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  1. Now I just need to lose the weight so I can go on it the next time I head up to Queensland. The restraints on SDSC are so tiny lol
  2. What’s your point? Up until the Dreamworld inquest I hadn’t been active on this forum in quite a while I admit it certainly does take the atmosphere and creativity away from the ride. Hopefully they add theming back in in this new maintenance downtime
  3. Thank you both for answering. I had no idea that the theming had been removed from SDSC. I saw a video on YouTube of what it looks like without theming and I have to say that it looks pretty scary riding a roller coaster in almost pitch black darkness Xd. I hope they add theming soon though. Staying on topic the twitter account I’ve been following for updates on the inquest is @leae. She is posting constant tweets on what is going on at the inquest
  4. I just watched this video. I had no idea the theming had been removed from the coaster. Such a shame. Though if I do say so myself riding a roller coaster in basically pitch black darkness looks pretty damn scary lol https://youtu.be/AB6d_5NBzaU
  5. If what ms Cotter said about someone being fired for turning off the conveyer in 2014 is true I find that ridiculous on Dreamworlds part. Wouldn’t they have been grateful that there was no real emergency rather than firing someone? Anyone that would have heard that story would have been reluctant to do so themselves out of fear for also being fired
  6. l agree with you. This is a nightmare for them. I don’t see how they are ever going to recover after all the information that is coming out at the inquest
  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I could only find the Gold Coast bulletin article which is subscription based only
  8. The best design I’ve seen for restraints HAS to be the Expedition Everest roller coaster seat restraints. Each person in the cart has their own restraint so they can have it as loose and as safe as they need to
  9. LMAO goes off at people for quoting posts yet does the exact same thing. At least I wrote a paragraph or two after what I quoted. You wrote TWO SENTENCES 😂
  10. YOU are the main reason why I stopped coming to this forum. You are RUDE, SELF ENTITLED, ARROGANT and act like you own the place. I thought I would come back to stay up to date on the Dreamworld inquest but if this is the kind of bs I will have to put up with forget it. I’ll go back to not posting
  11. Wow attitude much. Better not quote your response or you’ll mouth off again 🙄 I had adds pop up on my screen for cars while I was deleting the part of the post that I didn’t need and the phone then wouldn’t let me scroll back up. You can believe me or not but that is what happened. Calm the eff down
  12. I’m surprised he doesn’t know first aid because one of the articles I read says that he now works at White Water World
  13. Thanks for telling me to do something I already tried to do. I tried doing that and after selecting the portion to delete all these ads for cars came up and it wouldn’t let me scroll up to the post
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