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  1. Solar inverters need 240v supply to work. Thats why when power goes out, the inverter switches off and nobody is at risk of you feeding the grid. Only way around this is battery system which has an automatic changeover switch that disconnects the house from mains when failure happens, or by using a generator (which also should be wired using a changeover switch, not just plugged into a power outlet and backfeeding the distribution box for the house). If you had power, you either still had mains supply and didnt lose power, or you have a big problem somewhere and you need an eletrici
  2. Do a london style "mind the gap" safety campaign with high vis signage and announcements when unloading. 😄
  3. Looks like the same car that was in the last wb showcase? Did you have a look through the last display before it closed?
  4. They dont have the budget though. Its kind of a once in a life time spend to turn around a bad situation and massive decline in numbers following the dreamworld accident. It doesnt make any financial sense at all to spend 100 million dollars when you are 200 million in debt. But the situation required immediate action to bring people back to the parks quicker as they couldnt sustain a 5 year recovery period. The reduction in turnover and cash flow was worse for business than taking on a massive amount of debt. So they took the lesser of two evils. Have to remember, pre covid, villa
  5. + extensive history with vekoma already. Id love to see a thrill coaster replace it. It's kinda like SLC generation 2. Wonder what the pricing is like.
  6. I think it gives them scope for adding another encompassing thrill ride to help it blend into the area in the future though. Rivals only does so well because there is so much already going on at the front of the park with green lantern, superman top hat and batwing being so visible. You can't have your big statement ride tucked away somewhere in the back though, it kind of defeats the purpose of building a stunning new attraction when you don't have a lot of else in the park to back it up. It needs to be a presence seen from within the park or when approaching the entrance.
  7. Interesting. Are the cross braces between seats there for transport or permanent?
  8. If they were smart, they should use this as a chance to free up space in movieworld and move all (or a lot of) the admin related functions village have based at movieworld into the hotel build. Anything that specifically doesn't need to be in the park or require immediate access could be moved and remaining functions condensed into existing buildings or a new facility built.
  9. Im pretty sure I've seen one of those ford crown victorias (the boxy police academy shaped cars) at fright nights with gotham police department on the doors instead. The wolf creek 2 car is a holden commodore.
  10. Yeah, once off the lift the ability to stop the train is removed, so until it reaches another set of brakes that can completely stop the train, it's all treated as one block. It's just completely unsafe to rely on having two uncontrolled vehicles sharing the same space. Something catastrophic could happen to one train and it stops between blocks due to a major mechanical fault, the second train would drive straight into it. Turn a recoverable situation into major injuries and probable death.
  11. Cant have 2 trains in the same block. So the only way you may be able to do an extra train at dc rivals is if you queue people between the final brake and the station with another set of brakes. Given that is where the transfer is, thats probably not something that could happen.
  12. I've got something amazing to say. But not now. So I won't say it. So keep watching until I say I'm going to say it. But I'm not telling you when it is, so keep watching in case I say something.
  13. 15 attractions? How many months in the year when you minus the Christmas holiday period where nothing is usually shut down? Along with the couple of weeks in September, what does it leave you? less than 9 months to cram all your maintenance work into? With major rides usually shutdown 7-10 weeks for maintenance, going to have a lot of overlaps there you can't do anything about. It's all well and good to keep adding rides, but in a park with no seasons, you're going to end up with closures of major attractions outside of the peak holiday periods. Unfortunately it means the times when they
  14. Err... arent there ride themed shirts / uniforms for most of rides? DC, green lantern, justice league, superman, roxy, wild west, doomsday and driving school? They had them for arkham too. Scooby doo and road runner seem to be about the only ones left out. Wild west, superman, roxy and justice league have complete uniforms. The others look like they cheaped out a bit and went with themed shirts. But at least they arent just a printed tee or something. They are designed shirts kinda like football jerseys.
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