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  1. IvySaurus

    Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    Ohhh, that makes sense. Thanks!
  2. IvySaurus

    Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but does anyone know what the deal is with the hotdog stand that's opposite the claw? I have seen it open maybe once in the whole time I've been going there.
  3. IvySaurus

    Dreamworld grass fire today

    Thanks! I had a feeling it wasn't serious since we didn't get evacuated.
  4. Was anyone at dreamworld today who knows anything about the fire? All I know is that I was in a slow moving line (suspicious, because it was so quiet there today) for HWSW when an employee came out and said "there's a grass fire at the back of the park, we won't be running for a little while." We got out of line and went to WW instead of waiting for the ride to start up again, but I did notice that the whole of ocean parade smelled like smoke, and corroboree did as well earlier in the morning. Was just interested to see if anyone else was there to see what was happening.
  5. IvySaurus

    Blue Lagoon at dreamworld?

    Oh yeah, that makes sense. I was disappointed, because seeing all the old stuff was the main reason I dragged my friends on the train ride. ^.^ That and to see the ducks. Thanks!
  6. I visited the park awhile (2015, I think?) and I remember being able to see the old site of the Blue Lagoon while on the train journey. Went there last weekend and couldn't see a thing while on the train. Does anyone know if this is because of all the barricades they've put up post TRR or did they demolish the site prior to the tragedy? Or maybe I'm dreaming and remembering something that was never there just because I love SBNO stuff.