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  1. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    While watching that, this popped up in suggestions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju7AEf4E6R4 Some great vision of scooby at 28:57 Edit: It won't allow me to insert it for some reason.
  2. Levithian

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    The little things that never seem to get repaired or replaced, to me, is like basically saying we don't care. So if you don't care, that means you don't have pride in your business, which to me means you don't care about us as guests then either. So it all slides down hill from the number of small little things you never see changed. Big things tend to stay the same at our parks, the rides are still there, the buildings are still standing, the actors are still.... err... acting? but when im sitting down with the kids eating lunch and I see a small hole in the wall, some broken pavers or a torn curtain, only to come back 3 months later and still see the same thing, i kinda feel like nobody is putting any effort into presentation and it's all just turning to shit. Here's an example, at movieworld, the toilets around the side/back of dirty harrys have had a broken urinal for what seems like years. It's gone, the pipe is sticking out with a bit of tape on it. That's it. Is that the best you can do? what about tiles falling off the wall or the taps which don't turn off properly? how about the mold on the main street roof and running down the sides of some of the buildings? Im assuming thats what the black stuff is. When you are sitting down people watching, you start to notice lots of little things that you don't mean to notice or aren't trying to notice, it's just what happens when the kids are slowly making their way through a lunch they said they wanted but are trying VERY hard not to actually eat now its in front of them!
  3. I think the issue was not so much they dont cater to everyone, but that the information was completely lacking, with nobody being able to produce it. Goes to show what i suspected before, lots of the food options are prepackaged or preprepared by outside suppliers and they are basically just food handlers. It has been proven time and time again that this method costs more than making it yourself. It just doesnt look as pretty on your labour budget, cant keep stripping food and bev services from the park if they have to prepare and make food instead of having to reheat it or put it on a plate/in a bag.
  4. Levithian

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    Are those ham steaks and chickens? 😂
  5. Have you seen the options though? As for the deli, its literally 8 paces to the plaza area where there are picnic style tables and chairs everywhere. If thats not enough, theres tables and chairs behind the deli and ben and jerrys too. You dont need a food outlet at arkham. Theres not enough foot traffic to warrant it.
  6. Its a pitty we havent seen any further developments of the lakeside precinct idea. It could have meant a few new food choices that could be open during lunch service too without added pressure on the park to staff another eatery. The other school of thought is you dont need a lot of choice at a theme park (especially the size of aussie parks), you just need to do it right. Everyone expects a fast food option. Given the cost and the relatively small serving size (overloaded with chips to make up for it) theres no reason to get burgers and fries, fish and chips, and chicken tenders/strips and fries wrong. I suspect its fallen into the trap of every single ingredient being processed. No fresh or prepared ingredients, its all out of packets, fridges and freezers. The cafe crowd. Its one thing thats actually pretty good at the village bean. Im not a coffee snob, but ive been happy with what is provided and a slice of cake or muffin. The healthy choice. These days you cannot operate any food related business without catering to meet these demands. The poor quality of your other choices is only amplified when this is neglected. Every village park falls flat. The boutique. They have dirty harrys extension which probably doesnt get the business it deserves. You can probably only sustain one of these in a park the size of movieworld though. It makes sense they went with the mexican/tex mex options as theres lots of profit in it. Because of the size of the park, this ties into below; Rics is a let down. No, its more than that, its really a disaster when you think what it could be. Everything it offers could be provided anywhere in the park, and what it offers is not that great. So here you have a themed international class restaurant pushing out greasy pizzas and stodgy pasta. It should probably be the premium dining service and bar. Push the rics setting more as a bar experience and use the legends dining room for food service. Nobody really needs all you can eat pizza and pasta at a theme park. Pizza hut nearly went broke doing it 20 years ago, why is it here? Im thinking you could have a set menu giving you maybe 3 or 4 options that you could purchase with your entry. So you have a proper sit down lunch with a fixed cost. If thats not exciting enough, you could tie it in with some sort of executive "celebrity" chef menu if you wanted something exclusive. Rotate it though every 3 months so the menu is always fresh. It might free up some of the kitchens a little to help improve some of the other food options in the park instead of relying on outside providers to do all the work. When you think about it, theres 2 full commerical kitchens plus maybe 6 quick service/fast food sized kitchens in the park. Does the current output represent the facilities they have on site? Everything feels far too packaged to me, kitchens just sitting idle or closed up.
  7. I liked when they tried some new food options at the deli, the american style sandwiches. They were pretty tasty, big serving and well priced. I thought they would continue expanding, a few different gourmet style salads would have been awesome. But it all seems to have been shelved. Not sure if they didnt sell or just didnt give it enough time. Its a pitty because gotham is utterly rubbish. Once upon a time their burgers were pretty juicy and certainly tasty. Ive had 2 in the last year and both times im sure the bun was stale. It reminds me, remember when they did pulled pork burgers with "slaw" and lattice fries at west burgers? Those things and the loaded fries tasted amazing. I dont mind paying 15-20 for a burger and a fries if its like that. Full of flavour, very filling, not what you expected at a theme park.
  8. It also matters if they have staff for a second train too.
  9. Levithian

    Article: VRTP lowers profit forecast

    Need to point out its not village theme parks doing the reporting, its roadshow. So that includes all the other divisions too (cinema chain, distribution, production, etc). Theme parks are never going to claw back 15-20 million in a year when the film production and distributor side has been slow since the last big development (aqua man?).
  10. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    What a stinker... Also.. hahahahahahah @ plush turds.
  11. Levithian

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    Why dont you? The complaints are pretty spot on. They started doing some restorative works a few years ago, what with facade work and new toilet blocks and stuff, but thats all stopped instead of continuing. So it does look run down. The kids area is a joke compared to every other park, in perhaps australia. Old fair style rides, nothing for kids that arent tall enough or brave enough for the thrill rides. Its in desperate need of renovation and seems to be overlooked every year.
  12. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    ha ha! (see what I did there) If you search arkham alley or chinatown alley, you'll find it has a long history of discussion on these forums. It's always been there, it's just some (or all 3) ends of the alleyway have been cut off from use at various points over the years. The big double gates that are against the emergency exit from superman (just as you turn to the right to go to arkham) hide more of the alleyway that used to provide through access for lethal weapon from main st. If we lived in a country where the parks had major budgets, it would be ripe for a proper theme. Something like a proper gotham feeling alleyway would be cool, or you could put a roof over it and theme it as part of inside arkham itself. Some cells, maybe treatment rooms, etc, since I guess you are kinda coming in the back way not the front gates. If arkham was their new flagship coaster, it could have been an excellent scare zone / queue line. Progress from being ushered through by a greeter / sorter that looked like asylum staff trying to get you out of the grounds, before you turn the "wrong" corner and the inmates in the orange jumpsuits have taken over.
  13. Levithian

    Australian Outback Spectacular - changes?

    It's been gone for awhile, since they changed the show to high country legends. It would have to be more than 12 months.
  14. Levithian

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    If they close for retheming, we've all pretty much agreed its going to take months. You could pick out any date between now and maybe July or august as a start date at the latest. That's if it's even going to be done this year. Mid year is looking pretty full, superman and Arkham would take you through until July. Bit of a break until Doomsday at the end of august, then hypercoaster will turn 1 year old in September. So you could guess that somewhere right around the end of June is a good time to close, not to be done by.
  15. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    More like rebuild the bogies, get them ready before the shutdown, then disassemble the train and rebuild the hangers to mount to the newly rebuilt bogies. It would cut a lot of time out of the ride closure period for annual maintenance.