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  1. Thanks for asking, @reanimated35 I think it comes down to a whole experience for me, because that whole area is one of my favourite parts of the park and I think that just makes me enjoy the rollercoaster even more (who doesn't enjoy a desolate siren playing asylum area, I can sit on a bench there for literal hours). I am also a bit biased in the fact I've had the opportunity to wear some of that fun loving orange, and it can be a lot of fun. The rollercoaster itself, I'm a person that is completely more than happy to be tossed around a barrel roll and some loops at approx 85km/hour, and for me that's what I feel a perfect rollercoaster for myself is. In comparison to Super Dork Superman Escape, SE for me is literally hills. Slower than the motorway/highway and hills. Still a really, really good rollercoaster, and I know the public absolutely love it to bits and rightly so, but I think after the who-knows-how-many times I've been on it, just going fast for me personally doesn't cut it anymore, but I'm still up for a ride every now and then to get that nice endorphin rush feeling though.
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