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  1. Sea World Resort questions

    I've checked out Turtle Beach - it looks awesome and is half the price of Treasure Island! And T.I. is $1500 cheaper than SWResort. Turtle Beach is 30 minutes from my mum's, T.I. is 5 minutes. The Resort is about 20 minutes. I guess it all depends how close I want to be to my mum Thanks. Honestly, driving on the left with right-hand drive is enough of a steep learning curve that avoiding roadworks will be a blessing.
  2. Suggestions please!

    I noticed the fare differences! I aree, Jetstar seems like a good mid-range. Tiger was WAY cheaper (nearly $400 difference!), but I guess you do get what you pay for. Good tip on Tiger. My ship stopped there for refuelling so a bunch of us ran off for a beer while we waited. Couldn't believe all the galahs in the trees! I'll check out the resort for sure - I've found three that are okay but I haven't settled on any. I found a sweet snorkeling deal through APOD but I'll check out the trip to Green Island too. I looked at that and found it very confusing on line to see what was available and whatnot. I'll check it out again though.
  3. Sea World Resort questions

    Hi. Yes, it was PPH we stayed at. What a WALK that was!! We're going to do the OS show, and the other parks as well as we'll have 4 - 4 1/2 days for them. I'd like to do the Paradise Country tour too. I can get accomodations seperately as the tickets are cheaper on the APOD site than with the resort deal online. The shuttle sounds like a good idea too. I looked at that for our Campervan option. I'll check it out for the other unit option and see if that may be a better fit for us. We're going to hire a car instead of a campervan so we'll have wheels to visit my Mum and the other parks. I saw the perks - the dolphin thing is totally cool and something the kids and I would love. We do want to see Dreamworld, WnW and Movie World for sure, as well as the Paradise Country thing and the Outback Spectacular, so I'm going to look in to see if another more centrally located accomodations would be better. Thanks for all the great info. I never would have known half this stuff otherwise.
  4. Sea World Resort questions

    I'm in the middle of crunching numbers to see if flying up to Cairns to hit the reef would be more economical than driving all over the place like you've suggested. This would mean we could spend more time at the parks and maybe stay at the resort instead. Is it a good go? We could spend 5 days there exploring the parks and such before heading up to Cairns. We stayed onsite at Disneyland this past month and it was a 20 minute walk to the gates... WAY too far tbh. Is the Resort closer to the parks than that or should I look for something closer but 'off site'?
  5. Suggestions please!

    Gotcha. I'm checking out flights to Cairns for a couple days. I mean, if we're going to fly and see the GBR, then may as well go big and do it right. I can get some APOD discounts at least, and some of them save heaps of money!
  6. Suggestions please!

    Well yes - it's the reef we're aiming to see. My Mum's near Surfer's so we have to go there. The kids and husband want to see the reef, so we're going there. We're used to driving long distances - heck I commute over 100km every day - but if there are good reef tours in Bundy or Hervey Bay, I'd be happier to pop up there for a couple days and then head back down and see Lone Pine and Aussie Zoo while we're in Brissie. I can google the reef stuff at Bundy and Hervey Bay and see which would work for us. Which place is best for a family excursion, you reckon?
  7. Suggestions please!

    Thanks! Once I get on a better computer, I'll do that!
  8. Suggestions please!

    Hi All! I'm new here (but I did introduce myself over in the intro section) and could use some suggestions. My family and I (me, my husband, two girls 9 and 11) are heading to Coombabah at the end of June for 2 weeks. We lose a day traveling from Canada, so we arrive on a Wednesday and we're leaving 12 days later. The plan so far. Tell me if this will work: We're going to rent a campervan in Brisbane and camp on the coast near Surfer's and leave on the Sunday and drive up to Bundaberg. Overnight in Bundaberg then head up to Airlie Beach. We'll do three nights there, with the middle day a ReefWorld Cruise. We'll leave the Wednesday and head down to Rockhampton for an overnight. On Thursday we'll camp near Brisbane and hand in the camper on Saturday when we'll move to a hotel for two nights. On Thursday and Friday we can pop back down to GC to visit any park we'd especially like to see and the Outback Showcase if we haven't done it prior. While in the hotel, we'll take a cruise and hit Lone Pine and the Wheel on the waterfront and not race about. We fly out early Monday morning. Will that itinerary work, or would you suggest something different?