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  1. I was on skype with a friend because he was talking about fantasy glades reopening plans being in the paper today and we were looking it up when he stumbled on the survey and sent it to me. we were pretty sure it was fake but we put it up here just in case it was of any interest to you guys. He wouldn't of made it and i sure as hell wouldn't of, but you're right it most likely is fake
  2. checked the flying saucer space out a while ago and found nothing new nothing else worth noting apart from some small signs of construction around the park that is probably just maintenance.
  3. So i was snooping around the net the other day as usual when i stumbled across this https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y5Q5M57 it's a survey about mid north coast water parks with questions like "when was the last time you visited a water park" and "would you visit one on the mid north coast?". Try it out and tell me what you guys think it could mean
  4. None of these actually give me a solid reason for why they closed just the fact that they closed. oh and also... Nice Meme
  5. Hey Guys, Just wondering if any of you have some information about the closure of Fantasy Glades and Peppermint Park. Was it something about the Port Macquarie area or something else. Also if you have any more info about the closed port Macquarie parks i'd be very interested to know. Thanks, Hugh
  6. Hmm i'll check it out in a week or so if there is anything more than just the decals now. last time i checked was about around Christmas.
  7. Has anyone been up the Ferris wheel and checked out the old flying saucer site. last time i checked there was heap of scaffolding and new fences lying around and decals of WWII fighter planes on the old city skyline scenery
  8. No hard feelings. i just found it odd how different our two answers were.
  9. Well the staff i asked said that it was going up at the old flying saucer spot and now that the decals are there I think its safe to say that it is going there.
  10. Odd when i asked around almost all of them said that a new ride is coming soon but they don't know what it is yet. I also have a close friend who works there and he said pretty much the exact same thing. I'm almost certain it will be under construction by at least the next 3-4 months. And if there isn't a new ride going up then why are the decals there, I don't think it's for viewing because if it was they would be painting an amusement/fun house theme not WWII
  11. Here is some photos of the decals I also found some fences with camo patterns on them around back but i couldn't get any photos.
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