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  1. Nice, are you heading to the 600 mate
  2. Thats fucken awesome. Me and the miss's went down and met Craig at smith st caltex today, fucken top bloke ayy.
  3. Backwards was fucken incredible!!!
  4. When i was at HHA I remember one of the boys at HHA vertical telling me that one of our 200t cranes use to go for around $2000-$3000 a week to keep on site
  5. Now that is one cool looken coaster
  6. Drove past it around 7:30 tonight coming back from work, and dunno if tonight was the first time they'v been turned on but all of the track after the stengel dive was all lit up with these purple/pink lights coming out of the ground lighting the track and supports up.
  7. Loven all the new landscaping going in, the front of the park is starting to look incredible.
  8. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Mate, me and misses are super keen for top golf, hopefully will get to spend most of our weekend's there once it opens. My boss is also spewing it wasn't goner be ready before Christmas so we could have our christmas party there. He keeps raving on, on how good the one in Texas is
  9. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    20% off everything at dreamworld today for pass holders
  10. Good old red dog was one of the last mack's to have a factory v8 installed in Australia. Got to learn all the in's & out's about trucks during the rebuild of this old girl.
  11. Yeh seriously guys the photos do not do this justice at all, this lift hill is a fucken monster! It's crazy how far back on M1 heading towards Movieworld from north and southbound you can see this thing.
  12. The Lift hill is starting to take shape.
  13. Theres a new banner going up at the front of the coaster