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  1. Levithian

    Extended hours at Australian theme parks

    In the case of movieworld, they ran white christmas wednesday-sunday. So you'd run into that roadblock until basically after christmas. Someone has done the math and probably worked out the turnover generated isnt worth the added wages. Yeah, parks have big work forces and can roster people to avoid overtime, etc, but people in specialised positions with small workforces like maintenance, managers and park supers would probably generate a lot of overtime. You would think if the frw extra hours generated extra income outweighing the hassle, they would be doing it. Wet n wild used to have movie nights every night of the summer school holidays. Attendance dropped and it went to every friday, sat, then it stopped completely. Park used to be open to roughly 9-930 those nights, but it was apparently canned because the cost vs attendance didnt weigh up.
  2. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    Played any of the games or seen any of the current generation batman? Textured grey suit that started with AA. I reckon they pinched most of the design elements from Arkham City/origins games though. Smoothest the suit had looked. Origins is pretty close to the look of the current Robin thats in the park too.
  3. I reckon youll find that refers to the queue hall being stripped, and i wouldnt be surprised if it takes longer to be repaired. Its a big area with a lot of either created or molded pieces, so i wouldnt be surprised if it needs another 150-200k spent just on this room. Unless the company finds a pot of gold over the rainbow (maybe aquaman will blow the doors off), it would be like trying to get blood from a stone for a big spend during the final financial quarter. Maybe next year if its one of the first budgeted items to be approved.
  4. As opposed to it sitting as a stripped out shell? You are familiar with how advertising works right? Tell the truth with creative licence. They did everything they promised. It has been transformed. It has new technology, and whether you like them or not, the effects are improved. I think people are remembering what scooby was like in its prime, not what it was like when it closed initially to be gutted. Sets may have looked good but everything else was a mess and what effects hadnt been removed was very hit and miss. To get an opened, functioning ride with working effects, some of which is new technology, combined with a set that looks very similar to old is a infinitely better than the state of the ride the day it suddenly closed and was gutted. The fact it has working effects in multiple areas is a huge improvement than its ever been in the last decade. Its arguably the best it has ever been, even if it fell short of expectation. It might not be what some people want or what a lot on here were expecting, but you have to be a little realistic too.
  5. Levithian

    Green Lantern work

    Theres motors that drive the train from the brake area into position at the end of the station. The squeals are the rubber wheels making contact with metal as it drives the train through the booster, more so than the wheels on the track. Next time youre at the park, go stand near the station and out in the observation area at road runner coaster and watch it climb the lift. Get similar rubber squeals for a similar reason.
  6. Thats your experience but it has nothing at all to do with the reality that it has been replaced. So when talking about time and just a refurb, thats not really the case. You can argue about them calling it new vs similar to old all you want though. But aside from showing new added effects in the adverts, they were just calling it next generation werent they? Not brand new, everything is different? I thought it was just a little confusing in the add because they kinda lumped it together with aquaman which is new, made it sound like they had new rides this summer when reality is they have a new static display and an old ride is open again largely complete. Edit: being realistic, what is the expected budget? Maybe a couple million if very lucky? Maybe 2/3 to go on actual construction. So that leaves you with a spend of maybe 600-700k on cool stuff. Not sure what you guys were expecting, but youd probably need a cool stuff budget in the millions itself (and not by just) to produce something near ground breaking or industry leading in just a couple of effects/sections of the ride. That was never going to happen with the financial state village are reporting. It was never going to get a $10,000,000 make over to blow everyone socks off, no matter how big an opportunity they had to upgrade. Nobody would have ever approved that capital spend. Not when they are cutting costs everywhere and trying to remove debt. May have had more money spent on it if dc rivals wasnt the big committed spend before scooby doo needed rebuilding. But timing kinda sucks and the coaster was their completely mental, makes no sense, big spend for the decade.
  7. They gutted the majority of the ride, right back to nothing. It wasnt removed and put back, it was hauled out and recreated from scratch. Everything from basically the load station back to unload has been developed, created and installed. They even made the building bigger in a few areas to accomodate it. So im not sure where refurbishment comes from?
  8. Levithian

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    Maintenance is done by outside companies such as?... Its done in house, that is the point of having a maintenance department.
  9. Levithian

