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  1. joz

    Fright Nights 2018

    I know. I'm talking about rides.
  2. joz

    Fright Nights 2018

    Everyone remembers that queues normally close at 8/8.30 for a 9PM close instead of 10PM right?
  3. joz

    Fright Nights 2018

    Notice that the website says ride queues shut early to be clear by 10pm. Wonder if that's a change or a mistake?
  4. You know what, knew a lot of these. Never noticed the train station one.
  5. They already do a lot of this, I guess the difference is it's mandatory now and the government will have their own form to sign off on.
  6. joz

    Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Wonder if he fancies a job selling soft drinks 🤔
  7. Part of what made Imax work so well at DW compared to other installations is that the facade hid how big the cinema is. I feel i-ride would be the same, soarin' as good a ride as it is doesn't surprise you because you can see it's a massive building going in, but adding something huge in what from the outside looks small and unassuming makes it all the more impressive. Having the facade be big and bold would ruin part of it for my taste.
  8. Don't 'ummm' me Mr. Took Push's last post seriously despite it clearly being a joke. 😀 How long has Gotham been unable to provide softdrinks?
  9. That is fucking bonkers EDIT: How long has this been the case for?
  10. Are there still post mix machines behind the counter? And if so why can't you fill them there?
  11. It doesn't look like 10,000 people. Either the number is wrong, or Dreamworld used to pull guests much more evenly around the park back in the day, which may well be true; Model T Lane Rocky Hollow and all of Village Green were all proper highlights of the park. These days all the highlights are crammed in one corner. Still it's curious how uncrowded the paths are.
  12. Can't read that, can you upload a video of it?
  13. I think changing it's name won't help without a heap of changes and new ownership, without change its an empty gesture.
  14. Probably adding another Tornado.
  15. joz

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    I'd guess that it's an evac thing. It's possible that the first 4 can be parked in such a way on that they are only accessible by cherry picker on the lift and they don't want to evac kids in that manner.
  17. Said CEO insisted Eureka Mountain would be good to reopen mere weeks before it was demolished.
  18. It reads a lot like they thought they didn't need to fix anything because if there was a problem ops would just shut it down, but ops staff weren't properly informed of the danger of the ride and the training regime was inadequate. One thing you have to be wary of with training is overloading too much information on someone; people can only learn so much in a short space of time. In this case either too much info was crammed in too quickly, or some stuff was left out to be revisited later once the new staff member was more at ease with the ride. Either way the training was sub par.
  19. OK so they had a ride which they knew had an issue that was dangerous, didn't communicate that danger to staff, knew what modifications to make to solve it but didn't do them, removed an alarm which may have given the ops staff a chance to abort the disaster, and didn't train tech services properly. They also lied to the coroner, stopped spending on maintenance, and appeared to have deficient processes in place. That's basically the story yeah? I mean what are you even supposed to say to that? Dreamworld is the only theme park in the world that would actually benefit from an advertising campaign that goes 'Our old maintenance manager, ops manager, CEO and Chairperson of the board are in jail now, it's safe to come back' What's scary about it is the people who modified TRR are the same people who are still looking after things out there. The same people who looked after the TRR also put the cages on the log ride.
  20. Did you just make all that up to say the media can't be trusted?
  21. From an Australian point of view, Top Golf is a totally new leisure activity, tying the marketing to the theme parks would just hold it back. Top Golf isn't a theme park nor should it be marketed as a something to experience with the theme parks. Also for most people, nothing on it's own is the motivator when it comes to travel, tourism is a 'critical mass' sort of thing. People don't travel to the Gold Coast for just the theme parks or the beach or the nightlife or Outback Spectacular or the shopping or any of the other attractions dotted through Surfers, they travel for all of it. Top Golf is something else to add on to the pile of 'Well I've wanted to go for ages and now I want to go more', tying it to just one thing would be foolish. The other thing is that it's much harder for people to alter their plans once they get here and its harder to get your message out. Once people get to the Gold Coast many often already know how they're spending their time so it's a tougher ask getting them to change their plans. It's also made more difficult because when you go to the brochure stand at the hotel Top Golf becomes just another thing to do in a sea of things to do. Now obviously this doesn't mean no one is flexible with their plans or it's not worth advertising on the Coast, but the point is that it's worth marketing at all points along the way, from day dreaming about places to visit to planning to 'what shall I do tonight?'. Top Golf absolutely should get it's own unique advertising everywhere, leave it to Gold Coast tourism to include Top Golf in compilations of the whole destination.
  22. joz

    Afterglow - Movie World

    Well colour me surprised that the event was busy, thought between the combination of the cold and confused marketing regarding tickets that it might flop. Hopefully that bodes well for genuine extended trade after boxing day. If it is a success it might be nice to see JL and GL (assuming it's available) stay open later too
  23. Better than 'Blown away' 😊
  24. joz

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    It wasn't open yesterday.