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  1. coopdapoop

    Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

    I'll be going to Movie World everyday until the 17th if you want me to take some pics?
  2. So today I went on the train ride at Dreamworld, and we were going behind the Big Brother house and there was a Car Park with some sort of old waterslide coming down into it (not operating) Does anyone know what it was/is??
  3. coopdapoop

    White Christmas 2014

    Some more photos.
  4. coopdapoop

    White Christmas 2014

    White Christmas decorations are up!
  5. coopdapoop

    The status of Theme Parks in Australia

    Can someone give me some info about the eureka mountain ride? When I first went to Dreamworld it was closed so I have no idea what kind of ride it was.