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  1. Aussie World's new announcement

    Paultons is a fabulous park indeed, I know the team there pretty well. If AW can emulate what Paultons have done they will be in a great place. Biscuit +Shaw Thing had a very enjoyable visit/meeting with the team at AW this week.
  2. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Spiders are naturally occurring and would be present in Druidic times. I think the web adds to the effect . Its a pretty impressive web!
  3. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Um, The Druid height sign guy is held together with roof rack elastic ropes! So Disney! " Beware the power of the "Abys..mal."
  4. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Did you know Goliath is the tallest gyro swing in Australia?
  5. I agree with all but CWOA gets 1.3m visitors a year, hardly a "cute little park"
  6. No one likes to see Parks in decline and there are a few in Oz right now, Some are obvious, others less so
  7. Thanks MC. Its blatantly obvious what their problems are.
  8. I am making enquiries. We certainly believe we can assist. But it will be up to VRTP. Will keep you posted if we do.
  9. Thanks Skeeta, it was a bit of a tongue in cheek throwaway comment in response to comment threads on here previously. I am excited to spend time researching the latest coaster developments, including the RMC single track which brings a lot of medium sized parks closer to being able to afford a halfway decent coaster experience.
  10. Thanks for sharing this Parkz. We love your support. I know it's not an announcement of a new B&M coaster but hopefully one day we will influence someone to splash out on one! Mark
  11. and they will be achieving a higher margin still now.
  12. Lol. You are way off. Rev too high, margin too low. By some distance. That's all I can say.