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  1. spoleweski

    Sydney Gets a Water Park!

    Like a Dreamworld Sydney? They could so do it, and eventually grow and have a dreamworld park in every state. But they wouldn't have to all be called dreamworld, call them different places, a whole nation full of worlds! NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN IN SO MANY PLACES!
  2. spoleweski

    What name would you like for the new water park?

    Dreamworld Bay Pacific Discovery Whitewash Water World (notice the alliteration ) Pleasant Dreams Water Park Drenched Dreams or if you stay there too long... Wrinkly Prunes
  3. spoleweski

    Dreamworld Wallpapers

    It's a wonder why the site hasn't got any for us to download, has anyone made any themselves? Please share, I'm thinking of making one myself.
  4. spoleweski

    Wonderland RTC3

    Yeah, me three!
  5. spoleweski

    Dreamworld closings

    I'll start the bidding at $10
  6. spoleweski

    Water Works 2: Splash Boats

    lol, teki why get upset over a coaster making competition? Get a life.
  7. spoleweski

    Water Slide Water Works (RCT 1, 2, 3 only)

    Haha, goodluck getting 3 more in 1 day
  8. spoleweski

    Wonderland RTC3

    You must almost be finished by now, I can't wait, should be good.
  9. spoleweski

    In regards to Dreamworld expansion...

    Oh yeah, theres that joke ride they just installed five minutes ago. The seats are made out of crap and its suitable for gullible adults only. Do you have the stupidty to take the plunge into a pile of ****, then ride the ride today!
  10. spoleweski

    In regards to Dreamworld expansion...

    My favorite one is the twirly whirly that makes that noise with the zing and boom.
  11. spoleweski

    Wonderland Creating Memories Video.

    How much is it gonna cost? Are we just talking about the mailing costs or what? I like what you did with the other video by the way, congrats on that, is it possible to get a copy of that song too?
  12. spoleweski

    matty_o's RCT2 & RCT3 Park Recreations

    I dunno what it is but its not the tower of terror lol, this is Matt's Cedar Point creation not dreamworld.
  13. spoleweski

    thunderbolt site work

    How would you know unless you ever experienced waiting in the queue etc?
  14. spoleweski

    matty_o's RCT2 & RCT3 Park Recreations

    Um Paul as if anyone's going to even try let alone bother reading that. I agree it has to be the longest and most random post ever, even the screenshots are totally random. Sorry but that post makes no sense whatsoever.
  15. spoleweski

    matty_o's RCT2 & RCT3 Park Recreations

    As a matter of fact it has been delayed...trust Atari http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showt...30&pagenumber=1