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  1. The house getting sucked up by the tornado perhaps? (is that what happens, been decades since I watched it)
  2. These were both steam outline, petrol/diesel powered. There was an ex cane loco stored in the workshop area that the ride went through after the main station. Not sure about Sea Worlds. I never rode behind the Perry or Baldwin. Hopefully get the chance to fire the Perry one day.
  3. I was about 4-5, behind the QR Brown Bomber C17 Brisbane to Nambour and back. Found the tickets recently. And I've since driven one on a driver for a day experience, which inspired me to get a job in the railways. Just this big, complicated and simple at the same time machine, that has its own character. The closest I can relate it to is sailing, it kinda just moves along.
  4. You can always train people, and no doubt there are current heritage volunteers that would do the same thing for a wage. It's all the expense of certifying and maintaining a pressure vessel operating at 150psi/1000kpa+, containing water at around 180 degrees. Look up boiler explosions for what it looks like when it goes wrong. QR currently don't operate any services (but are keeping staff qualifications current). Then, because of those requirements, you need a skilled and qualified person. You need at least two to cover leave and illness. Train crew typically earn $100k-$150k in Australia. Or alternatively to all those costs you can train someone to operate an amusement ride and have a diesel mechanic.
  5. Correct, as did the Perry. The Perry is back to wood/coal burning.
  6. We're all discussing faster cycling of the rides, but do the parks really want that, especially considering all three aren't really full day parks by themselves if things are moving quickly. Slower operations reduce the cycles per day (extends maintenance and reduces power consumption) and keeps people in the park longer. When your parks are full and people are used to the slow throughput, there's no desire from the parks perspective for these faster loading options. And Superman sounds like they won't run it faster anyway due to heat issues.
  7. I remember one day, team was on the ball. The loader/unloader was on an absolute mission, to the point I emailed the park commending him on his efforts. Single train operation. Operations were so fast that from the front row I was able to see the catch car returning to the launch, and yes we did crawl around the corner on the tyre drive.
  8. Sounds like they are using the Story/Harbour Bridge method of continually painting over a certain amount of years. Probably a cost cutting/budgeting idea, spread it out over several years rather than one lump (isn't the place owned by some investment group now?).
  9. Worker on top of the carriage appears to be holding one of the guide ropes.
  10. Years ago on a quiet day, I rode Superman five rides out of six runs in a row. Had to get off each time. Was able to make it around in the time it would take them to roll the train through.
  11. Once emailed Main Roads to get lines repainted, was chuffed when they were done within the week - so I too feel attacked.
  12. Anyone know who purchased the previous carriages?
  13. This is what he's picking you up on, the missing i - hence
  14. Appears that the seats can be folded up and latch back, presumably to allow those spots to be used when there are no wheelchairs onboard (or additional spaces can be made)
  15. If you're ever northside of Brisbane, try Jayliano's Strathpine or the sister restaurant Ariala at Kippa-Ring. They might change your mind on buffets.
  16. Comparing photos, just new decals. But certainly looks good, vast improvement.
  17. No track added to the points as yet. Assume it's still to be a maintenance siding eventually.
  18. Any chance of a screenshot? I'm not an insta user.
  19. If they are restricted with their budget, I'd rather they spend that money inside on the ride experience, than on the colour on the outside. As a thought, some creeper vines might be a good way to hide it all longer term anyway.
  20. My mistake, it was the large saw blade only (according to Dreamworld Past and Present Facebook)
  21. Isn't that meant to be going to the Caboolture Historical Village?
  22. I simply provided an example of how my car only took three months. I didn't dispute the 18 months statement, or belittle @Naazon for what they said in providing their point of view. I was just providing my personal experience and contributing to the conversation about shipping delays. Given your background @Naazon, that's interesting to know, much worse than I think the consumer is hearing on the ground. I appreciate the information. Hyundai i30 @Gazza - apparently they stock piled chips at the start of covid and were able to get through the downturn in chip production better than other manufacturers.
  23. Got mine within three months of ordering, new build.
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