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  1. lylefart

    Tower of Terror Update

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yet, even with OSR's, would it not jolt your neck during launch?
  2. lylefart

    Tower of Terror Update

    I thought we already covered this topic? The harnesses would need to be changed aswell. Would they not? With a 4.5g launch from the queue, wouldn't it injure the riders, or shall the harnesses become over-shoulder retraints or four point harnesses?
  3. lylefart

    Tower of Terror Update

    Well, it is a wonder, yet couldn't they work on it after hours? They could easily finish the tunnel, as it is growing closer to the tower weekly, but what about the new cart expected? It's definitely a wonder. I have heard a rumour that the progress might be slowed, and finally finish during February/March 2011. You never really know though. I went to Dreamworld two weeeks ago, and it did feel slightly faster, yet it could just be the difference in experience as it is much darker in launch track.
  4. lylefart

    Twister and Speedcoaster Relocation

    Well, as these rides have been taken down very carefully, they might be relocated to another home. Yet, they could be moved to a different park. I was not sure about the vote, but just imagine them in the H20 Zone. They are generally named as family fun slides rather then thrilling. So it is a difficult question to answer. But, if you were to look at Google Maps, the best place to home them would most likely be in Terror Canyons footprint (if it ends up removed). The que could be placed at TC's splashdowna area, and the former path up the hill could still be used. The two slides could simply be put in a way so that the splashdown pools could be a mere few metres from Buccaneer Bay. Whereas the exit actually would run straight past the childs playground. If the rides were put there, they would most likely cathch the childrens appeal as well. We can always imagine. And wonder what I just said.
  5. lylefart

    Queues Changed

    Whilst reading the old topics. I found a link to the Sanderson Group Webpage and then read the Dreamworld Queue articles. I have found that the website is very out-dated and had information about the old TOT, Cyclone and GD queues. I have always known that TOT que lines have been changed for a fairly long time, and that Cyclone was changed 2-4 years ago. But I had never spared a thought about the about it really, and I also want to know why they changed GD as well. So here are my questions: Why were the queues changed in firstplace? When did they change the queues? Is there a possibility that TOT's queues will be fixed along with the actual ride experience? Please answer these questions or just give some info. Sorry that I was spelling queues wrong, I know how to spell the word, just rushing text. This is generally why most of my threads and posts are edited.
  6. lylefart

    Tower of Terror Update

    TPGC, I think that you are probably right about the colours and all, and TOT could probably beat Dodonpa easily (don't go off at me but I think TOT's top speed can be a whopping 185km/h (It might just be a rumour, as it does launch with LIM's) but the only way TOT could beat TTD or KK would be to move Tiger Island slightly to the east, add another hundred meters of track, move the station back with the track, change the LIM's to a hydraulic launch (I think thats what KK uses), add a small brake run before the tower to slightly lower the speed, make the "escape pod" go all the way up the tower and then make the brakes at the top of the tower different so that the car can slow down without a load of screeching! Too much work to make it awesome!
  7. lylefart

    Tower of Terror Update

    Some of my past comments on TOT were about my skeptical, yet I have heard rumours from ride ops and have oviously just found more proof that more shall occur. I am now believing that these rumours are true, and I am very excited that some changes are actually going to occur. Just like most of you, I also do believe that the tunnel is now going to be extended, a lighter car is going to go onto the tracks and as this will be lighter, hopefully it would bump TOT up to the worlds 3rd fastest roller coaster (beating Dodonpa) and add up for an entire new experience. Hopefully lighting and smoke affects will be added and the TOT will end up being a more renowned and iconic ride in the park. And a little off topic, Gazza, do you know when that photo was taken, it may just be the point of view, but, the tower looks very sexy, with the colours and all.
  8. lylefart

    Tower of Terror in reverse?

    Yeah, it's gonna be awesome!
  9. lylefart

    giant drop

    I can't believe I did it again, I keep phrasing it wrong, what I was suppossed to say is that my friend wants to know when it's going to startt free-falling. She doesn't alway's ask me to do it, so I don't, I don't try to yell to other riders I just say it. And anyway, it's a five second freefall before the gondola stops. So I like how you can't get used to the feeling.
  10. lylefart

    Best Thrill Ride

    Yeah, flycoaster is a ride at Adrenalin Park (Surfers Paradise) and the Moto-Coaster is there because I was trying to make the polls have an even number of nominees, yet I forgot to remove it when both of them were even.
  11. lylefart

    Best Thrill Ride

    Please don't write uneeded comments about the Moto-Coaster being on the Poll.
  12. lylefart

    Dreamworlds Need A Thrill

    Sorry JJuttp, but just like AlexB, I don't understand you. But with what I have decoded from your text, and please tell me if I'm wrong, is that DW should create a ride based apon movies? And anyway, if that is correct, Dreamworld couldn't take that idea unless they created a movie-themed 'land'. Due to the fact the it wouldn't follow the actual theme-park's theme. And anyway, Movieworld has taken that idea with a few of there coasters/rides as well (obviously ), so if DW took that action, it would just be copying WVTP (yet again).
  13. lylefart

    Giant Drop Testing

    Yeah, I was really lucky to notice SE testrunning. And as we drove further North to our house, I just noticed that the 'winch/pulley" for GD was stopped halfway down the tower.
  14. lylefart

    What's Next Dreamworld style

    Just remember, Vekoma brought Dreamworld the Wipeout. And it is one of Dreamworld's most iconic, famous and favourite rides.
  15. lylefart

    What's Next Dreamworld style

    Please Answer With The Best From Each Manufacturer Vekoma Bommerang Coater Invertigo Giant Inverted Boomerang Suspended Looping Coaster LSM Launch Coaster Flying Dutchman Stingray Big Air Intamin Mega Giga Mega-Lite Vertical Lift Wing Rider Wooden Blitz Surf Rider Ball Twisted Impulse ZacSpin Multi Inversion Suspended Twist & Turn Bolliger & Mabillard Sitting Floorless Stand Up Hyper Inverted Flying Diving Machine I was unable to type the common names (e.g. Strata, Giga, etc). Instead I have wrote the manufacturers given names. Sorry this took up so much space.