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  1. They are certainly having teething issues with the new control systems (I got stuck on it opening day because the water level was too low), but we already knew this due to the fact the opening was delayed by months. But, you don't spend millions upgrading a 1994 control system to 2017 spec unless you are planning on running it for another decade at minimum.
  2. I'm amazed at how many people are including WWF since they just went through a full refit of the control systems...
  3. Life

    Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Got a spare billion to fund the spur line? Would only take 60 years to pay for itself...
  4. Life

    'Great Whites' coming to Dreamworld

    All pure wolves have gold to brown eyes, including arctic. Blue/white came from dog crossbreeding.
  5. Life

    'Great Whites' coming to Dreamworld

    Blue eyes are not a feature of Wolves. It is seen it arctic-breed dogs as a mutation, however a proper Wolf will have golden eyes. Considering blue eyes is the only hint they've given, pretty solid that it is not wolves.
  6. Life

    New resort near Dreamworld

    Coomera Town Centre Gold Coast Marina Precinct DW/WWW Town centre alone is going to be massive, with approval for 6 stories to support future growth for the northern corridor. Family's with kids don't want to be in Broadbeach, Surfers, or Southport. They are full of drunken bogans and half naked woman... They want restaurants, pools, theme parks, and various services (cinemas, etc). Once the area is developed, all of this will be available, and development costs will be sky high because the land will be hard to obtain, the developers here have studied the plans and are thinking ahead. They know it will generate a loss initially, but in the long term will prove a solid investment as supporting infrastructure grows. They also know they can pump up prices and max out their entire resort during the boat show every year without failure. Key thing to note here is the resort is "Near dreamworld", but that doesn't necessarily mean "For dreamworld". There are massive projects happening in every direction in this area right now. Marina precinct to the south, Town centre to the north, large housing estates and population increases to the east and west, and a LAP which allows developments up to 6 stories via town planning.
  7. Any sources on that? I couldn't find a thing on actual location...
  8. That's a fairly large area, pretty sure there were rumors the Hotel was going in the car park as well... We sure it's not being roped off for demo work? The DA is already approved for Stage 1/Early works, no maps/documentation online though.
  9. More concerning then I thought... The book value on the ASX release is $146.8 million, in 1989 it sold for $180 million... That's a $33 million loss AFTER 27 years of inflation...
  10. 90 million is a hell of a lot of value to write off. The park now stands at well under $200 million... mKes me wonder if they are preparing to sell off... the R&D capex is also at the lowest of all divisions.
  11. Hope they bring back the zombies... wasn't the same without them.
  12. You're not a true local unless you skip the ramp
  13. Life

    No Confidence Spiral

    They made such a big deal, yet very obviously cut it short... Looks like they went in hoping for excuses for breakdowns, and got hit with facts on routine stops instead so cut it short...
  14. With the volume of land they have between Foxwell and the main park, I don't see a need to remove the amphitheater. They could perhaps put a show on and use it for something. I am curious as to what is happening in the 2 subdivided lots to the left (Current holding is 52 hectares, 33 have been sold off). The land to the right is what was sold off for Town center apparently.