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  1. The other side of it is will the parks think they can make more money if they stay open late given they probably have to put on a whole new shift of staff members to stay open later. Might think the labour spend is not worth the return.
  2. They have replaced SLC's with STC's now. Different train, different restraints, different wheel carrier design.
  3. Makes you wonder if some of the temp closures are really staff related instead of mechanical/maintenance issues.
  4. I'm talking about running later. There is a restriction on the outdoor rides and the operating hours of events. Years ago there was something posted about the agreement with the council for operating times, my google skills have failed me, but it was spelled out pretty clearly. It's why rides close when they do at these events even if it's still busy with guests. Have to remember It's not just the rides that make noise at night, it's the coming and going of cars of people too.
  5. Don't forget movieworld and wet n wild have limits on when they can open due to the housing behind. Not just operating times, but I think there is a cap on the number of night time events per year too.
  6. Read what i said. It was in the fenced superman area, but it was park related and didnt impact superman the ride.
  7. It was at superman and it happened during park open hours, so yes, people would have seen it happen.
  8. Heh. Some of you are pretty quick to call someone a liar when apparently they did have a fire, but it wasn't actually part of superman, just something park related that was behind the fenced off area.
  9. There's pretty well no way a cylinder would have exploded. They are rated to many times above what the actual running pressure is and are fitted with pressure relief valves as a backup measure. Certainly could have had a fitting or air line burst or snap though and have air gushing out.
  10. I sure hope they have big balloon props floating in the ceiling. Batman - Joker poison Gotham - YouTube
  11. Each seat is probably tagged with it's own ID. No double ups, hence the higher numbers on one train vs the other.
  12. Just how much turnover do you think these parks experience? Cap ex expenditure is spread out by rotating around vrtp properties because (among other things) they dont support major expenditure every year. It makes no difference if the new investment firm owners have money, it has to make financial sense. Since when did any of the parks spend big every year for new rides? Its never been like that. If you look back over the last 30 years, the major cycle has been about 5-8 years, with some smaller spenditure between periods. Just go back and see how much profit vrtp and dreamworld (even pre accident) post every year. You would be literally spending everything you make. Share holders would be screaming for the executives to be sacked.
  13. If the water is clear enough on the day, look closer next time you ride wild west falls. It has a raised floor in the deep sections of water the boats run along, its nowhere near as deep as you might think. I would imagine the boat could fill with water if it was somehow submerged as the entry side is lower to allow guests to board the boat, but i reckon those troughs have been designed because of those very issues. Everyone will get wet if a boat sinks, but the floor would stop riders being submerged (ie, going over their heads) as the boat would bottom out on the raised floor in the troughs.. Its also difficult to see much movement from the boats given how narrow the troughs are, so they cant turn on their side and get stuck/flip. Plus, dont forget the down ramp sections of the ride are out of the water and rolling on road wheels. They dont float or slide in any way when dropping. Youre only floating leading into/around the lazy river sections. So its probably one of the safer types/designs of water rides.
  14. Thats one of the arguments for basic style belts like on the thunder river rapids. In the event of raft flipping or becoming submerged, the passengers can remove the velcro restraints very easily and exit the craft vs buckled in style belts which provide a greater risk of drowning.
  15. Its probably largely out of their (the park) hands. Their insurance company has probably initiated proceedings to recoup money from the engineers public liability coverage.
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