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  1. Ardent Leisure are a publicly owned company, it's their duty to shareholders to sell the land to the highest bidder.
  2. Looks like it's being demolished now https://www.facebook.com/NewsTalk6PR/posts/1894806233868216
  3. Oh yeah? My mistake. I haven't been since they were painted so I hadn't seen them up close. They were pretty rough when I was riding them 15 years ago so I guess I just assumed they'd been replaced. Does this mean the formerly translucent slides (three of the four) are now pitch black?
  4. The GRP itself isn't even that old. When I was going as a little tacker they were all green. I coudn't put an exact date on it but a complete replacement of the slides was done maybe 10 years ago? Maybe a little less?
  5. if you ride any waterslide with a staircase all day long i can guarantee it will make you skinnier
  6. I am 194cm and have ridden all rides without issue or query from staff.
  7. Not saying it hasn't changed but in August last year Mark said that a Windseeker was too expensive "at this moment in time and for the forseeable future"
  8. Cheers Mark, I appreciate you keeping on top of things. I was there on a weekend in November (the 22nd) and queued from about 10.30am - so it was probably a combination of people visiting just for the new ride, the "longest queue first" rush (we hoped we'd beat the crowds but we obviously didn't) and staff still getting familiar with loading the ride efficiently.
  9. If I've learned anything from simulation video games, it's that what appears to be a small adjustment can have a massive effect on wait times. Even though there is essentially no line with the 1:1 regular/fastpass queue system, increasing it to 2:1 (never mind 5:1) could easily make a big difference on the queue sizes and make those who paid for the fastpass feel poorly treated - I think the two rides is a better solution. I don't blame the kids who ride it over and over with a fastpass - they paid for it (and when I was a kid at AW you better believe I ran between the attractions for th
  10. The fact that the queue operated 1 raft from regular line/1 raft from fast pass made queuing without the fast pass super slow. I queued 80 minutes for one ride back in November on what wasn't even really a particualrly busy day (Abyss was <5 minutes all day), while I watched the same kids with a fast pass ride it 5 or 6 times as they'd jump on as soon as they got to the top of the hill. I understand that's the point of a fast pass but it didn't leave the most positive impression.
  11. For those without season tickets, Shopadocket has a deal for buy-1-get-1-free passes, or $29/adult. The voucher should say "equal or greater value" though! http://www.shopadocket.com.au/coupon/viewdeal/368183
  12. Do they send a second raft down before the first one has completely cleared out of the pool? Otherwise the downside of the longer ride would be a lower hourly capacity than a stock Tornado.
  13. AW's Facebook has a picture of the slide operating - not too far away from opening day
  14. Though it is worth noting that quoted ride costs at other parks are likely the full project cost, but the "ride cost is half project cost" doesn't necessarily hold true in other countries - due to lower shipping/labour/regulatory/etc costs. So a Windseeker which cost $5M at another park wouldn't be as cheap as US$5M here, but it probably wouldn't cost US$10M either (anyone who knows better feel free to correct me, of course) A lot of cash, but it would be worth thinking about for a possible Mi3 - it would look amazing on top of the hill and would probably appeal to those who like Bounty's Rev
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