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  1. CaptainLazerGuns

    Trip Report: Lagunasia Japan

    We cancelled our Shanghai trip to go to Japan! There is very little to worry about.
  2. CaptainLazerGuns

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    I can't see any wacky wavey men on the island.
  3. CaptainLazerGuns

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Agreed that it adds atmosphere to the park. Whenever I visit Dreamworld and TOT isn't running it feels like something is wrong because hearing that metallic whoosh every 5 minutes really drives home that you're at Dreamworld.
  4. CaptainLazerGuns

    The Off Topic Topic

    That's some confusing placement. Why is it in a sneaky corner?
  5. Interesting decision. Wet'n'Wild is a household name and even as an enthusiast I was too aware of Raging Waters. I feel they're going to need to do some heavy marketing to keep this in the public eye.
  6. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is probably the best for young families in my opinion. I know you've both been, but I think with kids it'd be new again. A couple of pros: The park is basically never crowded but still has all of the magic that you expect from Disney. The resorts are within walking distance / very short shuttle trip so you can rest during the day without missing anything. You don't need to wait long for shows, entertainment and parades so you don't really need to worry about the kids getting restless. Character meet and greet experiences aren't insane so you've always got the opportunity to meet the fan favourites. Flights from Australia are SUPER cheap if you can score a good deal. If anybody asks me this same question, I always direct them to Hong Kong Disneyland.
  7. CaptainLazerGuns

    Theme Park Merchandise

    Absolutely agree. One of my favourite shirts is a Sea World 'corporate' Polo I bought from there a couple years back. It's a very similar design to their Village Roadshow workers uniform which is strange but I really like it. I'd love to see attraction specific Polo's in the same corporate style. Overall though I don't mind Australian theme park merchandise. It's understandable that they they're not willing to take a risk on expensive & exclusive merchandise like you see at Disneyland ($100 attraction specific spirit jerseys for example.) but what they offer still allows you to take a little piece of the park home with you.
  8. CaptainLazerGuns

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    The show seems to be well received by the general public.
  9. CaptainLazerGuns

    Wipeout Removal

    I've been Dreamworld about five times in the last couple of years and I actually never got A chance to ride Wipeout. It was either closed unexpectedly or under refurbishment. In all honesty, am I missing out?
  10. CaptainLazerGuns

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    It was mentioned earlier, but California Screamin (or sadly, Incredi-coaster) does a great job with their scream shields. I'd like to do a see larger roller coaster put into Luna Park to help put it on the map.
  11. Okay, noted. I got caught up in the emotion of this thread and I apologise if I've come across as rash and rude. @Richard I highly respect the work you do for the Australian theme park community and I'm disappointed in myself for letting emotions get the better of me instead of furthering the discussion that you've striven to create. I was frustrated at the stance many people take towards Dreamworld. It's entirely justified and fair that people have this stance because they genuinely haven't shown any interest in improving their property outside empty promises. However, I have a personal attachment towards that park and you could say it makes me bias. It's not my responsibility to help people think of Dreamworld in a different light and I'll leave that to their PR team. Even though this community can sometimes seem like the front lines of a war zone, I know that there are genuine individuals willing to further add to the discussion and excel the conversation. If there are any stances or points that you don't agree with that I haven't provided a sufficient response to just let me know and I'll clear it up. I realise that this thread will probably show me in a certain light. I won't take back what I've said, but I will learn from it.
  12. I appreciate your response @joz. I'll throw my opinions out there to help further the discussion and get the debate going. I'm always happy to be proven wrong, even though I can be rather stubborn on my stances.
  13. @AlexB Thank you for respecting my stance and opinions. In regards to your final comment, I think I know where it comes from. Many opinions on here aren't debated, they're attacked. I'm happy to have a discussion but in response to @Richard questioning why I haven't provided a rebuttal to some arguments it's because my words are picked apart and dissected to consistently keep me on the back foot and that doesn't constitute discussion in my opinion. A lot of people don't have the patience to deal with that sort of behaviour and you end up with a community full of twitchy people with big sticks ready to whack whatever comes into sight. I could respond in gifs, short sentences and 'lists' that entirely focus on one side of the argument but language was invented for a reason and I choose to use it.
  14. CaptainLazerGuns

    New and very different attractions

    I think I've confused everyone by mixing up my wording on one-off and temporary. One-off, as in unique attractions, are excellent especially for a parks identity. One-off, as in temporary attractions, are not welcome in world class parks in my opinion. Sorry for the mishap! Citation needed. Though I agree with most the rest of what you say. Well said.