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  1. Does anyone have a video of this? I want to see this!
  2. Sounds like a good idea! I'll do that next time There are quite a few people who believe that! It's crazy how these falsified rumours spread! No one on here, just some other people that I know.
  3. I have been told many times by friends that people have died on the wipeout. As far as I know, this is not the case. Could someone clarify for me whether anyone has died on this ride and why people think that this has happened
  4. Sorry about complaining :/ the main reason for the lines was honestly the fact that the TOT2 was declared out of service just around lunchtime, and everyone left to go there. I saw quite a few of the people who were around me in the TOT queue later lining up for lunch. So I really do apologise!
  5. My imagination is amazing ! Ok I probably did overexaggerate... A LOT, but there were heaps of people in the line
  6. It would be really good if they changed some of the track as well! It would be a welcome surprise to anyone who has been on it many times before
  7. Oh ok thank you! It was packed in the other food stores though, there were around 40 people in each of the 8 or so lines!
  8. If you have seen Iron Man 3, it could be based on the part where 'the Mandarin' blows up his mansion.
  9. I understand the idea, but for older people and children, the harness is still probably not appropriate as they would still get scared. If they instead walked up on solid ground I think it would attract a lot more people
  10. If the doomsday was to come, would it be possible to be a thrill ride with and indoor elevator that could stop at various levels to provide the view?
  11. Maybe that is something Disney is planning in America anyway, and as they don't have any parks in Australia, they decided to expand the market here as well/instead. Just my opinion.
  12. Sorry forgot to count the Motorcoaster as a ride :/ whoops! So yes I guess there were 5 rides. My bad!
  13. To be honest, I think Dreamworld will use the section out the back for a 'Marvel World' to rival MW and DC. The Marvel movies are hugely popular at the moment and as they are stocking their stores with marvel gear, I think the big 10 ride will come sooner rather than later. Maybe in time for Avengers: Age of Ultron? It could just be a licensing agreement (all the merchandise in stores) but I believe it could be part of a bigger plan.
  14. I went to Dreamworld yesterday, and the situation was pretty woeful. Food station near Mick Doohan was closed for an unapparent reason, TOT2 was closed after 45 mins in line and obviously the Wipeout was still closed. Pandamonium also had an issue with getting the harness to lock around an overweight man. This took 10 minutes in itself to sort out. That left 5 of the major rides that were functioning correctly. Although there were the other smaller rides I just ended up leaving at about 12 Just to clarify Tower of Terror 2 broke down Thanks to Rac2703 for helping me out!
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