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  1. Well we didn't say it was going to happen last time, people just got excited and speculated.
  2. Rodney was done brilliantly. It was a funny interaction from the start that just got more and more silly as it went on so everyone got it at their own pace. Shooting him over the set might well be about the funniest bit of any theme park show ever. On the other hand Seal Guardians for me its not worth having a plant. 'He got wet' just isn't really that funny. Apparently Sea World agree because they've now 'plussed' the joke by having him on his phone and then get upset. That's not funny, that's just mean. I don't understand who thinks guests want to see other guests treated badly? As a show it does fall short on almost every level. The message is so simplistic and in your face that you just want to kick over the next recycling bin you see. The screen character is a total waste of effort and seems to be there to appeal to people who like educational software on their iPads. The show uses outdated internet language to try and appeal to the kids which falls flat because that's not how kids talk anymore so it just come across awkward. The plot is weak as piss. "There is rubbish floating towards the station and we need to fix it". OK, so the show requires you to suspend your disbelief and pretend you're looking at a research station. I can do that. The show requires you to suspend your disbelief and pretend you're in the open ocean. OK fine, I can just about manage that. The show requires you to suspend your disbelief that there is a wall of pollution floating towards you. Yeah no can do. I think anyone above the age of 5 will struggle there. The humor much like the rest of the show skews far too young. In the past these shows have been for the whole family, this show is for pre-schoolers. If they want an educational show or a show with a message they'd have something more engaging if they did a straight up educational seal presentation with a few jokes. Seal Guardians is a waste of space and needs a complete redo.
  3. Well they've got 1.5million years on the ToT magnets
  4. I don't understand why bowling alleys need consistent branding, and I understand even less why you would license someone else's. It makes even less sense why you would license someone else's branding when its so dull and boring. At the end of the day, it's a bowling alley, it lives and dies based on if people want to go bowling, not the name of the place. 100% get rid of the dull branding and put your own in.
  5. There were 3, now there are 2. The 3rd is on the back road.
  6. I dunno, looks like a worse collection of slides with the same mob running it. Seems worse than Sydney to me.
  7. joz

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    It is, but if we correct that then honestly we would never be done correcting people.
  8. That's entirely my point though, to future proof the park you need rides. The park needs rides and will at some point in the next 20 odd years need to update it's identity. It's bullshit that is the case because they genuinely haven't done anything wrong, but that is looking like it doesn't matter. As for closing it, yeah ask Disney or Universal if they think there's any advantages to be had having multiple parks in the same market. SW MW and WnW with proper investment and a good mix of attractions will make more than if they sunk every cent they have into MW. I think the financial results from the past few years demonstrate that too.
  9. The problem is the park doesn't have a headline act. There's no ride where you say 'You MUST go to SW to go on that ride'. Nothing there captures the public imagination in the way a Tower of Terror or Rivals does. Jet Rescue and Storm are both decent but not enough to visit the park for; ultimately they are filler. Surfrider if it moved would just be more of the same, filler. But worse than that its an old ride so not even something new. Worse than that its closed 6 months of the year. Worse than that it has a 140cm height requirement in a park aimed at small kids. I don't know if they're still thinking of moving it, but by the time you move it and set it up properly it'll end up costing a few million anyway. May as well spend that on filler which is new and more appropriate for the park. Least something actually new might drive attendance.
  10. I won't go into massive amounts of detail, but Sea World does need a big new full sized coaster. It also could do with a smaller broad appeal coaster (a spinner would be ideal), a new family ride and a dark ride. All 3 of it's main shows are woeful and need to be rewritten from scratch, and for the love of god just reopen the Flume already. The only thing the park doesn't need is new animal attractions; there are enough of them and animal attractions are increasingly a problem for public perception. I think long term (20+ years) SW needs to transition to not being an animal park with a couple rides, but an Ocean theme park with a few animals. At the moment if they wanted to shift focus away from animals for public relation issues they can't because they have too little else to highlight.
  11. Rumours have been flying around for years, the grapevine says still on the cards. Still I don't know as many grapes as I used to so pinch of salt lol
  12. I'd have thought lower attendance during the week of the games would've been pretty well offset by studio hire for last 6 months and/or being gifted a whole new Sound Stage that they didn't have to pay for. The reality is you are going to take a hit when trying to readjust the market. It's a pity that Village Roadshow is in a mess because that affects massively how much they can ride it out. I've said about pricing that they should have kept the lower price point except added block out dates in addition to the price hikes as part of the ween people off the cheap tickets process. The weather is beyond their control, but that happens. The big story to me is they've lowered the SW one day admission ticket. That park's failure is 100% their fault. Oh but they have a plan, they're going to relocate the ride from another neglected vrtp property to it which will apparently help somehow?
  13. joz

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Whatever it takes to get butts through the door.
  14. joz

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Yikes, thats some pretty bleak shit right there.
  15. joz

    XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    What oppitunity? The Coast is deserted. I think by opening the doors to athletes and Volunteers the answer would be 'Yes'. Have they taken advantage of the unique marketing oppitunity? No, of course they haven't but when was the last time you saw any creative marketing effort from the parks? FWIW I still think they need to get a group of 8 silver medalists together and race them down the aquaracer.
  16. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    Sorry 250-300? Really hope that's a typo
  17. joz

    VTP Annual Pass Changes

    I don't like the idea of discounting too heavily, but I do like the idea of a pass which doesn't include WC or Carnivale. There would be a lot of tourists who would have no use for such add ons, so an add on free ticket gets my stamp of approval.
  18. joz

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Not sure what point you're trying to make here or what your evidence is trying to prove? But 2 things: 1. DC Rivals is the tallest fastest full circut coaster in Australia. No disclaimers or anything, that's legit what it is. 2. Who said Movie World's marketing was good? I hate to piss on your bonfire but Goliath's 'record' is totally bogus. I bet it's a great ride, it looks to suit the park well; Adventure World looks like an awesome park, but don't get butthurt that someone called your record dumb. In other news, Cyclone holds the record for the tallest fastest coaster* in Australia/New Zealand! *Only counting S&S Arrow coasters By the way I don't think you're a bad person because you're wrong, have a really good Eastee
  19. joz

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Lol no offense but if you need to cite the designer, it's a rubbish record. News just in, Arkham is the tallest Vekoma Rollee Coaster in Australia 👍🏻 All this sort of marketing does is devalue records as a thing, like all those super niche Proslide records. Just market something for how good it is rather than some obscure fact that not even autistic super fans care about. Joz - Autistic super fan.
  20. joz

    The LEGO Movie - 4D Experience

    Is it a new movie or reused clips from The Lego Movie? Also Road Runner was by far the best film in the Roxy since Sherek. Sad it's gone but it was time. Also SW still has a 3D cinema for now. I only mention it because I think VRTP may have forgotten about it?
  21. I agree with this. Blind freddy can see what a lot of the issues are. In your opinion, what's preventing Village from acting on the issues they can act on? Can they see the issues and are unwilling to act, or are they blind to their ongoing failings?
  22. You called Skeeta ignorant. You literally insulted someone while bemoaning people being insulting.
  23. Cue complaining from people who don't have friends to split the cost..