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  1. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    You can theme literally any ride system to the same standard, the fact it's an omnimover has nothing to do with it. As far as trackless rides go, possible, but I don't think the price has come down enough on them just yet, besides they've already gota trackless dark ride. If they intend to still build a 'dark ride', my bet is still on an indoor wild mouse themed to gold mining.
  2. Or how about flying over Dreamworld from over Ocean Parade where Claw is and conclude with a shot of Tower Of Terror and Giant Drop (all running?). Reckon that'd make a far better ending. People associate fireworks with Disney so it makes sense there, people don't think of Dreamworld when they think fireworks, so end on strong iconic Dreamworld imagery.
  3. I think shortening the season is the wrong move. You might do your ass a few weekends but you also want to be able to capitalise on those unseasonably hot days you get each year. It's also training people that WnW is an option on a hot day - when it's hot on the GC people know they can just get in the car and go to WnW. I think the bigger issue they have is a combination of ticketing and customer service/policies. WnWS has a problem where they somehow manage to be both over crowded, and losing money. For my taste I think an increase in the annual pass price to around $150, and a reduction in one day tickets to around $50 would address the over crowding from pass holders and also encourage full paying day trips. Customer service wise I think there's so much low hanging fruit at WnWS. If it were me I'd install BBQs and allow people to bring food to cook up. Forgot to bring food to BBQ? We'll do you a family meat tray with somepaper plates and tongs for $40. Combine that with getting rid of Fast Track in all it's forms and committing to running all the slides at full capacity. Do all that and in 2 seasons the results would be much different.
  4. Been seeing a little bit of Top Golf hype over the past few months, and I can't help but reflect that the only reason people care about this is because VRTP are doing it. No one gets excited when a new go kart track opens, GC Wake Park opened with barely a mention, but Top Golf has a reasonably active thread. So be honest, is the only reason you're interested because it's being done on ' theme park land' by a theme park company? I think truth be told I might even fall into that category. If Top Golf was being built somewhere on the Highway at Pimpama by some randoms I reckon I'd give almost zero fucks about it, and couldn't see myself going within the first year lf operation, but since it kind of crosses over with a hobby of mine I'm quite keen to give it a go. My further theory is that I'm not the only person on this site who feels this way. Am I right or wrong?
  5. We're sorry to hear you had this experience. We have passed your comments on to management for review.
  6. I dont understand how the soloution wasn't just 'more staff observing the ride' because really that was the problem, the one staff member had too much stuff to focus on so when idiot number 1 does a dumb thing and falls out a boat, no one noticed. 2 or 3 observers and a staff member on the load platform would have been my preferred fix (which is also inline with industry trends), rather than adding a half baked perspex roof.
  7. I guess it comes down to experience; are there engineers on site at DW? Yes. Would they know as much about log rides and log ride boats as engineers from a company who design and sell log rides? Of course not. When your solution is at odds with what everyone in the industry is doing, maybe outsourcing engineering might be a plan.
  8. My wording was careful, the modifications allowed the accident to happen; it's difficult to imagine the accident happening if slats hadn't been removed.
  9. It's funny the reaction this one has got, particuarly on facebook. There seems to be a subset of people who think Dreamworld should be immune from critisim no matter what they do. I want the park to do well, but they aren't a sacred cow, if they do something questionable then questions should be asked. For me the big one is this; have DW learned anything from TRR? You just had an accident on an in house ride, that has been modifoed from it's original design in a way that allowed the accident to happen. Why would you repeat that process with another ride? No other manufacturer has made a ride modification like this, so why do DW feel that making their own modifications again is a good idea? Call MACK or Whitewater West or Intamin, explain the issues and get them to advise on solutions. If they can't fix them, you tear it all down and start again. You don't put in a half arsed solution that you are 100% exposed on if something else goes bad. People are like you need to support them 100%, well if you support the emperor then tell him he's not wearing pants. Support is telling hard truths.
  10. Just FYI the target market is the parents of really little kids, not the kids themselves.
  11. Sea World December 2017 Improvements

    I mean what do you even say to that? If that's current it's beyond appauling.
  12. DCA removed Maliboomer and Superstar Limo as part of improving the park. Just throwing it out there
  13. The timing is odd. Instead of telling people why they should be coming now the news is filled with mentions of last year's events in exchange for telling people about what's coming next year. I'm all for building hype but it's almost at the expense of this year. Even with the missteps surrounding not being able tl have the Wipeout, Log Ride, Trolls meet'n greet and Kiddie Ferris wheel open, they still have ways to market themselves. They could really market that WWW & DW are the same massive park now, they could be marketing that the DW pass is cheaper and bettee value than Village. But instead it's 'Oh wait till you see what we're doing next year!' 'Tickets not on sale now!'
  14. Very much fits the direction of the park 👍🏻
  15. That list confirms it, all the major parks do have 'World' in their name
  16. The Off Topic Topic

    Meh it's during the Christmas holidays so close enough.
  17. Sirens of the Sea non event

    Well you either want people in water that's dangerously cold you or you want people splashing about in the tiny pool outside. What do you want me to say?
  18. Sirens of the Sea non event

    You want to put people in the water in the penguin area? That's perhaps the dumbest thing on the internet at the moment. Also you do know they're not on the side which has the Sharks right?
  19. I'm sure this isn't the case, but they do seem a little bit like the Uni student who tries to do all their assignments at the last min, and fails.
  20. Wait so people actually like that map?
  21. Again, it's kart before the horse type stuff. You're looking at how to get tech you've just discovered into rides. I don't want to see rides installed based on what effects you can install on them. You can use any effects on anything, you can project cracks appearing on the Subway walls on Superman, you can project ghosts on the wall at Scooby, you can project dynamite fuses on the lift hill at Wild West. The trick is to use the technology to help your story, not design something so you can use technology. That sort of backwards thinking is why movies in the early 2000s were generally awful, it was technology first story second.
  22. I think seeing a cool piece of tech and thinking 'Ooh thats cool we need to do that!' is kind of arse backwards. There are so many things you can do the thought process should be 'what story or sense of place are we trying to create and what is the best tech to bring that to life'. So when talking about how to fix Scooby, just saying 'projections' isn't really an idea. It's a great tool that can be used for sure, but in itself it's not an idea. It's a bit like answering the question 'What renovations are you doing to your house?' with the word 'Hammers!'
  23. Utterly mystifying addition if true. The only reason I can invent for them adding it is to allow them to paint the picture that 'The future is bright and we're still investing in the park for the future'. On the other hand though getting the families with small kids through the door seems to be what they're banking on for their recovery, and any thrill ride they added would just be OBLITERATED this year anyway.
  24. See normally I'd be waiting for AlexB to respond with a sarcastic post about him not knowing what you're talking about given its actually called Ride Express now, but since he got it wrong I don't know what to expect.