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  1. Levithian

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Im not even sure if a belt style conveyor would have stopped the issue happening. Part of the problem looks like theres a decent gap between the end of the conveyor and the steel supports in the trough which is normally submerged. Being at mismatched heights, if it happened that the raft lifted after bumping into the one stalled on the supports already, a belt style conveyor might still have grabbed the rubber tube part of the raft and pulled it into the gap at the end of the conveyor. They are pretty grippy to be able to pull a water soaked boat or raft out of the water. The water level dropping so everything was exposed might be the biggest contributing factor.
  2. Levithian

    Movie World Feb 2020 Update

    Who would have thought a launch coaster would need yearly down time on anything that wasnt a train. You know, like the whole launch system, those cables, massive drum, complex hydraulic drive unit with multiple stages and all those hoses. Nope. None of that needs any down time. Why arent they scheduling it on christmas or anzac day? The park is closed, im sure they can get it all done by lunch time.
  3. Levithian

    Movie World Feb 2020 Update

    Yes. You can completely tear down, send out for inspection, paint and rebuild a train in 2 weeks. They are clearly saving money by staying shut an extra 2 weeks. Would you be upset if I called you a muppet?
  4. Levithian

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    Go for it. And id also like you to post with how you think the footings move and how thick the tubing is to cause these vast changes that werent already there when it was built.
  5. Levithian

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    The only difference might be in material if the operating climate is different. Otherwise they are all coming from the same manufacturer.
  6. Levithian

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    Train wheels, axles and bearings would replaced yearly at a minimum. The amount of runout would be checked weekly, if not daily. I imagine trains are aligned every week too. So essentially, the train should be within spec at all times. So what wear are you talking about? Same with the track. How do you think it really wears? A few mm change in overall track gauge is pretty minor when the coaster rolling around with possibly 2 or 3 times that wear factor built into wheel clearances to make it round the track. Personally, i think the padding changes a bit as it compresses and doesnt feel so supple. Its probably only replaced when its damaged or torn. And technology gets better, track designs get smoother, the gap comparing new vs old is greater. I imagine the margins of error when producing track now is probably so small you can run trains tighter than ever before too. 15 or 20 years ago you were comparing with coasters that would be 30 or 40 years old by now if they were still in service. So something like cyclone/sidewinder/whatever was far smoother running and quieter compared to the thunderbolt. Fast forward twenty years and it IS the thunderbolt. That and people get old. Harden up and get rattled about a bit like when teenagers. 😝
  7. Levithian

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    If they are rough due to that, they were always rough. How much material do you think is in the track? Thickness wise i mean.
  8. Levithian

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    In the plaza near the big screen? They are kind of seasonal i think. Anytime there is an event coming up/on, they seem to get moved around/out a lot so they can use the spacd. Otherwise the whole area is usually full of maybe a couple dozen bench style tables.
  9. Levithian

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    Nah, unlike those people, you don't seem to be able to process rational thought. It's the world according to skeet and everything else is nonsense.
  10. Levithian

    WWW Slide Weight Restrictions

    Like coasters, they are probably going to have to start building slides for a bigger generation soon if its a problem. Im not talking about fatter, i mean physically larger. Im just over 6ft tall, when I was a kid I was on the tall end of my classes. These days, 14 year old kids walk past and eye ball me. By the time they reach full growth, 195cm and 100kg isn't abnormal. The models used are well outdated.
  11. Levithian

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    Prime for what though? Someone heavily into thrill rides would argue movieworld was never better following the opening of dc rivals. Someone that views experience and an entire day out would probably like the movieworld back with excellent shows, pre main street roof, parades that did more than just drive a loop through main street and the "classic" lineup of rides like looney tunes river ride, gremlins, studio tours, etc.
  12. Levithian

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    Because its pretty evident in all his replies related to dreamworld he would rather see the place burnt to the ground just so he could piss on the ashes and tell everybody about it, than give them even the slightest chance to turn the park around.
  13. Levithian

