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  1. Last year I did send DW an email asking about the river and they said the plan was for something to be done or something to start on the river so you never know DW might be doing more then something little.
  2. I'm a little off topic here but just recently published is an article stating that terrorism was a first thought with regards to the tragedy and had to be ruled out. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/dreamworld-tragedy-terrorist-link-had-to-be-ruled-out/news-story/251b461c36cd56d09913b92d81329f5e
  3. Yes its been mentioned in Dreamworld: Queensland Government considering legal action after Thunder Rapids deaths
  4. Possibly why numbers have dropped a bit and why the staff may be a little depressed is because the one year anniversary of the tragedy is on the park's door step. @gumb00t I do have to agree with you about the fact that a lot kiosks being closed would be depressing.
  5. I'm curious while looking up Brisbane's Ferris wheel the Wheel of Brisbane I noticed that it has quite a few similarities to Sea Worlds old Ferris wheel the Sea World Eye and I was curious if anyone knew what happened to Seaworld's Ferris wheel and if possibly the Ferris wheel, whats at south bank is SW's old Ferris wheel. Both wheels are and were 60m tall 42 carriages, 1 of which was and is a VIP carriage SW's closed in early 2008 and Brisbane's opened in late 2008 Similar ride times, SW''s 15mins approx and Brisbane's 13mins approx
  6. Buzzsaw is now currently closed until the end of next month (30th of November) maybe possibly the demolition of TRRR will commence.
  7. Dreamworld certainly aren't wasting time ripping down eureka mountain. Something I haven't personally stopped thinking about is what DW said about the mine ride and river rapids last year in April (I think it was) when they were asked why was eureka still standing and one of the answers given was the fact that rapids depended on the mine carts and the mine carts depended on it, so in other if one was to go the other would too. Dreamworld said it themselves its only the outside of the mountain being removed not anything else in the mountain meaning if the ride stays then at least some of TRRR has to stay, unless of course they have found a way around this.
  8. Unfortunately we are not any closer to an answer. But for all we know Dreamworld could be working on Eureka outside of park hours, so as much as it doesn't look like anything is being done you never know Dreamworld might be doing things.
  9. The dark side of DW moving the Model T Ford Cars into the river rapids space is the ride would be very what you could cal long. The rapids took about 3-4 mins from start to finish with a speed of about 45km/ph where as the cars move at a pretty obliviously slow speed meaning it would take well over 5 mins. If it was just temporary to fill in the space for sure but I would probably wouldn't do it for permanent or long term.
  10. Just in my opinion I believe the mine ride re-open as soon as the river rapids are demolished, when demolition begins DW will quite possibility close Gold Rush Country completely at least while certain parts are demolished and over the time when Gold Rush would closed it would be perfect time to work eureka at the same time and when Gold Rush reopens it could reopen with eureka. Just my thoughts of course.
  11. I received an email on the 24th of June stating that my pass had expired and in the email also had there current deals for renewing passes. So I don't know about anyone else's but my pass has expired.
  12. Dreamworld had to defend themselves a little bit again when the Giant Drop broke down even know that it was for only 5 mins. http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/dreamworld-boss-says-he-has-no-concerns-about-glitch/news-story/ea2d13fff43affb8439ba6a9f66230d5 Sorry just noticed it already has its own forum. My bad.
  13. You would have to ask the original owner of DW that question. Rocky Hollow was one of the areas that park opened with in 1981. Gold Rush Country opened in 1986 (5 years later).
  14. According to DWs website the HWSW is back open.
  15. Going to be interesting to see what DW do about storing any gear what's in Eureka Mountain. You would think if they had another store room they'd use it instead.
  16. Has anyone seen any testing of the Shockwave yet, I would of thought it would have been one of the first few to re-open.
  17. Not sure if anyone's noticed it or how long its been like it for but in the shopping and photos outlets page the Rocky Hollow Log Ride photo outlet isn't listed there anymore like it use to be.
  18. Puss n boots sword swing is now back open according to the DW website.
  19. A question ? Over the past few weeks we have seen tones of testing of the giant drop involving them putting it up and down the tower slowly, test dummies etc. but does anyone what there testing for during those times.
  20. As much as Dreamworld need another roller coaster I think that the area should have some more family rides rebuild. In the recent years Dreamworld have built kids rides and thrill rides but no rides for the whole family young and old. The river rapids ride was perfect for that so I think another ride which caters for families young and old would be best.
  21. Obviously it didn't but I thought the Lego shop was scheduled to open on Boxing day.
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