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  1. Go visit Adventure World if you want to see super-friendly team members.
  2. Tentative plans. Plans can always change though for many reasons.
  3. Is there a park anywhere in Oz that looks as good as this?? Thanks for sharing the photos.
  4. The Park needs more than a change of rides.
  5. Great to see. All ships benefit from a rising tide (pardon the water pun!)
  6. Total project, rounded up with marketing launch costs/management time costs factored in. Everything bar the kitchen sink pretty much.
  7. Broadly speaking, the ride/slide component of the project usually turns out to be about 50% of the total project cost.
  8. When we put the prices up at Adventure World we hardly got boo from anyone, because the quality is there. I'm pretty confident we could have pushed the prices even higher without much resistance. VFM is not about price, it's about the equation of $$ and what you get for it. There will always be cheap people. They can go to LP Melbourne.
  9. The pricing could be supported if the product/experience was significantly improved but yes, fair comment. It amounts to the same thing really. The consumer does not want an average experience at an average price. The consumer wants awesome, magical experiences and is prepared to save up, omit to spend on other things, in order to pay for those experiences. There are thousands of case examples. Apple, Disney, Mercedez, Universal, blah blah blah. Why should Australia settle for average? There is a huge void here in quality currently. Quality also does not mean spending billions to achieve btw before people say the market cannot sustain big investments in Oz.
  10. This is what's known as a "buying your way" into a market as distinct from "earning your way" into a market. I prefer the latter strategy. The latter strategy takes effort, balls, and drive. Discounting, how easy is that? It's like cost-cutting to drive short term profits. My 10-year-old could probably pull that strategy off.
  11. Thanks heaps Iwerks. Very generous donation tonight to get me kick started. I actually spent Easter Monday evening volunteering with the Vinnies "Vannies" volunteers, making sure the homeless of Collingwood won't go hungry tonight. It was humbling and I was completely taken aback at how chipper and upbeat these unfortunate people were and how thankful, appreciative and polite, despite living in conditions most of us would think inconceivable. Even the smallest donations add up. Thank you.
  12. Former VP of Park Operations for Hong Kong Disneyland, and current leader of Apex Parks and Entertainment Services, Noble Coker was good enough to give me an hour and half of his busy schedule to discuss all things customer experience on Friday. Noble spent 16 years with Disney, learning from Senior Managers who could still recall Walt Disney walking around the Parks. Noble had some fantastic insights to share that I shall be posting soon on my YouTube channel and from which some nuggets of Disney magic will be incorporated into my new book. Look out for Noble's response to my question, "tell us about your favourite Disney memory" I will post here next week. It was really quite a moving response. Thanks Noble, you are a true industry star and friend.
  13. A $5m reduction in expenses means they either have a lot of fat in the operations or they are going to make the kind of cuts that lead to a further deterioration in the experience delivery. I suspect the latter. Ouch.
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