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  1. That is a fair point, however, another way of looking at things from a VRTP perspective would be that by removing the competition, your return on future investments would be more assured. It is hard to second guess on attractions investment 2 years out when you don't know what your competitor has up their sleeve". I'm a "build it and they will come glass half full" guy though and not everyone who controls the purse is.
  2. Merlin would not be a bad outcome. They know what they are doing, have a strong reputation and bucket loads of cash to splash. The downside from what I know of my old company from colleagues either still working there or those that have recently left is that Merlin is not the company it once was. It is a huge global business that has seen rapid growth and that usually means a dilution of quality.... somewhere, and Oz is a long way from Poole, Dorset. Dreamworld is a fantastic name for a theme park but sadly the dream has turned into a really horrible nightmare, not only because of the incident itself but the handling of it and the subsequent inquest and it would take a miracle to rescue the brand, regardless of a change in ownership (slightly helpful possibly). A name change would not make a lot of difference and people would see straight through it. To make this work someone needs to make Dreamworld appealing again in such a way that helps move everyone on from the tragedy and that would take a world first and brilliantly executed $50m+ attraction launch as phase 1. That would be a gamble for an already bruised Ardent. I was not around during the period but it seems it took Luna Park Sydney decades to recover from the Ghost Train fire tragedy but it did...finally. The question is does anyone have the metal to take it on and see it through for the long term? I do hope so. Australia needs to buck its game up in the Theme Park sector for the greater benefit of the tourism community and economy. I find it frustrating that a country with such a great climate and reasonably strong tourism prospects (See Asia in particular who LOVE theme parks) does not have really great anchor tourism products other than the Opera House and amazing beaches/landscapes (and PLEASE, no one claim Flinders Street Railway station or anything in Melbourne has really strong tourism appeal to compete on a global scale? Maybe for sports tourists/nuts) The landscape in Australia is ripe right now for someone to be bold and build a fabulous theme park that would assist the resurrection of the entire industry. All ships benefit from a rising tide. Is that tide coming from the direction of the South China sea I wonder?
  3. Mark Shaw

    Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson resigns

    Thanks for the Dreamworld compliment. I'm actually English but more or less an Aussie these days!
  4. Mark Shaw

    Vinnies CEO Sleepout

    Dear Parks friends On 21st June I shall be sleeping rough on a thin piece of cardboard on concrete in the cold of a Melbourne winters night to help eradicate homelessness in Australia. This will be my fourth consecutive Sleepout and I hope to pass the $40k mark with your kind donation. Over the years of my involvement, I have been made acutely aware of the harsh reality of being homeless and the myriad of complex life events that can lead to people just like you and me, finding themselves in this terrible situation, a situation that once in, many people find it hard to climb back out of and lead normal lives. No one grows up wanting to find themselves homeless, moreover, it is usually as a result of circumstances out of their control such as abusive home lives that lead to homelessness. Your donation can assist Vinnies to provide shelter, food, blankets, and services to help people get back on their feet. Any size of donation is warmly appreciated and gets put to use immediately by the fantastic people at Vinnies. You can donate at and remember it is tax deductible! Many of you (@iwerks) have supported me before and I want to thank everyone in advance for your kind donations. My lifetime goal is to get to $200k with a hope that alongside many others, we can really make a dent in this avoidable issue. Mark
  5. 100% And would be good for the people at DW and the industry as a whole in Aus.
  6. Mark Shaw

    Actventure Sunshine Coast

    " and make sure you eat your veggies or you'll not be coming down!"
  7. Mark Shaw

    Aussie World's new announcement

    Paultons is a fabulous park indeed, I know the team there pretty well. If AW can emulate what Paultons have done they will be in a great place. Biscuit +Shaw Thing had a very enjoyable visit/meeting with the team at AW this week.
  8. Mark Shaw

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Spiders are naturally occurring and would be present in Druidic times. I think the web adds to the effect . Its a pretty impressive web!
  9. Mark Shaw

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Um, The Druid height sign guy is held together with roof rack elastic ropes! So Disney! " Beware the power of the "Abys..mal."
  10. Mark Shaw

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Did you know Goliath is the tallest gyro swing in Australia?
  11. I agree with all but CWOA gets 1.3m visitors a year, hardly a "cute little park"
  12. No one likes to see Parks in decline and there are a few in Oz right now, Some are obvious, others less so
  13. Thanks MC. Its blatantly obvious what their problems are.
  14. I am making enquiries. We certainly believe we can assist. But it will be up to VRTP. Will keep you posted if we do.