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  1. LPM would be stretched for space to install BuzzSaw, especially since it's a park model. Don't be fooled by its compact nature as a coaster, it does take up a decent footprint by LPM's standards, and a lot of their rides are transportable models so that they can reshuffle around the park when something new is installed and needs space. This would be a huge investment in terms of space and logistics, they'd probably have to axe a few attractions to fit it, and BuzzSaw isn't worth that. Aussie World, mayyyyybe, but their current new investments are still ongoing (somehow...) and it might be
  2. Those clouds really give those photos a dream-like quality. It's beautiful.
  3. I like the touch of Big Dipper and Little Nipper. That's cute.
  4. I agree there's no reason that WnWS shouldn't have been able to succeed where it is. I've never been, but Google Maps says it's a 30-minute drive from the CBD. Most visitors to the Gold Coast stay around Surfers Paradise/Southport/Broadbeach. From there, it can easily take 30 minutes to get to Dreamworld depending on where you are. That never detracted from its attendance at its peak. If people want to go to a park, they will go. Like I said, I haven't been to WnWS, so I can't comment like most people can on its operations, but it seems like a bit of a cheap cop-out to blame it on its loc
  5. I'm always conflicted by SBF. Something about their models feels very coin-operated-mall-ride-ish. Their spinning coasters feel like what you would get if you ordered a spinning coaster on Wish. That being said, some of their thrill models on their website look decent, so I'll withhold judgment until I ride Trident for myself.
  6. Hey guys, long time since I've posted on this forum (not since I was a stupid kid in high school). But 2021 is shaping up so well that I was excited enough to dust off the old account again. Seems like I'm more excited for a different coaster every day I think about it. I think Steel Taipan might end up being the best coaster. Never ridden Blue Fire or any of its clones but it looks like a fantastic layout, and Mack Rides are fantastic. It's only Dreamworld's delivery that has me worried for it. I was too young to ever experience Wonderland so obviously I'm hyped for Leviathan. A pro
  7. Just spent the first half of the week up on the Gold Coast, post-Schoolies and pre-Christmas. I've got some interesting developments from Sea World, Wet'n'Wild and Dreamworld, and I'll be headed to WhiteWater World and Movie World tomorrow and Saturday. Pics are coming, my phone is glitching at the moment. Sea World was seemingly running on half-capacity to try to make everything perfect for peak season. The SpongeBob Coaster spent the first half of the day closed. New Kids' World is pretty awesome, and includes the Zamperla Demolition Derby that for some reason, Parkz lists as "announced
  8. Storm Coaster had moderate technical difficulties on Monday afternoon. We noticed that multiple empty cars completed the circuit early in the day, and were asked to leave the line for the ride shortly after lunch due to a "technical glitch". They ran several more empty runs, and a few mechanics climbed the lift hill and inspected. One car was stationary about halfway up the lift hill for almost half an hour. The ride reopened before the end of the day, but there was a dramatic decrease in lift hill speed, particularly right at the very top. Hopefully, this was just a minor glitch, especia
  9. Planning to go on a road trip around the US some time soon. Visit a few Six Flags and Cedar Point. Maybe Disney World if I'm feeling in a lets-spend-all-of-my-money mood.
  10. OK, so Dreamworld said that there would be 2 BIG new attractions opening in 2015. I wanna know if the revamp of Zombie Evilution counts as big. I think ABC area is obviously one of the new attractions, but is there still possibility that something else is coming? (Was kinda hoping for 10th thrill ride) Also, I hope that if they do a V8s thing, it will be something better than RedLine (possibly even a ride rather than a simulator).
  11. He has seen a doctor. He's only had one seizure, so the doctor cannot be certain what kind it is. That's what I meant to say.
  12. For those making the comment... We actually don't know what kind of epilepsy he has. He had a seizure one morning before even waking up, and that's the only case he's ever had. I know for a fact that he's not particularly sensitive (he's a stage actor, so he isn't too bad with lights).
  13. Hey guys. So I'm bringing a friend to the Gold Coast next year, however, he was recently cautioned by his doctor that he may have epilepsy. So which rides should he not ride? I've thought of: NO: - Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster MAYBE: - Tower of Terror II Any others? It's important to me that we have fun, but his safety is most important.
  14. Glad I'm not going at this time of year. There's nothing a hate more than swimming with people who are "cooling off" by dumping a load of sweat and dirt into the pool...
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