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  1. The after hours event was closed when I went. I can only speak for how it was received during the day, but its interesting considering that feedback that they would proceed with an after hours offering. I guess crunching their numbers and factoring the overhead, they must be able to make back a pretty penny even with relatively low crowds.
  2. The food festival mystery red shipping container was pretty popular when I was there. It's especially nice to have options other than burgers, hotdogs, chips and pizza after a week of theme parks.
  3. Somebody brought up a great point in another thread that if they use the Dreamworld name then it changes the expectation. 'Moonlight Night Markets at Dreamworld' or 'Moonlight Night Markets by Dreamworld' would imply that there are attractions open, etc. where as this allows them to separate it without having to constantly telling people there are no rides. Judging by the marketing it seems like they really want to make this an adults hang out to rival Top Golf and the likes. Rides and alcohol just creates too many issues to bother doing on such a regular basis in this market.
  4. Dreamworld has announced a new night market on property starting June 10th. Looks like a good time for those staying at the Gold Coast and locals. http://moonlightnightmarket.com.au/ A couple of things from scrounging the website: Rides wont be open. Starts 5 PM and finished at 9 PM every Friday and Saturday night with no end date which assumes that this is a permanent offering for the time being. Entry is basically a gold coin donation, but season pass holders and day guests get in for free. Seems that the festivities will start at 5 PM after park close, but those within the park will be able to stay within for kick ons. In my opinion this is a great move for the park. Despite rides being closed, it allows you to kick on with your night without having to battle traffic back to Surfers on weekend nights whilst also giving an alternate option to having drinks/food at Top Golf after a park day. Why rush back into the city when you can stick around, have some drinks, and absorb some atmosphere? I'm excited to see how this goes. Thoughts?
  5. Very true. That seems pretty fair at the end of the day.
  6. Tradies make mess; it's the law. But if one cut a hole in your wall and you were having guests around for dinner that night, you'd think it'd make sense to at least clean up the mess before they arrive as curtesy.
  7. The new trains and retheme which is just over a decade old. The refurbishment opened mid-2012. Not a cheap change for a ride that has been SBNO since 2019. Honestly, I have no idea. I just can't imagine that the land clearing and setup was cheap for an attraction that lasted a season. This is the way. But they did spend some money upgrading the attraction to accommodate for storm coaster. Also I've only just put two and two together, but it's kind of off-putting that VRTP chucked this attraction to the kerb as soon as the DW incident happened and there was heavy scrutiny on water based rides. I wonder what maintenance found? Well considering the two decade life expectancy of most attractions on the GC, this is clearly the first sign that the attraction is on it's way out! In saying that, I was being facetious.
  8. Come on, guys. It would be ridiculous for these parks to spend a bunch of money on something and then just stop using it. It just doesn't happen.
  9. New train carriages have been revealed on Dreamworld's socials. Looks nice! https://fb.watch/cUq-mYldi2/
  10. Maybe off topic, but does anybody find it really difficult to justify a sit down meal at our parks just mainly because of how short the operating hours are? The buffet was a great choice because you could eat as much as you needed and then go, but if it's restaurant style then I feel I'd be fretting constantly and watching the clock.
  11. Whilst I don't doubt that rumours are spreading among the staff, at this stage we need to trust the official word from the parks. Their channels say it's a temporary closure and their management has responded saying the attraction is coming back. However, I will set up a pitch fork store just in case they decide to do a "lol jk it is closing" [Pitch Forks $5] ψψψψψψψψψψ
  12. I'd be surprised if Rivals is up for a repaint. It's a lengthy process that costs quite a bit, and the ride isn't that old to justify the expenditure because I'd imagine they probably haven't paid off the original cost yet.
  13. Absolutely agree. This sort of communication with guests is great! It lets them know that they're aware of their capacity problems and are doing what is within their power to resolve them, whilst also providing some little sneak peaks into BTS and maintenance. I reckon another step in the right direction would be to have some blog posts that link within the app when attractions are down to give some insight into what is happening, what they do when rides are down, and how it improves the guest experience. It gives people something to read whilst they're in queues, etc. But otherwise, this is a great step forward!
