally I'd be interested in seeing some more expensive passes introduced with discounts, further additions and benefits. I believe the easiest way they could implement this is to keep the current season pass as the base offering so that the general public doesn't lose their minds over increased prices and then add 'levels' above that with increased benefits. For example you could leave
  10. 100%. There is no reason to raise the bar when you set the bar in place in the first place. If VRTP released Atlantis as an entirely themed, immersive, world-class experience then it'd cause the rest of their property to suffer or feel dated so they almost have no incentive to do anything extraordinary especially when their primary goal is to satisfy shareholders.
  11. I appreciate the response and insight into your comments Alex. You definitely make some great points especially in regards to the public having rather limited expectations.
  12. Saying 'by Australian standards' is like giving an encouragement award to the kid that turned up. Our parks aren't somehow randomly isolated from the world market and shouldn't just be given a pass because our personal standards in the last few years have dropped dramatically entirely influenced on the output that all our parks have given us. You also can't randomly put our parks into the Australian basket considering that every second piece of media from VRTP boasts it's additions as being 'world class'. If they say that they're world class, then they're competing with addition such as
  13. Could Sea World potentially use the new-ish portions of Vikings Revenge to create a log flume if they demolished the castle? I wouldn't be against them building some sort of updated log ride at Sea World in the coming years.
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