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  1. Err... arent there ride themed shirts / uniforms for most of rides? DC, green lantern, justice league, superman, roxy, wild west, doomsday and driving school? They had them for arkham too. Scooby doo and road runner seem to be about the only ones left out. Wild west, superman, roxy and justice league have complete uniforms. The others look like they cheaped out a bit and went with themed shirts. But at least they arent just a printed tee or something. They are designed shirts kinda like football jerseys.
  2. That michael keaton batmobile just looks great from every angle.
  3. "Confirmation, satisfied with their actions". What more do you want them to do if the regulator is happy with what they have done/are doing? The onus is always on the site manager for responding to the incident and managing the risk internally. You still get issued with notices even if youve already complied with their directives from worksafe prior to the incident being investigated.
  4. It's not exactly a door I guess, the back portion of the seat and padding thats against your shoulder/side is hinged so it can open and make it easier to get into the carriage. https://rcdb.com/1121.htm#p=17514 Hard to find photos of the rear, but see the bit that says "ACME 8 ROCKET" ? can see the join below and the split in the back padding. Whole piece swings open around to the back.
  5. Reminds me of the speed slide at wet n wild. Splash down was just a pool, so flying down at 40km/h used to make for some spectacular wedgies if the angle was just right. Twister too for that matter (along with peeling bikini tops off).
  6. How about green lantern. Its been trouble since day one and has been closed for extended time 😅
  7. Maybe it was because only one train at road runner has what is considered a disabled seat with the opening door? I think it is based on access and if you are able to get out of the car unassisted. So if it was the non disabled train, you need to be able to get out over the sides and walk down the lift in the event of an evacuation I think. The operators can't lift you up or carry you down.
  8. Only got a bit over 3 weeks to get it all sorted though when the first night is the 4th.
  9. When arkham was upgraded they got new restraints. The top of the train with all the running gear is still original vekoma.
  10. Big assumption being made that it has anything at all to do with the train though, nobody knows what the problem is. Maybe you aren't old enough to remember the original restraints?. Id take the kumbak ones over the original vekoma ones every day of the week. The legs really aren't that bad, its not like getting off with smashed up ears and headaches of the old restraints, plus they give you much more freedom when riding. I don't think a raptor would have the capacity village would be looking for even if the price was ok. Single rows, even with 3 trains. If the ride capacity per hour was
  11. Dictated by politics, but all parties refuse to open the borders fully and instead state they will follow health advice which says to keep things closed? Where is the great change going to come from? A 40,000 people grand final didnt go ahead. It was a 25k one. The capacity has been part of the increase in restrictions, we've gone to stage 4 since october which now allows sporting venues to 75% capacity. Previous to stage 4 it was 50%. Then previous to that 25%. It's slowly been inching its way along since june. You know? following that whole road map the government put out about covid re
  12. Says the man fronting the company that said previously the government money provided to them should see them operating through the next 12 months. Why not just come out and say we are in the business of making money and the government is fucking with our recovery plans instead of trying for the sympathy vote? The state took a poll and the majority of people are happy to keep the infected zones under quarantine vs risk it spreading here. Crying foul at the goverment who just offered you millions of taxpayers money doesnt generate you support and good will, it just makes your company
  13. Everything you guys are talking about with the light rail has been proposed. They intend to branch it off and run inland from a number of locations, its not just going to follow the gold coast highway down south. Look up Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031.
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