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  1. If this is a fair story I would expect it to cover the green lantern manufacturing fault. When you ride these machines you trust the manufacturer as well as the operator. Will it be mentioned or ignored ?
  2. there Is about 80m cash on hand post refi as at April . They have the cash for a little while but would be running a finer line if do discretionary construction spending whilst not operating . So prudent to hold off .
  3. They are in the media .. perhaps to put more pressure on a state government loan ? Is zero debt facilities correct? With cash reserves dwindling by 10 m per month ardent will be insolvent soon enough . One would expect a capital raising soon or administration .
  4. This ride had issues with its balance on boat limiting capacity of people on it . Frequently got stuck.
  5. You said if . Not happening as planned I bet. At least not on original timeframe
  6. You are right about dcr but now paid out as per the vrl accounts. Yes there is one contract (purchase or lease) for track and another for construction . Should be able to source that info on ardent accounts. I’ll take a look . The track is saleable if purchased outright in current state and a discounted price probably . Best case the construction will just be put on hold to a later date.
  7. For the years ahead . They have probably already made payments towards coaster itself or was it leased ? That is unless they were smart enough to put a market disruption clause in that contract
  8. Postponed indefinitely...Be thankful to get a coaster before wishing for landscaping !
  9. This ain’t happening any time soon. The biz has negative cash flows and zero revenue
  10. Mate u need to see a financial advisor to get some advice on finance 101 What’s crappy here is the board only taking a 30 per cent cut at qantas . Time for some people to take one for the team
  11. Don’t always believe how it’s presented externally . So trusting
  12. Resigned or pushed out due to cost?
  13. Did someone say delays...If a construction company pulled out surely a breach of contract which would come at a cost unless there was some sought of a termination clause which could include quote variations or regulation requirements etc etc .
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