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  1. Did some one say Dreamworld cost cutting🤔 sounds like Dreamworld are trying to save money by not employing many maintenance teams or keeping the spare parts shelves stocked?
  2. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/dreamworld-first-responders-to-sue-theme-park-for-psychological-damage/news-story/e8fd7399eec9d165c657dbdb3ac35968 Know anything about this @Jdude95??
  3. At least we know buzzsaw is on its way back slowly. I-ride possibly open before the holidays begin then??
  4. With they way the photos are, the plan bellow would be the most reasonable layout.
  5. 2 theatres are an option. Split the theatre in half. Then you have an east and west theatre. The rest of the room probaly will be used as ramps to get people to different levels.
  6. Kind of like at MW the LEGO theatre has moving seats and non moving seats?
  7. Dreamworld would probaly do that so they can only have 1 theatre open so they only have to have an estimate of 5 employees instead of 10?
  8. Now days Peak: 2 Load 1 Grouper 1 greeter 1 unload 1 pannel Total = 6 off peak: 2 load 1 greeter 1 unload 1 pannel total = 5
  9. Dreamworld would be making a huge profit with tower closed beacuase 1 ride can power a school for 6 hours. Hot wheels on the other hand would cost very little to run. Also it used to go down for maintenance for the entire of term 4 each year. You could be very close to the answer👍 Giant drop was down for ages at the start of the year for no reason. What did it get? A new control system😀 I am sure they don’t need another rats nest situation 🤣
  10. Interested to know if that is someone else’s theatre or it is the manufacturers video?
  11. It’s pretty well going to be a tin shed with 2 concrete walls
  12. We will be down to 4 thrill rides in five days time because Tail Spin is closed for maintenance for the third time this year🤬
  13. Just say she is 10 and make up a random birthday in 2008. Sometimes there are those very curious operators that no one likes though.
  14. Perhaps the “sky Ryder” name means that we will finally see the VR experience put on the motocoaster beacuse that is what it’s original name was.
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