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  1. Movie definitely need to get the second train back on track so the current one can get some maintenance done on it but I think it’s still in superman’s maintenance bay and was in pieces last I heard.
  2. According to google Luna park Sydney ride attendant pay should be between $23-26
  3. The 4-8 January when trading hours extended till 7.30pm is great cause it gives guests a chance to ride steel taipan at night.
  4. Should definitely open before our borders fully open in 17th dec, so I guess Saturday 4 December so steel taipan can get 2 weeks of use so to iron out any problems that turn up before crowds start getting bigger.
  5. I hope the sledgehammer does get the 360 mode back again especially since it’s still advertised on the website and it’ makes a difference on the thrill of the ride, being a new ride it should have warranty so it should be fixed sometime in the future.
  6. Yeah that’s wonderland’s Bountys Revenge, it’s great to see it still operating.
  7. You are correct, I was there a month ago and most of the items sold in WWF shop are only sold there as It’s mainly just western items.
  8. Yeah, it does appear that it’s carefully being disassembled, so either it has sold or they are still looking for a buyer. Hopefully we will see it at another park in the future
  9. The shed was part of the design for the coaster when it was unveiled. So hopefully we seeing a lot of the green theming around the coaster that was on the display.
  10. It’s currently down for maintenance which apparently includes new harness/boats and changes to load and unlock station.
  11. I was thinking early December soft opening but will/should buzzsaw be pulled down before before steel taipan opens ?
  12. Yeah I don’t think superman second train has been used since sometime last year, but that sign seems to be brought out during the holidays when there are bigger crowds while the second train is not used.
  13. Yes it’s gone, so a new maintenance shed would have to be built somewhere
  14. I was looking at that today, couldn’t work out what it could be but it could very well be the river rapids memorial.
  15. All current listed annual passes at dreamworld no longer have photo pass included. They we’re on previous years passes but were removed in the new updated passes.
  16. Would definitely love to get one but wouldn’t pay $1500 each plus I would need to get it to Qld.
  17. Im hoping that the southeast Qld lockdown won’t be extended past next Tuesday and I can visit for last time next weekend.
  18. They added extra days last year as a result of huge demand but if lockdowns are still in place there won’t be weekday nights added this year.
  19. Probably 30mins when it first opened, but after 6 months there wasn’t any real wait times. I did enjoy the original theming but it did get hot in there.
  20. if they are closing buzzsaw cause of the fact ride's proximity and future development, you would think giant drop is in same boat as buzz saw. I expect giant drop to be gone by end of next year.
  21. A maze theme to Halloween (Michael Myers) as there is a new movie coming out. What about a maze themed around the purge movies ? It can provide a lot of jump scares, if the idea from the start is that they are hunting you and you are trying to escape them. Spiral (saw franchise) will likely happen since we have had a saw maze in the past and alot of previous props would be reused.
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