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  1. Control panel pictures

    They banned me on Twitter because I said that starting a witch hunt on disabled people isn't a great idea. Dude be cray.
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    Yeah my general rule is one rider = one cycle for single rider. If there are 10 people in the SR line than expect to wait at least 10 cycles. I find it very rough. It's one of the few rides on the GC that I'll just ride once and that's enough for me. And then there's Hot Wheels which I'll ride once in my lifetime as I enjoy not having roller coaster endued scoliosis. To be honest, when I went to WBMW and rode AA about 3 - 4 years ago it was still rough. It's just aged really poorly and is possibly the weakest attraction on their line-up (apart from Scooby Doo's Nothing Coaster).
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    I went on a Friday smack bang during school holiday season. We immediately joined the Rivals line after getting into the park and I'd say we waited about 10-15 minutes once we got into the line itself. Once the day picked up the line got smashed up to about 60 minute waits (the sign for which is annoyingly placed inside the queue) and then slowly declined over the day. If you can, go single rider. My fiancee loved going on Rivals, but only once. After that I was on my own and utilized single rider as much as I could. On this note, I also imagine that the best time to do Rivals would be holidays as they are running it with two trains and an optimal number of ride ops. I can imagine it being like Superman during the off-peak where it takes 3 ride ops to do the job of about 6 and they only cycle one train making it a 45 minute wait for a queue of 100 people.
  4. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    I have an S8 but my pictures look like a bloody Jackson Pollock when it's been sitting among my sweaty thighs all day in my shorts. All pictures are appreciated.
  5. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Amazing job on bringing your weight back down mate, congratulations!
  6. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Ever been to Japan? I'm not a huge dude, but I'm a short guy with a big belly. The restraints in Japan hated me. I was always like one click away from being too large for basically every coaster in Japan. I'd have the ride ops jumping on my restraint to push it down. Weirdly enough my mate who is much taller than me and basically the same weight was perfectly.
  7. Good read! The log flume additions are extremely confusing to me. I'll need to ride it or see them operating with it to see what they're honestly trying to do. I feel the human element will be the real test of these frames as I can see teenagers swinging on them and using them to do stupid tricks. Also the pinching is going to be a hot topic of one star review mum's on TripAdvisor...
  8. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Jetstreams within the actual ride itself? What affect do they have on the ride itself?
  9. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Structural issues perhaps? Haven't been to WNW in a very long time so I can't provide a first hand experience of how it's holding up.
  10. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    I have a question as to how an Adult would fit in that with their child? I'd be worried that I'll topple the thing. If this is a changes discussion, do we reckon we will see major changes to the Gold Rush part of Dreamworld once they start building their new iFly attraction? I imagine that they'll need to expand the theater, add an area for a decent queue, etc. Also I hope they add a general theme similar to Soarin'. It'd be a great opportunity to get an Australian Airline on board and theme the building to be an old hanger or something.
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    Since we're on the topic of Sea World, I actually got engaged there on Saturday! I did it as part of the snorkeling experience and had a bunch of the staff helping me out. They were super helpful and organised most of the logistics for me (getting a sign in the water, having the ring delivered in the pool, etc). Here's a sneaky picture of when everything was going down and she caught on to what was happening. I'm happy to chuck the full story and my planning up on here if anyone is interested.
  12. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    I agree that he is super fun. I can imagine some younger people having no idea who he is, but the rest would immediately know.
  13. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    I still think that Austin Powers is a random character to have in Movie World. I love that he is there but the last movie was released 16 years ago. I guess it's just one of those characters that you expect to see in the parks?
  14. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I think the biggest difference is Australian vs American Construction Law. Australia probably has some policies that say that you clearly need to state it's construction, etc.
  15. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    I can honestly see this being done as a move to try and push Dreamworld out of the picture. I've often bought a ticket to Dreamworld whilst I've had trips up to the Goldcoast because I'm like "Four Parks for $150!? Hells yeah!" But now with that going up to $270~ for both groups I can't really see it being as worth it to drop by Dreamworld for a day or two. VRTP know they've got the better deal with three parks in one so I doubt this increase will cause any uproar.