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  1. I bet Dreamworld, will have the carpark and entry working by the next event. If DW still have the same entry problems on the next event shame on DW.
  2. Any new updates photos to uploaded on here please For us who are out of state
  3. By bringing in 3rd party venders the parks are not paying wages and the on cost of wages, renting out space and receiving a % of sales. As time goes on, I think we will see more 3rd party venders in our parks. Park in the US do it, even Disney.
  4. Dreamworld has raised their bar with theming and landscaping for the new Steel Taipan. Do you think the staff will have themed uniforms? And what Steel Taipan merchandise do you think Dreamworld will sell? mmmm their is not exit through the gift shop?
  5. if the snake was on the outside, it would fade and look like shit in a few years. And doing the little repairs and up-keep is always on the bottom of their to do list.
  6. I agree, Dreamworld has raised their game. I hope the TS coaster's theming will be on the level of Dreamworks. This years 2021 Winterfest has also raised Dreamworld's bar for events. I'm excited to see what Dreamworld has planed for Happy Halloween and Christmas.
  7. I'm guessing these videos are for marketing, not education. I'm saying that I would love to see a video from @Dreamworld showing the whole coaster process from concept idea to completion.
  8. Maybe the blue lagoon area is where the new hotel will be, catch the train from the hotel into the park?
  9. looking at only DW photos from this site. 2002 annual pass $97, nearly 20 years later the annual price has not changed much.
  10. Maybe when TOT2 is removed, dreamworks and ABC for kids become one large themed area. It all becomes ABC for kids, Wiggles and Bluey area.
  11. Dreamworld purchased a 10-year licence for DreamWorks, I believe the licence expires the end of 2022 Do you think Dreamworld renew the Dreamworks licence or re-theme the area?
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