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  1. Just spent the first half of the week up on the Gold Coast, post-Schoolies and pre-Christmas. I've got some interesting developments from Sea World, Wet'n'Wild and Dreamworld, and I'll be headed to WhiteWater World and Movie World tomorrow and Saturday. Pics are coming, my phone is glitching at the moment. Sea World was seemingly running on half-capacity to try to make everything perfect for peak season. The SpongeBob Coaster spent the first half of the day closed. New Kids' World is pretty awesome, and includes the Zamperla Demolition Derby that for some reason, Parkz lists as "announced". Storm Coaster suffered a moderate technical glitch which saw the ride closed for most of the day, and mechanics climbing the lift hill on foot. When I rode later, the lift hill had decreased in speed dramatically. Further, Ray Reef was closed for maintenance, which appeared to be some sort of bird-proofing. Wet'n'Wild had the Constrictor closed for some unseen form of maintenance or renovation. The entire area was surrounded in worksite fencing, complete with "DANGER: CONSTRUCTION SITE" signs. Any ideas? SurfRider broke down around midday, but I was assured by a staff member that it was a minor glitch, and they just wanted to make sure, what with peak season around the corner and all. There were a LOT of primary school pool parties on... So much for going a week early to avoid the lines... Contrary to the other two, Dreamworld was running full-pelt, with every ride, bar the Cyclone for obvious reasons, operating for the whole day. However, all of the special effects, notably in the Tower of Terror and BuzzSaw, had been replaced by annoyingly out-of-context music videos. Rather than your average bone-chilling wait for the Tower of Terror, I was put through Magic's "Rude" and some other cheery songs that really ruined the pre-ride feel. Construction on the Motorsport Area is going ahead nicely it would seem. The "Grid Burger Bar" is looking fairly complete, and there's a lot of promising construction going on. I couldn't catch a glimpse of any activity around the dormant Cyclone tracks, though. I'll update from the other two parks on Saturday night. Cheerio.
  2. jhunt2

    Sea World maintenance

    Storm Coaster had moderate technical difficulties on Monday afternoon. We noticed that multiple empty cars completed the circuit early in the day, and were asked to leave the line for the ride shortly after lunch due to a "technical glitch". They ran several more empty runs, and a few mechanics climbed the lift hill and inspected. One car was stationary about halfway up the lift hill for almost half an hour. The ride reopened before the end of the day, but there was a dramatic decrease in lift hill speed, particularly right at the very top. Hopefully, this was just a minor glitch, especially going into peak season. I don't think a lift hill going at less than half full speed is going to be convenient when the tourists roll around. Also, Ray Reef is apparently getting "Bird-Proofed". The whole exhibit was closed, and some sort of piping was evident inside the fenced-off zone. Just though y'all would be interested, since this is a topic on Sea World maintenance.
  3. Planning to go on a road trip around the US some time soon. Visit a few Six Flags and Cedar Point. Maybe Disney World if I'm feeling in a lets-spend-all-of-my-money mood.
  4. OK, so Dreamworld said that there would be 2 BIG new attractions opening in 2015. I wanna know if the revamp of Zombie Evilution counts as big. I think ABC area is obviously one of the new attractions, but is there still possibility that something else is coming? (Was kinda hoping for 10th thrill ride) Also, I hope that if they do a V8s thing, it will be something better than RedLine (possibly even a ride rather than a simulator).
  5. jhunt2

    Epileptic Friend

    He has seen a doctor. He's only had one seizure, so the doctor cannot be certain what kind it is. That's what I meant to say.
  6. jhunt2

    Epileptic Friend

    For those making the comment... We actually don't know what kind of epilepsy he has. He had a seizure one morning before even waking up, and that's the only case he's ever had. I know for a fact that he's not particularly sensitive (he's a stage actor, so he isn't too bad with lights).
  7. jhunt2

    Epileptic Friend

    Hey guys. So I'm bringing a friend to the Gold Coast next year, however, he was recently cautioned by his doctor that he may have epilepsy. So which rides should he not ride? I've thought of: NO: - Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster MAYBE: - Tower of Terror II Any others? It's important to me that we have fun, but his safety is most important.
  8. jhunt2

    Color Me Rad 5k @ Wet N Wild GC

    Glad I'm not going at this time of year. There's nothing a hate more than swimming with people who are "cooling off" by dumping a load of sweat and dirt into the pool...
  9. jhunt2

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    Fair enough. That's all I needed ^
  10. jhunt2

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    Sorry to be a bug, but please explain why not? I mean, why would one cart on a roller coaster stop because the wheel of another separate cart fell off? And if it wouldn't, why can't we assume that it may have been a deliberate stop by the operator when he/she saw that the cart was damaged? And if we can, why can't we give them a break?
  11. jhunt2

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    Wait, so the breakdown was due to the loss of the wheel on one cart, but the other one still stopped on the lift hill... So is it safe to assume that was due to an emergency stop button being hit? And if so, can we STOP being critical of the ride operators and inspectors and give them some credit? This is a human-designed machine, it will fail sometimes. Believe it or not.
  12. jhunt2

    Movie World's Doomsday Tower?

    Actually, that would be the best explanation. Although I can't guarantee that there weren't container loads of steel in this area. Like I said, I got the tiniest glimpse of a tiny segment of this area, which I would imagine isn't exactly tiny. But you're right, it did come to mind that if they had the parts in storage, surely Movie World would have announced something, at least started a rumour. A little off-topic as well, but following this I got a little bit of a fascination with theme park backlots. I managed a peek into one at Dreamworld, which was a little underwhelming, but I did spot some parts from the Reef Diver...
  13. jhunt2

    Movie World's Doomsday Tower?

    Which is why I thought it must be something new. Unless something is getting revamped, but... wouldn't they just paint the ride then, rather than making new parts in the new colours?
  14. jhunt2

    Movie World's Doomsday Tower?

    Hard to tell. It was fenced off, and I only got the slightest glimpse through a gap between two buildings. But the parts were definitely stacked, and I couldn't see the majority of this area.
  15. jhunt2

    Movie World's Doomsday Tower?

    I didn't specifically say that it WAS the Doomsday Tower. I put this as the title because it was the first thing that popped into my head when I spotted this, and I certainly can't think of any existent rides at Movie World that these parts would fit.