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  1. ripcurlboy_81

    Parkz member day at Movie World.

    I'm keen for any day, altho if it was during the weekdays id have to leave the park by 130pm to go to work but would love to come
  2. ripcurlboy_81

    Big Brother Returns to Dreamworld

    same at big w where i work as a manager
  3. ripcurlboy_81

    Green Lantern Coaster

    I was there at the park today, we arrived just before noon, there was roughly a 20min wait time for GL, which was great, meant we could do many rides, scooby was about 40min, road runner was 10min, and batwing was about 25min, didnt do other rides as my niece didnt want to do the others, GL was fantastic
  4. ripcurlboy_81

    Green Lantern Coaster

    i was there today, from noon till the end of white christmas and let me tell you that movieworld were in fine form today, customer service were rude and grumpy, grunting at people asking about when GL would be open. had lined up for 45min for scooby got to withing 4 ride cycles of getting on it, then all the lights came on and we were told that the ride was needing a quick reset and there would be a short delay, no more then 30 seconds later the entire line approx 300 people were told the right was shut till further notice and we were rudely told to exit the queue further more to this, staff were telling us GL was open so many of us were waiting in line to board and was told that after 200 people in the line that the ride was at compacity for the day and was once again rudely told to leave the queue line apart from that the only praise i give them today was during white christmas, lethal weapon and superman were pretty much walk on
  5. ripcurlboy_81

    MW Closures & Lockers

    Richard, on 17 October 2011 - 08:53 AM, said: Logical solution would be free locker hire park-wide for all VIP Gold passholders and anyone with an all-day locker. Still limited to one hour for ride lockers. Activated by swiping your pass barcode (giving those stupid lanyards a meaningful purpose!), or a locker wristband. Might actually make those passes worth upgrading to... i agree with Richard here, i hold a vip gold pass as well, and really think this would be a great idea, also having a gold pass night to the fright night and white christmas so we dont have to deal with the park full of 14yr olds ( i dont mean to offend the 14yr olds that are on this site) but it would pay dividends to those willing to fork out for a gold pass, make it worth while, yea we get "free entry" to these 2 events, but then we have to deal with the very long lines for the rides..
  6. ripcurlboy_81

    Green Lantern Coaster

    i was at fright night last night and was very impressed with the show that took place where hollywood stunt show normally is, congrats to mw for doing something different. i found the mazes to be boring as they werent scary in my eyes, the fog that was pumping throughout the park and mazes must have cost the park a fortune, too bad they cant pump that amount into scooby.. but the fog coming out of random drains, buildings was great, 10/10 for themeing last night, most of all the ride experience at night on superman and lethal weapon was unreal, and to be back on topic, being up close to green lantern was great, it looks amazing so far with them about to put the first drop track in place, you get a feel already how great the coaster will be, from the ground, it looks massive!!!
  7. ripcurlboy_81

    Green Lantern Coaster

    it looks on par with superman height wise
  8. ripcurlboy_81

    Fright Nights 2011

    i thought i put down for tonight when i got my ticket, but its next saturday lol opps, anyways its was thundering here in oxenford at the start of the night so im glad i got the days mixed up
  9. ripcurlboy_81

    History of Parkz meet ups?

    im keen for a meet up if anyone is interested, i live on the back fence of movieworld
  10. ripcurlboy_81

    Green Lantern Coaster

    thought so ive been trying to have a look for about 45mins now
  11. ripcurlboy_81

    Fright Nights 2011

    i was wanting to go, and have holidays from work, but i fly out to syd the morning of the 14th =(
  12. ripcurlboy_81

    Fright Nights 2011

    hey Nate any info regarding this event you can share with us as of yet? like date, time?
  13. ripcurlboy_81

    Green Lantern Coaster

    they have been fixing up the street lights along entertainment rd
  14. ripcurlboy_81

    Wooden or Steel?

    it would be great to have a wooden coaster on the coast.. having recently moved here from syd, it would be great to ride a woodie again, i miss the bush beast, used to go to wonderland every weekend just to ride it i liked the fact that it was rough, and felt out of control, and the smell of the wood adds to the experience
  15. ripcurlboy_81

    Dreamworld's 30th

    sounds interesting indeed