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  1. Awesome ride got on the first ride of the day it was well worth waiting an hour
  2. How long the wait I'm thinking of coming up
  3. Maybe worth a visit Sunday ????
  4. The coaster already looks awesome in that first shot even without the loop
  5. Has anyone noticed if that footing that they cut part of it away has been fixed
  6. Can't remember it's somewhere back in the 146 pages he was talking about new coasters they were building including movieworld
  7. Talking about the loop, that nl2 coaster so far has been on the money, it's like he actually designed this coaster ?? and it had a normal loop so I'm guessing it will be normal loop. The big wig at Mack also said it's a clone of flash with a layout to suit the area. So that hints to the same loop ??
  8. Maybe something to do with the station Crawling around under the station
  9. Could be covered walkway to coaster
  10. I guess bizzaro would sound cool for a coaster name even if u didn't know who it was. Makes it sound like the coaster is a wild ride
  11. Yea it is but not if it's meant to be joker purple lol
  12. Maybe the hold up is that they opened those first few containers and thought oh shit that's more Pink than we ordered so they opened another one to check and it was the same ?? send them back lol
  13. Let's just wait for some more parts to arrive then restart the conversation