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    Skeet... Do you understand that spending money on new rides and attractions, along with within your park is a plan, requires planning, and is an action? No? Planning Spending money Building rides All things weve complained about dreamworld not doing, showing no signs of doing, and going backwards so fast its like nobody was running the ship. And none of their plans included actually doing something. Certainly not a new megacoaster. They arent placing all bets on a coaster. You just finished bagged them for daring to plan other things with the park. Youre everything I said is wrong with vrtp, focused purely on attractions while everything around you suffers. Yes, and those kinds of decisions is what they were crucified over and what they are trying to counteract. Can you not see this is something positive instead of just focusing on the negatives of the past? Ive been to seaworld and dreamworld in the past month with Mr 3 and Ms 6. I didnt say seaworld were bad, I said dreamworld has a leading kids area that is better than seaworld (it is), and miles better than anything movieworld offers. You were the one actually suggesting that dreamworld was so good it didnt need money spent there, while I differed and said thats exactly why it needs a spend, to keep it up to that standard as its one part of the park they are getting right. Blame them for poor maintenance and upkeep in the past, then blame them for being proactive. You cant have it both ways.
  14. Levithian

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    All coasters are available. You sign the deal, spend the money and get a delivery date. They would have announced a purchase, you just wouldnt be getting it so soon. Thats the only element of luck, that they could get one on such short delivery. Capex had to have already been approved for a spend to even look at buying more rides. This money is generated/planned for years in advance, It isnt an overnight process, especially given the feeling ardent dont want to spend money. This means a plan was already in place and they were putting together funding for these capital investments when they got lucky with the coaster. You talk about it like it was available so it was an automatic purchase without any prior planning. Why would they go and drop 20 million+ on a coaster if they werent already planning a large capital spend? Its not a small step. Were they planning on spending as much? Who knows. The option to buy a world class ride when faced with closures of more rides could have added more to the budget. But even if the initial spend was only intended to be half the purchase price of the coaster, they still had to approve the coaster purchase. Where does it say they had to buy it? If past actions are to go by, they could have passed on the opportunity and continued with killing the park. How is that luck and not down to the management team and board? On top of the coaster purchase they approved more spending elsewhere in the park. Doesnt that show some action? Isnt it the opposite of what weve seen from ardent, even before the accident? If you look at things objectively like tim posted, seems like a plan is in place to do something other than just stick their heads in the sand. You might pick faults at it, want money spent elsewhere, but it wasnt long ago they were doing nothing and everyone was screaming for them to do SOMETHING. Tough crowd. Wrong again on the kids. At 2 she might have been tall enough (bullshit) to ride a coaster, and she might have been brave enough, but she is in the minority. Theres plenty of tweeners too scared to go on thrill rides. Parks like movieworld have virtually nothing between young kids and teenagers. Its why they are slaughtered by dreamworld. Road runner is basically it, as noise, darkness, speed is still way too much for some kids to ride scooby doo and a sbf hopper is hardly a thrill is it? Ohh how quickly people forget that movieworld were lucky to escape killing guests on the ride AND on the ground with the green lantern accident though. Want to talk luck? THAT was luck. It could have been an even greater and more public disaster than the dream world incident, sparked the same industry changes and the dreamwold incident might never have happend. I see your point though, but vrtp get away with some absolutely shit decisions people villify dreamworld for having done, and get away with it largely scott free. It's like all you need to do is dangle a big shiny thing in front of us to deflect the focus from all the things wrong with their business and people lap it up. Look how many pages were devoted to the delays and the ineptitude of the park surrounding sky voyager? Seaworld are well behind and people were intially making excuses for them, forgiving them for things being out of their control with weather and construction company issues. Even now people joke about their delays more than they reach for their pitchforks. Thats all i was meaning when theres a bit of a double standard here.
  15. Levithian

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    Better at what? It's a pretty generic question when it's not such a simple answer. I'll vote movieworld for their ride offerings, especially if you are an adult, but is it a better park? I don't think they have done enough with the rest of the park to say they are better. More like they have a lot of things that need addressing. It's about time they put money into facilities and amenities (here's a start, how about something simple like shaded queue lines everywhere when it's routinely passing 40 degrees ambient temps in summer?) throughout the park and give the kids area an overhaul. There have a steadily widening gap between thrill rides and proper family offerings they seemingly refuse to address.