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  1. Oh man, that’s unfair to say the least. Seems like a very new thing, maybe to do with Easter crowds? I have no idea as I have never travelled up to Aussie World. For a second there, I thought it was Adventure World being atrocious again since they introduced weight restrictions on all rides. If this really is the deal for Aussie World, I hope it gets removed asap. Like you said, it is false advertising if they claim “unlimited rides”. I have no idea why Australian theme parks have a knack for making it harder to ride things, and we already are on the lower end of the world in terms of available attractions. It’s just insult to injury really.
  2. Wow, when I went on the 16th, I knew it was bad, but I didn’t think it was such a noteworthy period for Movie World in terms of crowds. When we went, Rivals was a 3 hour wait minimum, SE wasn’t accepting people into the queue due to overcrowding and another 3 hour wait, and Wild West Falls broke down on us after waiting 30 min to ride. I knew DD was down for maintenance before coming, but for a family of enthusiasts who were visiting from Sydney, It was a really awful day for us. We did manage to get Green Lantern and Scooby doo, but that was just because we got there early enough to be in GLs line, and a spot opened up in VQ for Scooby. Got lucky to get something in I suppose 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. We had just visited Movie World yesterday, was only able to get GL quickly, and a virtual queue for Scooby. Superman and Rivals were up to 3 hour waits each, with an attendant at the SE line not allowing anyone else in until crowds lessened. WWF broke down while we were in line as well. And Fast Tracks sold out in less than 4min according to the staff. Horrible day The crowds weren’t managed very well in our opinion, with only one train on Rivals, and after visiting MW for over 16 years, this was a low point. At least the food was good! Also enjoyed the Batman Legacy showcase, pretty impressive.
  4. Just rode ST today, on a trip to the Gold Coast with my fam. I have to say, it was pleasantly surprising. My fav elements were the second/backwards launch and the final corkscrew, it really “whips”! Rivals is better, but that’s honestly to be expected, I would place it behind SE but in front of GL if I’m relating it to the other current Gold Coast coasters, so the third best imo. I might post a trip report soon, going to Movie World tomorrow 👍🏻👍🏻
  5. Next up: Sledgehammer’s return of the 360 degree ride cycle 🤞🏻🤞🏻Honestly it was such a difference, hopefully they work it out with Zamperla soon
  6. Absolutely agree with you. I tried to explain that I shared the video purely because I thought it was interesting to see his opinion, which is all it really is to me as well. Just his thoughts. But yeh, didn’t want to look like that guy who shares mis-information or anything lmao. Right with you on that, love his videos, purely because it’s interesting to hear someone’s honest thoughts. I always take his predictions with a grain of salt (as I’m sure you do) but yes, I definitely enjoy his ideas and perspective.
  7. Just found an interesting video that covers a prediction on Arkham Asylum, been watching this guy’s channel for a while and he seems to give great advice towards future attractions in parks around the world. He also covers Luna, Seaworld and Dreamworld. Not trying to say his predictions or ideas are correct, but definitely going along the Vekoma Flying coaster path some of us have suggested recently and in the early days of predictions. Just an interesting watch imo, and cool to see a perspective coming from someone international.
  8. I was totally content with imagining three family coasters replacing Arkham, but then this post reminded me of what an amazing attraction this would have been Oh god no, this would have been AMAZING. I can’t think of anything better than this for MW. If not for Arkham, then the future at least!
  9. I love how in the sign, the blue train has only belts on, and the red train has the lap bars. Also two riders per carriage? Just some random thoughts I have while waiting in line 🤷🏻‍♂️ IMG_5300.MOV
  10. Yeh it was quite a short ride, but so was TOT2 and Red Force! Even though this is no where near, I feel like it packs in some decent elements for what the ride length is. Absolutely agree. We were waiting for someone to move so I took a quick vid There were many people lingering that had to be told to move when there wasn’t a line up there.
  11. Just had my first ride on BD today, as well as all the other new rides other than Sledgehammer (employee benefits haha). Now, I have moved on with my work life to new and better opportunities for me, so I haven’t worked at Luna Park for close to 3 weeks. I had to come down here and try BD, and WOW! Ngl, it looks sluggish on camera, but it’s absolutely amazing, and has great pacing. I got a front seat ride first time, and it was not too jolty at all. Being an enthusiast for almost all my life, I’ve travelled around Australia and the world for the best Rollercoasters and Theme Parks there are. Port Aventura and Ferrari Land, Ferrari World, USO, Disneyworld, BGT, SWO are just some of the parks I have done outside of Australia, and I would gladly put BD in my top 30-40, also it’s close to home so that makes it more special to me And i’ve been on the fastest coaster in the world so that’s saying something. I’m glad Sydney has a park to be proud of now, and I’m so happy my dream of a new Luna Park has been brought to reality! IMG_5267.MOV
  12. Oh god, I remember seeing the same image around Luna just a week ago. I really didn’t know why they included SLC track, looks like The Goldcoaster from Dreamworld with it’s original yellow colour (funnily enough, was originally the Big Dipper V.2 at Luna in the 90’s).
