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  1. Did anyone do the terror tour last year, They had a guy doing a performer's make-up, looked really gruesome. Any ideas of the details of the guy?
  2. I'm sure the staff/tour guides have had hrs of training, I'm so excited
  3. The whole side of the swamp area adjacent movie world is now fenced off
  4. Any photos of the Crane at WWF today
  5. Warner Bros. Movie World's Attraction Wild West Falls is going down for Annual Maintenance. During this time the ride is getting a much needed facelift. Any thoughts on the possibility's of the new Special Effects for this Attraction
  6. Sorry to cause a Argument, hate negativity- I sure of make myself clearer, my partner works within the company. That's how I got the facts I know it as my partner works within the company, get it , got it?, good !
  7. Hi Brad, is this not a public forum and were welcome to our views,thoughts, and whatever else, don't be so rude and narrow minded
  8. Dodgem Confirmed,Show Stage (Doomsday) & Behind WWF is definitely a maze. Due to Chris Hemsworth filming in Sound Stages & the area being off limits There's rumours flying about that the pine trees on the right side of WWF could be utilised as a horror camp out , Guests pay extra to sleep in a tent in the wooded forest, and at random periods of the night have Actors/Scariers come out and attack during the night !
  9. I know they are changing they're makeup designs and going into prosthetics this year, and changing the consistency of the Blood, so it doesn't melt off! 2016 FN is Huge for Warner Bros. Terror Tram ?, using the old Trams from Back Of House Tours
  10. So back to dodgems , western sound stage and the smaller shed being built behind west
  11. Thor, Chris Hemsworth, none of the show stages are being used this year
  12. MW utilising the Western Area this year, plus new theming in the area
  13. There's only one Arhkam Train, they sold the other one
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