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  1. The popularity of cruising has been increasing for a long time. Pretty much since P&O Australia started operations cruising has be gaining popularity. As the cruise lines discover we are a bigger market then everyone assumed they have started sending big more feature pack ships down here, and with that the rate of increase is increasing. Just a few years ago all we had was cruise ships with only limited features but now we have ships with surf simulators, rock climbing, dodgem cars, ice skating and an ifly. So more people are realising that ships are more of a destination now rather then just a method of travel. 14 years ago this was the newest ship we got here Whereas now we have some of the newest ships in the world. In 14 years the Australian cruise industry has advanced 34 years with the newest ship in 2004 being built in 1984 and now we are regularly getting recently built ships sailing from our shores. This is very much a reason for the huge increase in numbers. In regards to the parks. Cruise ships may have some effect, but it's no where near the biggest. The travel habits of Australians are changing, with more Australians traveling overseas to holiday rather then staying in the country. This in turn reduced some of the more tradition Australian holiday spots. In general a lot of other travel options are become cheaper and therefore giving people more options. So people who usually travel to the parks once a year are starting to travel elsewhere. I was reading an article the other day from back in 2015, which was basically an analysis of Australian travel habits, and it identified both economic and cultural changes. With flights being a lot cheaper then a decade ago and families finding different ways to get work leave being the main factors. There might be a few mistakes in there, it was put together while being distracted and needing to rush a bit.
  2. The project is now officially dead. They have failed to met deadlines and council has cancelled the contract and pocketed the deposit. https://www.2gofm.com.au/news/central-coast/chappy-pie-china-time?geoRedirect=true
  3. People are much more likely to plan trips if they know there will be something new. If people think it is just going to be same old same old, they will go elsewhere or stay home.
  4. Except the fact it's used as storage. With no where to suddenly move everything stored inside.
  5. The JB Hifi deal is completely different. No issue was taken as the two businesses are not the same and are not direct competitors. Sure they share somethings but they are primarily different. With jb being more focused on entertainment while the good guys are more household appliances.
  6. The thing with Harley was not just because she was being used as sex symbol. She is the most known character from the squad. So they focused on her. Suicide Squad does not have a constant character base and can change in any appearance. The constant characters are Deadshot and Harley. Essentially Suicide Squad can be considered like Arkham. You are not always going to have the same characters at Arkham but you see multiple ones over and over again. Aka the joker. They could easily make it more based around a character but being the series theme. Easily throwing Batman in there if you want to. But Suicide Squad will be around for a long while now.
  7. Except Suicide Squad is getting a sequel and is have character spin off's. Aka Harley Quinn is already locked in for multiple movies, 3 or 5 movies I believe. Also a bunch of Suicide Squad characters are Batman characters. The two big characters from the suicide squad series are batman villains and they are pretty much locked in for everything suicide squad related. Meaning a Harley Quinn ride can be batman and suicide squad at the same time.
  8. Honestly Suicide Squad is a much better theme then any off the other possibilities. It gives the widest scope. Has market knowledge and is highly customisable to the parks needs.
  9. Well the reasons we are talking about it more is because it is a roller coaster, rather then a standard flat ride. Plus is not just a standard Roller coaster but it is by far an Australian first. Also sure we might be talking about it but if MW decided they would rely on us to support the park and the entire investment in the coaster, everyone here would have to go to the park every single day while paying for multiple daily admissions. Literally no one is talking about it in any serious matter except for the theme park enthusiasts.
  10. I know it's already too late for them to get a lot of people because they have either book other holidays or can no longer get leave.
  11. What are the things you saw in the park that has convinced you of this?
  12. Also just a heads up, for those sharing images from the TPSN Facebook page, the images are not even theirs when they don't give credit. I have called them out multiple times in the past, but I just gave up on it as they didn't bother to respond. Take anything they say as a grain of salt as it is usually pretty wrong, as they do almost zero research on what they post about. For comparison this is the lift hill on Flash. Whereas the supports at MW look more like this section of track.
  13. Size does not matter it's the substance of the ride that matters. You could have one that goes higher then any other coaster in the world and it could be worse then one that never goes over 2m. There are no worlds first or height restrictions when determining if a ride is good. It's what they do with thone numbers that count.
  14. Glubbo is correct, Mackso track has a reinforced spline. We saw a couple of pieces with this arrive earlier. You can see the loop track in the following picture. However this track is not just used for loops but also in high g-force areas.
  15. So what about all the people from out of state or international. They require time to plan for trips, both to get leave and make arrangements. A last minute advertisement strategy would work for locals but not so much when you are dealing with people who need to book trips months in advance. The longer they wait, more and more people are becoming unable to get leave from work or make plans to go elsewhere.
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