  13. I’m casual, so it’s $27.80 an hour. If you’re part-time or full-time it goes down from there to around 24-25 I think? Most roles are fine, but doing Loopy by yourself is slow and not a pleasant experience. You can’t open the restraints yourself while in the operating booth, so you have to make people lift their own restraints up, which is fair. But it becomes painful when kids can’t lift the bars themselves, and you want to open bars that no one was sitting in. The pay sometimes doesn’t counter the stress of that. Becomes gruelling after a while, and having to ask people to lift the restraints up before loading them on is problematic to say the least. Not many people listen to instructions 🥲
  14. Oh man I just realised I said “working Big Dipper”, I meant Loopy Lighthouse. I was working it by myself (needs 2 people to operate efficiently) so I was a bit braindead writing that haha. We have extreme staffing issues at the moment 😬
  15. Big dipper was full circuit testing today as I was working Big Dipper and in the morning before the park opened, it looks like a beast! Honestly, many people are very disappointed that it’s included in advertising but is not yet open.
  16. I can’t read the article cause I’m not subscribed, but I do see the article name in the link. I think we all expected this to happen again at some point, but thank the theme park gods that Luna Park is ready this time, legally they are more protected from noise complaints now. Honestly, if you’re gonna live a few meters away from an amusement park, maybe think twice about moving in next time. Its like agreeing to have a child, then wanting to get rid of it because of the noise. Like this is what you signed up for buddy lmao. I’m starting to think people move in JUST to complain about it.
  17. They have started testing out the launches, they sent a video (which unfortunately I’m not allowed to share) but they are calibrating the boost launch (2nd launch) today, getting rollbacks but I guess that’s procedure (as well as it would already have speed from the first boost lmao). So pumped for this coaster!
  18. Also, I had about 10-15 people come up and ask me about Sledgehammer and Big Dipper. “Sorry, but Sledgehammer is under maintenance, and Big Dipper is still under construction”. Most people just couldn’t believe that the two star attractions were not open, but I explained the cost of the ticket is attributed to the scare mazes and event. I heard “Wait, they’re BOTH shut?!” too many times haha. I think that was the only issue last night, wasn’t great giving the bad news over and over.
  19. I was operating on and attending to Loopy Lighthouse for Halloscream tonight, rained a bit but people had a great time, felt good seeing smiles on young families Also me and my mate placed bets on when Boomerang would get stuck on the second lift hill again while it was raining, and the queue was dead XD Also, took a bit of footage of Boomerang today, just before I started my shift at 4pm IMG_4286.MOV
  20. No idea what particular attraction, as they tell us when we get there. It will be Rockin, inside or outside Coney Island, Tango Train attendant or Loopy Lighthouse. Those are all the rides I’m trained on haha. If you see a guy masking a beard, with a name tag that says “Gabriel”, that’s me haha.
  21. I will be working on rides tonight, can’t wait to see the park thriving once again
  22. I just looked up “Wonder Woman” at SFMM, and they have “Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth”. Just a run of the mill round-up flat. I think this makes it less likely for WW, leaving The Flash as the mostly viable option. Anything can happen tho. Also, it seems that the Six Flags chain does not copy superhero-themed rides in their parks, if there is a Batman: The Ride, that is the only one in the park. Not saying they don’t clone themes from one park to another, which is why WW was probably on some people’s minds, seeing as though another single rail WW coaster already operates at SFFT. So seeing two WW rides in one park would probs be kinda confusing haha. Like if you say “Let’s go on Wonder Woman!” to which the response is “which one?”. 😂
  23. They have been constructing an RMC Raptor for some time now. The footings have already been installed, and raptor track and trains have been spotted at the park. I’ve been following it’s construction recently. Looks awesome, many people think the yellow track and red supports represent The Flash, and with a new flash film coming soon with Michael Keaton’s Batman, I have little doubt this is what they’re going for! Check out Theme Park Tracker and Theme Park ERT for their uploads on the coaster, as well as weekly updates on the construction. The station is being built as of this time.
  24. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. I remember buying the history book from the gift shop when I was very young, with many of the photos you have so generously shared here included. I love Luna Park as a second home of mine, but I wholeheartedly agree that the 1930’s amusement charm has left. Recently as well, with the final removal of the Tumble Bug and Spider. I hope these names make a comeback sometime in the future. The River Caves, the Goofy House, even the Ghost Train. I miss them, even though I wasn’t even alive to see them. I understand bringing back the Ghost Train would be in poor taste, but the River Caves and Goofy House would be so alluring today! Oh man I felt that one hard :,( Literally always been thinking (and on occasion, speaking) about how Australia is one of the only large countries in the world without massive parks. Movie World is slowly becoming a hot destination for coaster enthusiasts, and hopefully Dreamworld can make a valiant return with ST. I am a very optimistic person, born and raised that way haha. So I usually can see the positive sides to this problem. One thing I find with our parks atm, although some are more than others, it doesn’t go to that ‘level’ seen in other continents. But then I realised, if I was American or even European, I probably would be so used to it that the excitement is harder to achieve. Going to Disney World 3 years ago, I was in absolute AWE. Something you couldn’t see in Australia, so much more unique than what we are used to. Then I watch videos, and everyone is like “Yeh Disney, pre cool, seen that done that a million times”, and I’m like WHAT?! I would never in a million years wish to become “used” to a park like that! The magic is gone That’s the one positive I see with being an Australian Coaster Enthusiast. You’ve got some awesome rides nearby to satisfy enough, but you can save the experiences for those special times when you save up and travel the world, makes the experience 10x more memorable in my opinion Now before anyone gets up my arse, OF COURSE I would love a Disney, a Six Flags, and a Busch Gardens! but the positive side is something I can hold onto in order to stop myself getting frustrated over having pretty mediocre stuff here most of the time. Not saying anyone else should feel the same, but it’s interesting to say the least. We as Aussie enthusiasts don’t take great parks for granted! At least we got that I guess 🙂
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