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  1. Levithian

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I don't think you would need to go so deep with inspections for every bit of track. The high speed, high load/force sections would probably be crack tested and inspected like that, but every other bit of track is pretty much like the frame in your house. It's not expected to suffer enough fatigue to cause failure, so a visual inspection is all that's probably needed, then take it further if you find something while looking.
  2. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    If by amazing you mean a few inspector gadget pieces. https://www.johncox.net/auction-2019/
  3. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    Does copyright law in australia require you to maintain your ownership of it? As in, you have to actively protect the use of the copyright or it sets a precedent and i think ownership can be challenged under the guise of the ownership has been abandoned (if its not being challenged)?
  4. Levithian

    The Off Topic Topic

    The council did put money into restoring that carousel. It was closed for awhile previously and lots of things were dismantled. With the change in scrutiny for everything amusement related after dreamworld, id say either the original design of the ride or something about its installation doesnt meet new standards or recomendations and its either too difficult or too costly to bring up to the requirements. Hence the closure or the council putting it out to tender. Not prepared to take on the liability in its current state. Its a pity it hasnt been in place for longer though as the horses may have remained wooden. Would have meant it was worth a considerable amount of money, enough to probably save it.
  5. You guys are being a little harsh. This is perhaps the first sign of the park even attempting to be proactive and implement something thats probably going to be recommended in the coroners findings, well before the state government bangs their drum about training standards. If it means the staff actually get a proper orientation and theres some form of competency based training thats actually delivered and signed off on, then it can only be a good thing.
  6. Levithian

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    At this point im starting to believe they spent 25 million on hype and 2 million on making us think they built a new attraction.
  7. Levithian

    A Movie World History Lesson

    Mmmm. Reheated steaks.
  8. Levithian

    A Movie World History Lesson

    Kitchen in stars is used for australian outback spectacular i think.
  9. Levithian

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Replacing like for like it seems more than anything. The facade has been up there since lethal weapon, i imagine a fair bit of rott and water damage makes its way into the timbers and reaches a point where it needs gutting and replacing.
  10. The thing is, all the new video, the designs, etc, plus probably how it was implemented in the ride had to be signed off by whoever has the rights to scooby doo. So someone else actually thought the new animation and the ride was up to standard to allow them to use it and open to the public. The park would still pay a licencing fee and have it authorised even if its owned by warner bros.
  11. Levithian

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    You can clearly see the door is not closed even if its 2/3 open. I guess the door and curtain is an attempt to try and keep some of the AC in. The problem isnt a door, it's nobody had any idea what/where it was. If you go to the park now its the front page attraction on the park maps and staff are carrying them/handing them out and making guests aware of the exhibit.
  12. Levithian

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    normally door open = open. normally door closed = closed. You know, like pretty much every other shop, outlet and pretty much all the rides but the kid section of the park. Maybe they overestimated peoples ability to navigate through life.
  13. Levithian

    Sea World closed today

    Multiple substations on site and their own feeders from the network thats not providing the suburbs nearby. Thats probably a good indication how much power the parks use. Might not have the rides at seaworld and wet n wild, but pumps and filtration suck down the juice before you even talk about heating or cooling the water too. Hate to think what a daily power bill would be worth.
  14. Levithian

    Extended hours at Australian theme parks

    In the case of movieworld, they ran white christmas wednesday-sunday. So you'd run into that roadblock until basically after christmas. Someone has done the math and probably worked out the turnover generated isnt worth the added wages. Yeah, parks have big work forces and can roster people to avoid overtime, etc, but people in specialised positions with small workforces like maintenance, managers and park supers would probably generate a lot of overtime. You would think if the frw extra hours generated extra income outweighing the hassle, they would be doing it. Wet n wild used to have movie nights every night of the summer school holidays. Attendance dropped and it went to every friday, sat, then it stopped completely. Park used to be open to roughly 9-930 those nights, but it was apparently canned because the cost vs attendance didnt weigh up.