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  1. Log Ride "cage" photos

    It is what it is. Do you want to ride or do you want it to be closed and bulldozed? because those are your only options.
  2. Is that for an event though? Not for day trade As it says 2 weeks notice. Does it even apply to movieworld and wet n wild as dont they have to close the outside rides at movieworld by 8:30 or something on fright nights, etc because of the noise restrictions to housing behind and next to the park?
  3. Even if they did have demand for it, the question is will council allow it. They probably have strict conditions to run a limited number of events as it is, with regards to noise and neighbours. They might not be able to run the rides at night, even if its only for a period of a month or so.
  4. Tourists paying $199 aside, is $79 really that much better value than $139? given the choice of parks you have from village. Even at nearly $200; people were paying $110 for yearly passes and having to shell out of tickets to white christmas, etc, now the price has gone up nobody seems to be looking at the inclusions? what about dropping the "until june" pass and just giving you a proper 12 months from the date its active? It wasn't very long ago that dreamworld was about $150 a year for a pass that included dreamworld and www. Plenty of people were still choosing dreamworld/www over village even when the village option was cheaper.
  5. Dreamworld - 2017 Log Ride reopening

    Because of liability. Thats the single biggest reason. Regardless of overseas, if your safety people and your insurance companies assessors deem something a risk, then something has to be done about it regardless of what hasn't happened overseas. You could be the first to have the accident, and if it's deemed that you knew there was potential for something catastrophic happening like rolling over one of the logs or allowing someone to stand up and ride it down the drop again, without addressing any of the potential hazards, you'll be crucified by everyone. The public, the media, the courts, everyone. Do you think the theme park industry on the gold coast could survive another accident so soon? Trying to retrofit anything new to something old is always a bastard. Can you imagine how many designs failed before it actually got to a physical one, let alone one they are going to open the ride with?
  6. If their expansion plans pay off, it could be a good way to free up capital now without having to borrow money for the next stage of development. Share price goes up, business expands, turnover increases along with their borrowing potential, maybe look at buying the land back in the future?
  7. Sounds like the vocal/delivery Hamil uses for the current joker stuff. If you've played any of the arkham games, in particular the recent VR one, or watched any of the justice league action episodes; it's a dead ringer.
  8. A new standard for attraction theming

    Me too, but I dont know anyone that has been given a "new" (see what I did there? "new") car by their parents and it was actually new. So new is a kinda loose word thrown about by them; new to you? newer than whatever they were frightened with you driving? So excited.... then kinda let down its not actually new like the cars you were dreaming about owning. Hence the disney on a village budget. 1996 Hyundai excel when you're dreaming of a new mercedes (or whatever floats your boat). Going to be left a little disappointed with the end product.
  9. A new standard for attraction theming

    im not talking about then. Im talking about now. If you compare disney budgets and hold it up as an example of what should be achieved here with the refit of scooby doo, then its going to be like being given a "new" 1996 hyundai excel in 2018. Its a car, it steers, you don't have to walk, but its not what you were expecting at all.
  10. A new standard for attraction theming

    heh. If comparing to disney budgets, end results are usually like your parents saying we bought you a new car, then finding out its a 1996 hyundai excel.
  11. it couldn't be an outdoor attraction as 1) the cars would need to be indoors or at least covered over from direct elements, 2) there isn't any existing space in the kids area large enough to put it's footprint. It's in a kids area. It was never going to be anything other than a kids ride in the kids area. Given they had justice league and scooby doo which would cover bases of older kids and tweeners, it was always going to be aimed at younger kids.
  12. I think the divider is pretty much in line with the inner wall of the old entry into the river ride (so, about where the fence for road runner is). Think staff use it now?
  13. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    short of a new boat, I can't see how you could replace the lap bar on wild west. You would end up having to pretty much destroy the boat to remove/change it as it's not like they just unbolt and come apart, so you would pretty much just start with replacing the boats wouldn't you? have they ever had new boats since the ride opened?
  14. Arguably, Justice League was supposed to be the big family block buster that would replace something the size of the river ride. Aside from a few mentions about it being boring, few people seem to be outraged at the lack of use of it's building, given the size of the ride and the old library/hall of justice is pretty substancial. Why couldn't a better family ride have gone in there instead? much less hate directed here than at where the river ride used to be. Anyone who doesn't think driving school is an asset to the kids area has never been to the park with kids in the ~10 age bracket. Especially when 1) its busy; or 2) it's raining, or 3) during events like white christmas. Even with the number of cars on track, i've seen wait times of like 90 minutes before. That's just crazy busy. Id be very surprised if they didn't get through maybe 300 guests an hour when it's like that, thats a couple thousand people a day easily. What's more is kids still want to stand in line to drive them, which probably says something about how much of an attraction it is for kids. I think it's boring too, but there aren't too many kids rides at Movie world that I get asked can we ride again, so for that reason it's something that works for me. You can wish for the return of the river ride all you want, but it's gone. If you took out the cost of the demolition and fitout of the building before putting in the driving school, i can imagine a realistic budget might have been 2 or 3 million. No chance in hell they were ever going to replace or revamp the river ride with that sort of budget. It might even have been the biggest spend in the kids area in recent history, so they probably get a lot of use for it's small budget. There's a lot of space in the kids area in general. You could start looking at removing a couple of the rides that are the least popular, then condense the existing rides into the available space and still have room for another (maybe 2) family attractions. Problem is, what do you put there? they've got towers, they've got a coaster, they've got driving school and maybe keep the train? so what sort of ride does it leave you with kids in mind? maybe a mini swing of some type? retheme/redevelopment of road runner coaster area too and put something more immersive in like maybe a mine/train themed mini coaster? I can't see them doing much in the very near future, but a budget of maybe 10-15 million could completely change the kids area for sure.
  15. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    It's how it is. People just assume women have kids, so they must be taking photos of their kids. Though I imagine anyone looking a little strange (ie, obviously by themselves, not just taking the usual family snaps) is likely to get questioned and maybe escorted from the area if they are taking photos of partially dressed kids in a water area. I can also imagine that it takes a bit of interaction on the part of park guests to maybe bring it to the attention of one of the ride attendants or something too.