  14. If you could zip up your pants and stop yelling 'mines bigger!' for just a second and bring it back to the content at hand, then you'd realise that I acknowledged your information and opinions, provided my thoughts on the matter, and respectfully and apologetically declined them. That's not flat out refusing to let it in, that's refuting, you would normally do in a discussion where the intention is more than just flattering egos. So I implore you to drop the ad hominem argument, and instead actually read through and discuss what I wrote in response to you, because the only irony in this thread is a story in two parts:
  15. Insightful, intelligent, and brave. Thank you for your time. In saying that, add to the discussion, or move on.
  16. You're welcome to prove me wrong.
  17. No, sorry, they aren't. They have access to more information than we do, and I'm sure they saw a massive uptick in ticket sales before the holidays, yet provided little information about best practice when it comes to crowds. Then once people arrived and it was crowded, they told people not to come which is hilarious considering this is the same business that jumped on national news and criticized the border closures because the Gold Coast needs tourists to survive, but are now telling people to go away? If they genuinely thought this was an important message than I'd expect to see warnings when purchasing my tickets, a notice on the website about crowds and how you can best enjoy your day in such conditions, etc. But no, they told people who already paid to be there not to have come in the first place. They may as well say "Screw you, got mine." Similarly, what communication did they provide regarding Leviathan changing from Easter holidays? The enthusiast community broke that news because they simply changed the dates. The same thing has happened with the new opening hours, changes to fast track, virtual queue, and the rest? None of this has been announced by the park for the general population to consume, it's just information deduced by this community. Village does their best to ensure that bad news is delivered AFTER you purchase your ticket. They're reactive in nature, and perhaps that makes them responsive, but they're nowhere near as proactive with communications as they need to be to mitigate guest frustration. I have said my piece on this already, and broken stuff is expected for theme parks, but at some point people are going to stop betting on your horse if it continues to race with a broken leg. The park should be able to operate comfortably with a couple broken things, but as we've seen over the past few weeks, a couple broken things is detrimental for wait times and attraction throughput. Nobody is arguing that Movie World being popular is a bad thing, but you can argue that the parks response to this popularity is a bad thing. Again, I've said my piece on this. Don't rest on demand falling either. International tourism demand is rising for Australians, but the supply of flights and other amenities is not yet there to handle millions of Australian's sitting on huge piles of savings. These people still need things to do if they can't get overseas, and the Gold Coast looks like a pretty tempting holiday destination for those who have been cooped up. We don't know what their measurement of success is. If it's financial then I sure as hell guarantee that their team is cheering. But again, they have access to metrics and insight that we don't. Somehow they knew it was busy enough to staff every store, restaurant, kitchen, and game, to the point that they even outsourced some of that demand to external vendors like Boost and that Licorice Lolly Company. Heading to Sea World and standing out the front briefly a vast majority of guests were taking the right hand entrance compared to the ticket gates, which suggests that they have bought their tickets online. Their teams would have seen this, and if they didn't then I wonder what they are monitoring. I agree, but they're not mutually exclusive. The problems regarding Movie World were drastically inflated with the crowds and I think that should send alarm bells to anybody in charge. If those people are happy to sit on their hands and hope that things will just improve by themselves, then I wish them all the best in that endeavor and hope that it goes their way! But for the love of god, if they ever tell their paying guests not to come again then I hope they get all the criticism they deserve for such an stupid action. I don't want Movie World to fail. I'm passionate because I care about this park and I hold it in high regard which is why I want to see improvements. I'm not jumping on here and trolling with some low brow 'movie world sucks lol', I'm providing my critical thoughts on the subject in the aim that hopefully somebody can address the parks shortcomings that I've noticed. Will that happen? I have no idea, but I hope it does because doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes is simply insanity.
