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  1. Gumbaya World, the New Kid on the block!

    I would just like to reiterate my involvement with GW ended some time ago and I have no influence on their marketing, choice/presentation of rides/slides whatsoever. I made a few improvements to their plans where possible but my involvement was so late in the project that not much could be changed. I did influence them to change the name from the proposed "Oz Venture Park" to GW. Phew!
  2. Gumbaya World, the New Kid on the block!

    Good call out Paula, certainly Vics best park atm. I'm going tomorrow hopefully.
  3. I agree and I believe history, sometime in the future will show that as something of a nasty pimple on the surface of commercial common sense. Like CEO's that earn 20 times more than the next level below? No one person can make that much difference, ever, except Branson perhaps.
  4. I would probably agree. Most of what you raise is about scale, however. Corporate shareholder-driven leisure business is a flawed model in my view when it comes to high-end experiential businesses and most struggle over a long time frame. ouch.
  5. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Ha, I'm sure you would!! I'll just give him your business card!
  6. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    I'm meeting Movie Worlds owner for breakfast in a few weeks time, shall I mention this??
  7. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Yes see you then Paula
  8. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    These attractions are planned a good 18 months in advance so no one knows what the other is doing. Gumbuya will be the ones who get hit most I think, (for a number of reasons). Can't wait to see the team at FF and the new attractions on the 21st. You guys all know how much of a fan I am of FF! By the way, the Marketing is being done by Biscuit. I never used them simply because they are Melbourne based but I think you would all agree, they come up with some cool stuff!
  9. Gumbaya coaster?

    All Just to clarify my role with GW was very brief given my new role commitments. I had no (zero) input into ride procurement as most of this had been done prior to my arrival (which is a shame, let's leave it at that) The water slides etc are all top notch product from WWW but I would have purchased the theming packages that can go with some products. I had no input into theming either (except possibly the water park element). I guided them on the name change and some operational stuff/POS systems etc. No doubt some of you will comment accordingly when you visit in December (?). Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised. P.S. Sydneys Wet n Wild was over $125m and well, um? last time I checked SWWW had the 2nd lowest Trip A reviews tally of any significant Park in Oz. Guess who was bottom? There may be a new challenger for the bottom spot soon! Mark
  10. It is going to be a great ride. The theme was originally supposed to be more GOT meets war craft and as with Abyss. I would have preferred something a bit dirtier/harder/solid, given the nature of the ride but that's just an opinion. Well done to Phillip and the incredibly talented team at Atomiq who of course themed the Claw ride at DW and Abyss and Kraken, Theme builders and James at Creative Works, and with the lap restraints will be a big hit this year hopefully. Fingers crossed for the team as I know they always work EXTREMELY hard on these things for each new season. Good luck and I hope it rocks! M.
  11. Design credit should go to the excellent team at Atomiq. Atomiq did Abyss, Kraken and MI3. It is important to give a clear brief of your vision so they can articulate it. It has to be relevant to the ride/slide too or it won't work. Kraken worked because the flume is like the tentacles and the vortex is like that which the Sea creature creates when it submerges, taking any survivors into the murky depths with her. Abyss was deliberately timeless, vague and open to interpretation by the guests. The theming for MI3 was done back in August 2016. The designs were awesome. Hopefully it will work with Rampage on one side and Abyss on the other.
  12. I dont think you will see a lazy river for at least 2 years but that is just an opinion. It makes sense but does cost a lot to install and run. I know what I would focus investment on going forward but it is down to Andrew and the board now and Andrew is superb at putting plans into action.... Maybe some "out with the old, in with the new thinking? There is a lot of "old stock" at AW that needs removing/replacing
  13. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Agreed. I've been saying it since I arrived from London 7.5 yrs ago.
  14. 'Fix Ardent' website

    hmmmm. Interesting
  15. I'm sure it will. @ABYSS mi3 is equal in investment and impact as Kraken