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    They upped the height limit earlier this year too i think. Seems connected. Out of all rides, being adults riding with small kids, id take a guess and say they had issue with the single lap bar or were prompted by an audit as its not the only bizare safety related addition we have seen. You could have a 120kg burly man sitting with his 20kg 5 or 6 year old, sharing the same lapbar. Could probably stack 2 or 3 kids behind the bar, so maybe its a risk. We dont live in a world anymore where its expected adults take responsibility and monitor their kids, so you see more things pandering to the lowest common denominator everywhere you go.
  10. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Maybe poor choice of words? You are supposed to register yearly, thats not what i was meaning. The filling out the paperwork and applying for registration, or renewing and paying the fees, thats done of your own accord. You could install equipment all over your site, but its your job to send out the requests to worksafe to have it all registered. If you dont, they wont know whats on site unless they ever have need to come out and inspect for compliance. Thats where you could see it falling through the cracks. Maybe one of the recommendations to come out of the inquest will be yearly inspections by worksafe? Things like air conditioners i could understand. Missing their registrations and overlooking the paperwork or never being noticed, but rides? Surely someone in the department had been to the park as a guest and saw changes/new rides or even just the tv commercials. Dreamworld admitted they didnt follow proceedure because they felt their inhouse policies/inspections were enough without having government regulators involved, so there were some things that had no registrations at all, while some were "only" years out of date. I mean, wtf?! Like you, under threat of fines and a smack by worksafe, surely this should have been picked up by the regulator before it got this far. They seem like they have plenty to answer for, too. The coroner normally doesnt hold back in shaming government departments if they've dropped the ball. I can see the basic structure of the department reply now though; "we are underfunded and do what we can....", followed by more outrage when, if pushed, they are found to have a backlog of work going back years because they cant fund enough inspectors.
  11. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    I think plant equipment registration is voluntary. You are supposed to submit paperwork every year to the government that basically says you are maintaining things to standard and they send you back a "registered" tag to place on your piece of equipment or to file somewhere I think. Explains why things can get missed, but what should be answered for is if this paperwork stopped as the government inspectors attested to, why didn't they send someone in a year after it lapsed? or at the least, did anyone even call the park for a please explain? If paperwork was years out of date, it just makes no sense that the government department in charge of these registrations doesn't have checks in place to flag someone/something when they stop. It should have raised many eyebrows before it got to this stage, it's not like it was a corner store that could shut up shop overnight and vanish.
  12. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Engineering and Construction Electrical General Safety (everything from railing heights to trip hazards). Usually end up with inspectors from each of those disciplines turn up on site and physically inspect the site, but also go through your plans, proceedures and associated paperwork. Imagine its similar when they go to something like a theme park instead of a building site.
  13. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    When you lookup the name registra for the website you listed, their domain name servers point to ones based in Qatar (W3QATAR.NET) too.
  14. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    And my reply is basically saying if they are, the direct fallout, other than word of mouth/reputation is pretty much nill anyway.
  15. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    The company, as they testified at the inquest, has a policy in place that the ride pumps were not to be restarted multiple times. They also testified how important water levels are from a safety standpoint. Not only that, but they also testified that they knew there was a problem with the pumps and had an expert tasked with coming to inspect them. On top of that, they knew the age of the units too, and had a history of faults occurring during the month leading up to the deaths. So even after experts have testified they had very, very poor documentation or procedures in place, what poor practices they thought they should adhere to, were ignored by managers anyway. Given the history and the fact that you thought it frequent enough to have an external company come to inspect/repair them, if you continually had faults after the fact the proper decision was to close the ride until the problem could be rectified. Opening it, knowing all this is negligence. Even if for a moment you could prove the operators didnt shut the ride down properly. The park is still negligent for returning it to service multiple times creating the situation in the first place. if they are based overseas, even if they are, a judgement handed down against them in australia would basically prohibit them from trading in the country again under threat of staff being arrested at the airport, BUT if you actually wanted anything out of them you would have to file a motion in the court based in their home territory and probably have it go to trial. So you'd have to fight another legal battle in another country under their system/rules, which means all the testimony, all the witnesses, etc would probably have to be presented again. So thats probably not going to happen, but it would be nice if they were effectively blocked from providing services within the country.