  18. With little word from the park beyond some social replies, of course people are going to come to their own conclusion. What one may see as proactive solutions to resolve park issues, others could interpret as knee jerk reactions to poor critical response. Either way, it's impossible to know what the park is actually doing if we don't hear from them regarding the matter, and sadly their only public response has been "Don't come on school holidays" which is hardly a sympathetic response to disgruntled guests. Nobody is asking for what they're providing to be perfect, but I think it should still be serviceable. Two to three hour waits is acceptable for parks like Disney where you've got plenty to do and can miss the new hotness whilst still having a great day, but for a theme park that only has under ten major attractions with one major show and a simple parade, you should NOT be required to go for more than one day to experience all of it. For comparison sake, Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World opened with a comparable number of attractions in 1998 and that was considered a half-day park. It was and still is a gigantic park, had more shows, larger-scale attractions, and a whole bunch of zoo elements, so what's Movie World's excuse for making people come back for several days during the school holidays so that they can experience everything at least once? Remember, not everybody out there is an informed theme park insider or has a season pass. If you're going to the Gold Coast for a holiday, you're probably dedicating a single day for Movie World with your three day pass, and they don't have the luxury of going "Oh dang, it's busy. I'll come back when it's quieter." The public response has been lukewarm at best, which is less than ideal for Australia's premier theme park. Despite all the money they've sunk into the park in recent years which has improved their demand, their attraction throughput and capacity has dropped to woefully low levels compared to yesteryear. Yes, these things do cycle, but the problems they have are not simple things to fix. You can't simply revert Wild West Falls to the crowd gobbler it was before, you can't speed up Superman Escape any further before it's aging systems hit problems, you can't add more trains to Rivals or Scooby, you can't reopen Arkham, you can't reduce ride outages on unpredictable systems with notoriously bad track records, and you simply can't add more attractions to pick up the slack when these attractions go down. Movie World over the school holidays is theoretically at it's peak capacity give or take Doomsday being open and Rivals having an additional train, and both of those things are NOT going to reduce the crowds by any measurable amount. The fact that changing ride down time, removing virtual queue and fast track barely made a dint should be terrifying for the operational team. Also Hooray for Hollywood is just around the corner, and with New Atlantis expected to open in September, I won't be surprised if we see this event slated for the September school holidays to pick up some slack for Sea World. The increased demand for Village properties plus a special event at an already very popular theme park is going to draw some crazy crowds, and I'll be surprised if an additional hour of operational time will compensate for this. The park desperately needs at least two high capacity attractions, and from what we've seen this is not on the cards for their next expansion. If they decide to go ahead with those plans, than it'll be 5-7 years at best before the park has the CapEx for future endeavors, or they can scrap their current plans but that still leaves us several years off as they go through the process of finding vendors, getting approval, and all the other fun stuff that comes with building attractions. This is not Movie World having a bad couple weeks; this is Movie World for the foreseeable future thanks to pent-up post-COVID demand. Take this with a grain salt because I'm one person, but as somebody who has tried to engage with the business directly, I've had a historically difficult time opening up any sort of communication channels with them. In fairness I have been publicly critical of the business since their reopening in mid-2020 so I don't expect a red carpet, but if you're only willing to engage with individuals and groups that toot your horn then you're never going to get the feedback you need to hear, just the feedback you want to hear. Also in my day job I'm required to monitor socials and reviews, and I can tell you that the eventual vocal bad review isn't surprising. I've had people complain and leave bad reviews about things that are ridiculous and you can spot these idiots from a mile away, but you can also identify when you're doing stuff wrong. We're a smaller business, so reviews matter for us, and when you start to notice an influx of bad reviews than its a clear indication that you're doing something wrong. And the reviews aren't just bad on Facebook, but also Google and Trip Advisor. Yes, they are known cesspits for common whiners, but historically it's never been this bad and you can't ignore that. Below are reviews from 2019 and they're glowing. People love the place and there is the eventual bad review, but if you scroll through the reviews in either direction you see nothing but praise towards the park. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g658988-d273704-Reviews-or590-Warner_Bros_Movie_World-Oxenford_Gold_Coast_Queensland.html Compare that to the most recent reviews where it's pages upon pages of negative reviews. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g658988-d273704-Reviews-Warner_Bros_Movie_World-Oxenford_Gold_Coast_Queensland.html Could it just be a cesspool of whiners? Possibly. But scroll all the way back to page 30 and you'll notice that the sentiment towards the park only becomes majority positive pre-COVID. You can palm off these reviews, but you can't argue that peoples opinions were far more favorable before the pandemic and whatever they're doing after reopening just must not be working. People haven't changed that dramatically in their views and opinions over the past 2 years despite the media cycle making us believe that every other person is an insane lunatic with outlandish views. If anything you'd think that people would be more forgiving considering that they've been waiting this long for some entertainment, but if we continue to just regard any bad feedback as whiners then you'll only pay attention to what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.
