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  1. ScienticianLady

    The Off Topic Topic

    Bit of Disneyland nostalgia from the 50s with the mermaids. On phone, will fix link later
  2. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the short lines for the kiddy rides we went on. Other longest line was for the photo for our yearly pass. At least we only have to do that once a year!
  3. Yep, one bite. Had a very tired toddler after 30 min wait in line for food so went straight home. Will send email so they can get feedback. The husband had the same reaction with his beef burger so I'm assuming they are all pretty bad. Lesson learnt.
  4. At Dreamworld. Just had the most disgusting "grilled" chicken burger. Foul. Cold meat and bread. Steamed or microwaved. If I start vomiting poop lava out my arse tomorrow I will know what to blame. What a waste of $$$
  5. ScienticianLady

    Old Tower of Terror Queue

    Throwback to 90s colour scheming?
  6. ScienticianLady

    Old Tower of Terror Queue

    I think the orange and blue was to enhance the effect of the uv lighting in the city? I remember the lifts well. Also that annoying voiceover!
  7. Waiting for school holidays to finish and will get an annual pass for DW. Hoping our 2 yr old likes it!
  8. ScienticianLady

    Major Rides Shut at Coast Theme Park (WBMW article)

    It is similar - but the cars don't spin. I found the buzz light year one a lot more fun. But the JL one is still okay.
  9. ScienticianLady

    Plus Size Friendly?

    When I read your post I felt for you - no one knows your history (medical etc) and am glad to see nothing untoward has been mentioned. I understand you want to know before you try and might have to get off the ride. I will think about you next time I'm at one of the parks and let you know. ps how exciting if he does come here!
  10. ScienticianLady

    Major Rides Shut at Coast Theme Park (WBMW article)

    We went on the Sunday of the recent long weekend - it was very, very busy and with limited rides and food outlets we did leave in a bit of a huff. I know winter is the low season but surely the long weekend would be taken into account? I can understand they might be rushing maintenance to be finished by the upcoming school holidays.
  11. ScienticianLady

    Roller Coaster Crash at Alton Towers

    I married someone who hates roller coasters..... That means he can hold my bag!
  12. ScienticianLady

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    If it does reopen I will happily ride it IF there is some kind of release that states what went wrong and how it has been fixed.
  13. ScienticianLady

    Cyclone- beginning of the end?

    I'm still learning - so is it just wear and tear on the train that makes the ride go from smooth to rough over time? The wheels? Other components? Could the just replace the wheels?
  14. ScienticianLady

    Scooby-Doo needs some love

    *adds "Trademark 'Westfirls'" to list of things to do*
  15. ScienticianLady

    Scooby-Doo needs some love

    In a perfect world I see it like buying a car - if you can't afford the maintenance and ongoing costs you can't afford the car. Unfortunately things happen and costs blow out, something else loses money etc and this changes plans. However, I am a big believer that spending money makes you money (eg how the Westfirls shopping centres spend millions on renos every 10-15 years or so). On reading my post I'm not sure what my point is but I'm trying to be a good forum person people thing. I might have had a few wines.