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  1. I am currently at the park and lightning has caused all the rides to close. Also, the lines for trick or treating are insane. However the event has been fun for kids and people seem to be quite happy about how the event is being handled.
  2. There are currently two workers at the top platform.
  3. I think ‘eternal pain’ might be Happy Death Day. You’re stuck in a eternal loop of dying until you find the killer. It would fit in the babyface precinct.
  4. Honesty the food options in all the parks are pretty poor. I am ceoliac and there is honestly barely any options excluding saladsz (which are normally pretty awful) I have tried burgers from the batman store at MW and they have gotten worse over time, the meat they use tastes pretty awful.
  5. Regarding the car park issue on FN it happens to be the best time to own a 4 wheel drive. Last year I waited 1 hour and moved about 5 meters, so I ended up just going over the garden. However this year I left early at 9:30 and got immediately out. Depending on what damage your willing to risk on your car the garden can be a good option.
  6. Although it's unfortunate that they have closed the chairlifts, I have to wonder how much it had been operating in the last few years. All the times I have been to SeaWorld in the last 5 years the chairlifts had not been operational. Was it the cost to keep them operating or were they prone to breaking down?
  7. I was at MW yesterday and they were running 3 cars, one with dummies in the front, another at the back and the last one had no dummies.
  8. I honestly cannot say the speed of the ride but the length of the ride is 1 minute and 10 seconds.
  9. Get to the park before opening, when you're allowed into the park go straight to the studios to get those two mazes done as soon as possible. Aim to get the other two done during dinner time.
  10. I honestly don't remember but I think that they were almost the same but Freddy was slightly shorter in comparison.
  11. Hi, I can give you vauge details about the maze... The maze started with the kitchen scene and one of Freddy's victims as the scare actors. The connecting areas were cramped dark hallways with barrels to force people to go near the walls to have Freddy's claws to stab near people. There were two other rooms that I can remember one being the bedroom and the locker room full of body bags. The use of the area was amazing for that maze compared to the Jack the Ripper maze they had last year and the themeing was so much better.
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