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  1. Movie world have provided in there blog about what happens in the annual maintenance for superman escape. It’s a great read and gives some insight into the work that’s required. https://themeparks.com.au/blog/superman-maintenance?fbclid=IwAR3ixDBKb1LKPhtWu4cFaJjkVX32xer4Wia447Sl5eJ1Np-Uk_41p3_ML3E
  2. New Photos and descriptions of what the updated look of the giant drop will be.
  3. Movieworld isn’t much better with there maintenance, both theme parks have 2-3 major rides down and 3 kids rides down.
  4. Dreamworld have updated there website for the dreamworld express with info about all the new changes including train, carriages, station and track. https://www.dreamworld.com.au/rides-attractions/dreamworld/family-rides/dreamworld-express/?fbclid=IwAR1xe6ojhdvS5PJVawz7GsL_GmLuWOS6U4o1mn6wgMO4ehc3Ju9JVXlWqf4
  5. They were planning on building one, which was apart of there $50 million dollars expansion over 20 years.
  6. If it don’t reopen, I hope the monorail track and stations don’t end up SBNO just like most of the flume ride has been for years. If it’s closed for good hopefully they actually remove it before Atlantis area finally opens.
  7. I’ve got through the website and there is nothing about limits on riding a certain ride multiple times with in a hr. If this is actually true it’s definitely something that should of been advertised especially when it says unlimited fun when buying tickets.
  8. Thankfully most of the rides are out of maintenance from 1st of April. I wonder why Wild West falls needs another two months closure from 24 April which will be less than a month after opening from current maintenance.
  9. What about teen titan go see space jam 4D, would be great to hit multiple kids IP especially since space jam has been promoted in movie world recently with characters meet and greets and merchandise
  10. Hopefully they will do another ride the night event to open the ride just like they did for SX360.
  11. This ride is fantastic, it’s slower then dc rivals but it’s elements more then make up for it. Back definitely give a better ride experience thanks to the reverse spike and extra pull through the various parts. Shame I can get back for another day of riding till after Christmas to experience the tail whip seats(when working). This is one of the best rides in australia.
  12. In park today and Tail spin has reopened.
  13. Here today, 4 hr drive but the spinning seat will not be running today, unlucky for those here for soft opening (both trains are currently in testing). Staff are hopeful it will be running by Wednesday but are having issues.
  14. Steel taipan will not be opened tomorrow, was posted on a comment on Facebook by dreamworld
  15. This is great news give annual pass holders a few days of early access, can’t get there on weekend but definitely will be there Monday morning
  16. My father will be pissed as he loved riding and enjoyed the experience of sky voyager but now he can’t ride cause of the 120kg weight limit(he weighs around 125-130kg)
  17. Well it also the official opening of steel taipan as well so it likely to be biggest crowd dreamworld has had in a long time so I planned arrived for myself at 9am especially with traffic parking your car.
  18. I will definitely pay for 2 rides (1 with a Heavy friend and next time with a light friend to see how much it effects the spin) and ride normal after that but will ride the spinning seat again during a night ride.
  19. Steel taipan been running constantly all day but for staff, family and friends only still.
  20. Im guessing they haven’t received all the new boats yet, so it won’t have a reduced capacity for holidays.
  21. There are a lot less lights then previous years and they are almost all white only.
  22. Tonight 4 December, worst white Christmas event, storms and lightning for most of the night. Almost all rides closed thanks to lighting, only ride I got to ride was Scooby doo which half screens not working. People getting photos with Santa were drenched time they got back to Main Street, also the smokers zone was next to photo area. The white Christmas parade went ahead without any floats which is a huge lost for children cause they missed seeing the toy shop, Santa’s sled and Rudolph among the top floats. I have included Santa walking during the very fast parade that lasted less than 10mins, which was one way down Main Street and they exited near the theatre.
  23. Talking to staff on dc rivals tonight while ride has been stopped cause of lighting and thunder, second train will return to track and two trains will be running within next 7 days but backward seats will be down for awhile. They are waiting on parts from Germany also row 4 seats are playing up as well.
  24. Was expecting a price similar to dc rivals at $20, dc rivals backward is mostly empty (when working) cause people don’t want to spend $20 per seat. I can understand why only one train has the spinning seat now.
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