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  1. Amazing how attaching the head gives it even greater scale. Really pops now. Brilliant.
  2. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    It's not a driving range though. Yeah, you can hit golf balls, but it's designed more as a game than just driving golf balls. Throw in bars and restaurants, it's a place you can spend hours at, vs just hitting bucket balls.
  3. Talks Underway For New Amusement Industry Laws

    I thought there was talk of a industry practice being established too, not just recommendations following workplace qld investigating the dreamworld incident? All these links/articles are only state focused though.
  4. Talks Underway For New Amusement Industry Laws

    Its stripping the paint in areas of high fatigue/failure/stress. Not the whole ride.
  5. The Off Topic Topic

    Hah. Dannii Minogue.
  6. no because it is not required. Firstly, it's not a joint and it isn't a weld. So what are you going to NDT exactly? It literally looks like the plate steel sheared completely through where the seat support arm is. If there weren't any visual indications (and if you could actually see the area properly) like cracking in the paint or other distortions in the surface, you wouldn't be able to tell that was going to happen during routine checks and there would be no reason to perform testing on the area. If it's not listed as an area of high stress, if it's not previously listed as an area of failure or fatigue, you can't just randomly go and NDT every entire surface of a ride. Aside from being impractical and just outright expensive, what about the time it takes? The ride wouldn't b able to operate with it closed so often. As sad as it is, looking back through history of engineering (and not just amusement rides), a great deal of previously undetected failures in design or underlying metallurgy issues were found and corrected only when a failure occurred. Sometimes all the best math just can't account for the unexpected. Things like water ingress for example wreak havoc with structural components and often there is no sign anything is wrong until physical signs of fatigue present. People who fly off the handle and blame manufacturers digging up "documents" that they either don't understand, or don't care to read are the same sort of people that fueled the fires when the terrible accident happened at dreamworld. Everyone on parkz hated that kind of coverage and blame game, especially when there was so much completely incorrect and misleading "fact" reporting, but now it's happening on the other side of the world it's ok? You guys are a bunch of hypocrites. Wait until more information is made available and another statement is released from the ride manufacturer and don't jump to completely incorrect conclusions. It only makes the whole tragedy much worse.
  7. It doesn't say anything of the sort. I had a look at that facebook group too and lots of people are sighting the above service bulletin as the manufacturer admitting there was a flaw and this is the reason why it should have been shut down, and the reason for the possible cause of the accident. None of that could be further from the truth, it's clear as day what the bulletin refers to and the failure wasn't in any areas previously identified. FYI, The other service bulletin SB007 is out there for the restraints and also includes diagrams. http://www.caresofficials.org/sites/default/files/technical_info/kmg-international_fireball-kmg_frb24-sb007_1286.pdf where the hell you guys are getting information that links the above with this failure, I'd like to know (or you guys need to go back and read something properly). Edit: Just to further the point that the two are completely unrelated parts of the ride, here is a new bulletin from tivoli placing attention on the seat supports and tubes. Nothing at all to do with the swing arm fatigue found and addressed previously by kmg. http://www.caresofficials.org/sites/default/files/technical_info/tivoli-amtech-sosa019-1732.pdf
  8. That's not where the cracks were found being addressed by that bulletin. http://www.caresofficials.org/sites/default/files/technical_info/kmg-international_fireball-kmg_frb-sb006_1237.pdf It starts talking about bearings and shows a flange clearly in the drawing for the repair. They are talking about the bolted section where the main swing arm joins the chassis that holds the gondolas. Not each arm to the gondola itself. It's the flange in the top right of the above. And in the middle of the above.
  9. that red thing looks pretty cool. The arms on either side of what looks like track rail fold down. Not only that, they have either hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders in them with big dampener springs too, so it looks like it has some form of cushioning. Even more interesting is the bridges between the rails have cylinders on top of them too. They appear to be attached to the bar above the rails, the one with white angular pieces sticking up. Looks like the cylinders push/pull this bar in and out. Makes me think the whole thing can move in multiple directions. Maybe like the cars are pushed from the transfer on to the track, so instead of needing track rails to mount the train/cars on, they might provide more movement to move the cars about when not setup on the actual transfer track.
  10. If you went to dreamworld during the late 80's and 90's, you'll remember gum tree gully.
  11. And none of that happened did it? I was going to start the above post by saying unless trading as insolvent (by the way, do you know how hard that is to prove?), but I thought that would only confuse things and wasn't needed as it had nothing to do with what was being discussed. Seriously, alexb, sometimes you lack context. The discussion is about the directors being liable for the fines they were issued with, not what else they may be liable for. Sometimes you just make things more confusing by taking it off topic.
  12. You can't take assets of directors of a company because they are not personally liable for any outstanding money the company may owe. The company just winds up, secured creditors get the first bite of the cherry if they actually have any assets that can be recovered and everyone else usually gets stiffed.
  13. DC Rivals's Joker face above the First Drop

    Needs fire. Two big ones. Belching fire out the top. Especially at night.
  14. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    If it causes down time, its a break down. If it doesn't cause down time, it's maintenance. If something is found one day and prevents the ride from opening and forces a change to the schedule, it might be unscheduled, but it is still maintenance. You can't plan everything.
  15. New resort near Dreamworld

    Yeah, everyone aims to get to dreamworld or movieworld before 8 oclock right? I mean, it's not like anyone would be aiming for a 9-10am arrival when the roads are terrible..... If you even try to go to movieworld during a busy day, the north bound exit banks up on the highway as far as the previous helensvale turn off to westfield. The traffic is that bad sometimes. Same thing happens at dreamworld, its banked up back towards the overpass with both service roads just as bad because the overpass at oxenford is just about the worst intersection on the north side of the coast.