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  1. None that I can talk about until the QPS make it available, expecting another press conference some time this afternoon. Have had a few employees quit today which is completely understandable. Had to view the CCTV footage last night quite horrific.
  2. Expecting press conference in morning. I'm off now shall be back on tomorrow. Once again horrible tragic day.
  3. At this point pending further investigations the ride will reopen at some point down the track, but that decision could be changed at any moment.
  4. Apparently merlin have closed all there rapid rides in the UK following this incident. I believe that to be the case.
  5. Your not upsetting me, it's just there are more important things at the moment. Everyone is welcome to come lay flowers at the park and pay their respects.
  6. Can't comment on this until police make a statement.
  7. Mate not sure at this moment would have to look over some things which won't be happening for a few weeks. Can't comment on this until police make a statement.
  8. The rides computer, rafts and all spare parts and manuals are designed and come from Intamin themselves. @jamberoo fan forgot to quote you.
  9. Intamin most definitely built the ride we have a "manual" for the ride from them. I can only assume they are trying to distant themselves from this incident due to their presence in the USA. Huh I never knew TRR and RHLR shared the same conveyor belt.
  10. We are very sorry about your friends loss in this tragic accident our thoughts are with him and all the victims families.
  11. As far as I know it was replaced when the turntable was removed. It is currently a generic Intamin one. When communicating with Intamin there was concerns for raft rides Worldwide using this system, if it has been a computer malfunction and not something else.
  12. The conveyor is sensor controlled.
  13. Early thoughts are a major computer malfunction which hasn't stopped the conveyor like it should have. We initially thought rider error but have ruled it out. Still very early though, it's going to be a long night. Engineer and system expert from Intamin currently en route to help with investigations. P.S. Some of the trolling in here is horrible
  14. Will be posting an update later tonight once managers, QPS, forensics and WPHS have inspected the ride. Will be small update on what I'm allowed to say. Ride will be investigated tomorrow as well. Condolences to the families on behalf of myself and all staff at Dreamworld.
  15. This is an absolutely tragic accident, ambulance officers currently treating four people can not confirm if there is a death until police make comments. Raft has slipped, one person has been caught in conveyor. Currently in contact with Intamin and maintenance staff to find possible causes. Press Conference about future attractions has been pushed back. Absolutely horrible. UPDATE: One confirmed dead, possible second.