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  1. KingdaKa

    Sea World future attraction ideas

    I feel like it almost wouldn't be worth it because it would be too intimidating for most of the park's visitors. The last two times I visited Dreamworld in peak season the queues for Giant Drop haven't been more than 10 minutes, once with only one gondola in use. A lot of people I know love thrills but just won't do it because of the height and it makes them sick, so doing it face down would only appeal to a tiny proportion of the park in my opinion.
  2. KingdaKa

    Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

    Just a small trip report from my day at Dreamworld last week I was very very happy with the day and pleasantly surprised with the length of the Queues given it was Peak Period. The staff were exceptionally helpful and very pleasant, even towards the end of the day when some had been working the same ride for almost 12 hours! Here are a few observations. First, something that makes a day at Dreamworld better than at Movie World is they have so many really great sponge attractions. The Claw, Wipeout and Pandamonium move Queues along very quickly and are really great rides to break up your day, and their general proximity to the other sections of the park give you a great opportunity to physically and mentally "reset", so to speak. It also helped keep the Queues of the Coasters relatively short (the longest was BuzzSaw at the beginning of the Day whicb was probably 30 minutes). Perhaps it was just the fact that I am not particularly co-ordinated and I am inexperienced with the ride, but I think TailSpin was a massive waste of money. The Queue was the longest of any flat ride and very very few people were able to spin the planes. In the 6 circuits that went before me, only 1 man was able to and most people left the ride deflated and annoyed. Perhaps they should have a clear demnostration video or somehow make them easier to spin? My final comment is that the lack of capacity on Dreamworld's coasters/big rides is very noticable. The Giant Drop, Tower of Terror II, Buzzsaw and HWSW had very short queues but they moved insanely slowly. Buzzsaw in particular seemed to take forever to load and seemed to take about 6 minutes for one ride. I am not sure if it is an efficiency issue or just the reality of small capacity rides, but I was disappointed with this aspect. Luckily the queues weren't long enough for it to be a major issue. Overall, a great day at a park which has improved a lot IMO P.S. Just a query that maybe an employee of the Park or someone who knows in more detail might be able to answer: Often me and my friend would ask the ride operator to wait to go in the Front of the ride, to which they always said yes. On 3 different rides (and 3 different operators), after waiting to ride to go in the front, some Ride Express users arrived. One operator let them on first and asked us to wait what ended up being 4 rides as more Ride Express people arrived every time. Another asked the Ride Express people if we could sit in the front to which they said yes, and as a result let us on first. The final operator let us two go through first, them put the ride express people on, and then put the other main queue riders on. Is there an official policy for this or is it just a "play it by ear" situation for ride ops?
  3. If they do reopen it surely they need to change it in some way or another... For it to just reopen as the same ride after 10 years would be really weird in my opinion.
  4. KingdaKa

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    I really like GL. Much better than Arkham which now destroys my thighs instead of my head.
  5. I've never ridden this coaster so I was wondering what was so special about it that has led to it to be so loved by not only forum members but also the general public?
  6. KingdaKa

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    I feel like it's going to have to be a very special RMC for it to be "World Best". Launch? More inversions than the rest? Dueling? Anyway, very exciting! Hopefully it 1) is built soon and 2) has large capacity so the queues aren't too bad
  7. KingdaKa

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    Agree. They could use the Wild West Theme a bit more too
  8. KingdaKa

    'World Best' Attraction coming to VRTP

    OMG if we got something like BlueFire I'd day. If Movie World puts in another thrilling coaster I think they would move A LOT of peeps over from Dreamworld. Even though Dreamworld is better for filling a day, having 4 super intense roller coasters is just too good to miss.
  9. KingdaKa

    Dreamworlds Next Rollercoaster?

    Knowing Dreamworld, it will be a shuttle. With low capacity. That lasts for 30 seconds. Perhaps a boomerang but only with the Vertical loop. Cheaper that way.
  10. KingdaKa

    What would you spend $9m on?

    Absolutely right about capacity. If I controlled a theme park priority 1 would definitely be queue times. Nothing brings people back to a park like short queues on good rides.
  11. KingdaKa

    Dreamworld welcomes new baby tiger

  12. KingdaKa

    What's your favourite Coaster?

    Arkham is too violent for me. I say Black Mamba at Phantasialand or Raptor at Gardaland. Superman front seat is also epic
  13. OTS restraints are very limited IMO. And I don't see how having sophisticated lap bar restraints don't look just as much like a racecar theme. Perhaps have a lap bar that comes from over the shoulder like Green Lantern for a compromise Cyclone can't actually accomodate 2 trains can it?
  14. I know, but I couldn't think of a better word. Anyway, I think lapbars would be great for those banked hills. I will be very annoyed if they recycle Viper's trains.