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  1. I've said it before. Dreamworld are doomed. Wipeout "was" my favourite ride at Dreamworld. Im not saying it wasn't at the end of its life cycle but to replace it with nothing shows what little foresight and iniative the owners have. Skyvoyager continues to be delayed. Housing estate for Dreamworld come 2025.
  2. I feel that Dreamworld is doomed. Would be a miracle to rejuvenate the park and the only thing that can do that is $$$$$ and someone with Theme park experience leading it. Both two key factors are sadly missing.
  3. It looks like something out of the Flintstones the new boats
  4. Thrillseeker is still operating under a different name (Taipan) now in a travelling amusement park somewhere in australia I think.
  5. I cant believe it. I hadn't been to Dreamworld in 10 years and was in Qld for a week from the 9th jan and went to the park last Thursday, Saturday and two days ago on Monday. I saw them testing on Monday. Im disappointed i missed riding it by two days as im back home now on the NSW Central Coast but its great to see it back, my favourite ride at the park. I sacrificed not going to movieworld and riding DC Rivals because the kids wanted to do DW and WWW this time. Them the breaks i suppose. I love the slow rolling double flip the best.
  6. Carpark was fairly full today but we got on most rides within 10minutes, sometimes only had to wait one ride and we were on. I was pleasantly surprised as i thought the school holidays would have made wait times quite bad. MDMC was probably the longest wait at 25mins. I hadn't been to the park in 10 years and returned today with the wife, 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter. The kids had a great time. They are both quite tall with both going on the TT2, HWSW, MDMC (sidecar for my daughter, bike for my son). My daughter was brave enough to go on The Claw and my son was brave enough to join me on the Giant Drop but chickened out at Buzzsaw. They still enjoyed the smaller rides too, Madagascar, Shockwave and Pandamonium (Soft cycle). I know many members are locals and visit the park often but I was impressed with how the park is compared to 10years ago. The Park was clean, staff were friendly and thorough with ride safety and loading. The theming with regards to the pre-ride was lacking and hence there was no build up of anticipation for the rides but that was one of my only complaints. I was disappointed that Wipeout and Log ride were still out of action but I knew that before going. Hopefully DW can keep improving over future years.
  7. I see that DW according to their website is open from 9am-6pm. Is that normal summer trading hours, updated from the previous 10am-5pm. I definitely hope so as I am in QLD from 9th till 16th Jan and havn't done DW for 10 years and with summer crowds the extra two hours being open will come in handy. Now with two kids aged 7 and 5 they are looking forward to it. I myself hope that Wipeout is somehow open but I'm not holding my breath with the continual promises for the re-opening date being postponed all the time.
  8. Im coming up in January to the theme parks with my 7 and 5 year old. 3 years ago we went to movie world, sea world, WNW. This time they want to go to dreamworld and WWW. Looking at the photos and reading the report i fear that the experience will be a total let down. Should i be reconsidering and take the kids to 3 fully functioning theme parks as opposed to sadly Dreamworld a nd WWW?
  9. Anyone have information as to when and if the Rocky Hollow Log ride will re-open?
  10. Map is no good. Labels in kids zone blocks out most of the actual rides and yes you can hardly see the pathways to get anywhere. Does the junior driving school building only use half of what was used for the Looney Tunes River Ride?, the map cuts in half some other buildings next to the main building as well.
  11. Yep the monorail was operating that day. Got video of us being on it. That trip was inbetween transitioning from Lassiters lost mine to Bermuda triangle. Stay tuned. Another video from the same family holiday we went on in early 1994. Sorry its a bit of a long video but it captures a short glimpse of the framework for the Bermuda Triangle as it was in the transition period when Lassiter's Lost mine was closed down. You also get a shot of the Waterslides and then after the end of Vikings Revenge the start of the Wild Wave roller coaster. https:youtu.be/4AvTKj6zUwo I also found video of nearly the entire water ski show but a bit tedious to upload so I decided against it but some of the stunts they did were pretty cool.
  12. https://youtu.be/VtWwLapgmg0 I hope this is acceptable to the Parkz site. Direct link to you tube where i uploaded the video too.
  13. I think i have to use a you tube embedded code according to this sites help desk. Ill try that a bit later today
  14. Still digging around in mum and dads video collection and came across an old family holiday. Corkscrew home video january 1994. The train looks like it is really new. Should i have uploaded this to you tube first? Or are people able to view this without. 20170919_082838.mp4
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