  19. I had this conversation the other day with somebody. Why should management shoot themselves in the foot for the entertainment of their guests? There is little incentive for a park like Movie World to reduce capacity or control the crowds when they've got guests flooding in. Disney understands this and it's why before recent years they've been incredibly careful about their public image. I can't remember the numbers exactly, but in their early days they found that people were more willing to discuss a bad trip then a good trip, and that bad news spread quickly. This negativity bias is hard to control and once it grows its own legs it snowballs to rather outlandish proportions. I genuinely think that Village have gotten incredibly lucky to avoid negative press in the past 12 months and, to a degree, I think it's why we are seeing such an apathetic response to guest experience. Dreamworld was changed by their incident, but also the immense pressure that came post-incident from the public, press and officials. Despite Village failing to deliver on their new additions at Sea World several times, providing an exceptionally poor guest experience at Movie World which has been reciprocated by both enthusiasts and the public, having multiple SBNO attractions within their parks including Arkham and Sea World's Log Flume, announcing a hotel before their replacement attractions for Arkham, removing hosts from shows like Affinity and reverting Seal Guardians to it's preview format, bringing third-party vendors into their parks outside of special events with the intention of raising revenue, and the rest, we have really only seen positive articles come out of Parkz towards Village, and I'm not trying to throw the Parkz team under the bus here, but it takes a lot of pressure off the company when they know they're not under the magnifying glass. These threads and discussions are exactly what is needed to try and kickstart change because it shows that people are taking notice of the problem, and they're only going to continue to get worse for Village as the year goes on. Come September there are going to be a lot more season passes purchased to experience Sea World's new hotness, and Movie World needs to be ready for that influx... But I genuinely don't see how it can.
  20. I didn't notice any signage changes in the park when I visited on Thursday, but it definitely looks like they've cut Mick Doohan from everything. The website landing page and map have been updated to just say 'Motocoaster'
  21. I completely get your side of things and I appreciate your insight into that side of the argument. I guess I see it as a 'Guns don't kill people; people kill people.' sort of argument, but then again I may be comparing apples to oranges with that sort of argument. This definitely does hurt the perception of the business. People just don't research theme parks, and when they rock up to find that the attraction they experienced a decade ago is gone they act shocked and surprised.
  22. Cheers! I had no idea. The ride is generally down when I visit.
  23. Yep. My family are not theme park people and they protested against going believing it was still unsafe and disrespectful to visit. Once we went they realised that their perception was off, but park kept asking questions about what happened, where it was, etc. For a lot of people, it's still very fresh. As @Brad2912 said, 6 years isn't that long when it comes to these things. The other unfortunate reality with the usual media negativity bias is that they'll never cover the things that the park has done to improve their situation post-incident. It's a shame that Dreamworld as a park needs to take the fall for the outcome of shitty peoples shitty actions. The park didn't do anything wrong; the negligence came from the people in charge, a vast of majority of which are long gone.
  24. As much as I'd love to see more attractions, I think our parks really lack things for toddlers to do. The fun maze was where my nephew spent like 75% of his day cause he could just run around care free and it takes a lot of pressure off the parents. I'd love to see more simple areas where toddlers can just play like a Duplo play area or something like that. Otherwise, everything you've suggested is great!
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