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  1. imperial

    Demon Going to Visionland

    had a feeling this was old news. oh well
  2. Not sure if it's confirmed or not, but a park in the us is getting a boomerang for thier 2005 season. The website features video of the Wonderland Demon. visionland
  3. imperial

    Sunway Lagoon?

    Has anyone thought that maybe some of Wonderlands rides might go to Wonderlands sister park, Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia? it's just a though... Maybe they should keep a small selection of rides ie. Demon, Bounty's revenge, Balloon race, tasmanian devil, space probe... etc, in a small area in homebush. Just create a small "funPark" that would instantly become bigger come easter time when the show opens.. but would still be a pernament attraction at homebush as a small memento to Wonderland.. MiniWland it could be heighy themed with large fountains, beautiful gardens, a small musem that would feature old wonderland itmes..... anyway, just another thought
  4. To all the staff that worked there over the years and made it the way I will always remember it, Thankyou! and goodluck! I almost know the feeling... I went through the same expeirence after working 4 years at the Disney store... we had a huge private meeting where it was announced then we had the option of staying on or look for new jobs straight away. All I can urge EVERYONE to do is PLEASE take as many PHOTOS as POSSIBLE!!!! I mean photos of EVERYTHING!! bins, parking signs, ride entrances, different buildings etc.... as it's the only way this generation will be able to remember it and tell future generations about a park called Wonderland! Thanks My family will sure miss it!
  5. *** WARNING - LONG POST - *** :!: I just thought I would share my opinion on the Demon Roller Coaster. I was in Knott's Berry Farm in 1991 and that was the first time I had seen the "bomerang" style coaster. My brothers rode it as i was way to scared (hahaha! I was 12 at the time) I remember when the demon opened at Wonderland I thought... "Oh my god it's bigger then the one at Knotts" :shock: It seems it's very well placed. Painted dark and standing along a slop may contribute to making it look big. I loved waiting in the que for Wizards fury and watching the demon travel up the lift hill feeling sorry for the poor people on board. (At this stage I was still afraid to ride..... it just looked so high) Anyway I finaly rode it a few years ago. I was silly the first time, not having much experience with coasters I let my head wobble from side to side and i left the ride with a very sore back! :x Anyway the last time i rode it was in April 2003 and I must say it's EXTREMELY PAINFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first drop it very exciting, but after that you must brace yourself for whats to follow..... The bomerang is confusing as I never know which way it's going to turn next so I cant position myself for the impact of the turns. The drop backwards is nothing....... meaning, I never feel much sensation at all, its really a nice comfortable feeling that i wish would last longer (I sit at the front to get a maximum drop going backwards) Anyway next going backwards comes the loop..... GOSH!!! Its the worst part!!!!! I get so frightened going through it knowing it's going to hurt! coming out of the loop is so pianful for the spine. Please concider that I did take note of the seating instructions located on the back of each headreast. I do force myself back in my seat and keep my head straight and rested on the back. I now just wonder if where in the train you sit makes a difference? I always sit in the front as I like the drop backwards and I have occassionaly sat futher back towards the middle. I have never sat in the back. I have been on all coasters along the east coast of OZ except for Thunderbolt. My memories of leathal weapon are good and I enjoyed the ride even though it was pouring! The Corkscrew, as if I need to mention is like gliding...... so nice!! and i rode phycolone while it was the 'Big Dipper" at Lunar Park, this coaster was also nice, fast and smooth! Bush Beast is my FAVORITE!!!!!!! I could ride it all day and still get a thrill! So much FUN!! I'm sorry to say I just don't enjoy demon because of the pain factor.
  6. Hi, I've just added some pics from my last wonderland trip early in March 2003. I was lucky enough to take my camera on the Bush Beast. I'm glad to hear Bounty's Revenge is open again. I visited the park 3 times since Jan03 and each time it was closed. Can you tell me what the new colours are?
  7. imperial

    Looking for photos of the Bush Beast?

    I'm sorry about my original post regarding pics of Canada's Wonderland's Wild Beast Woodie. I mentioned that it was the same as our own Bush Beast. After riding BB recently and getting a nice on ride photo I discoverd ours had a major difference. After the second drop on BB the track heads around to the fan turn then dives under itself to complete the rest of the circut. On CWonderland's Wild beast after the second drop the track dives under it's self then goes into the fan turn. Grizzly at another paramount park in the US also is named the BB twin but this ride also features the dive under the track before the fan turn. (This dive also has a tunnel) Other then that all coasters were made by the same company and are the same other then that piece of the circut. I guess our Bush Beast really is one of a kind!
  8. I rode Bush Beast last week and the ride operator was telling a guest that Bush Beast does go faster then the Demon but BB has no G's! Is this true. (OMG I rode BB in the very back car for the first time and WOW! what a difference! the pull over the first drop from the front cars is soooo unexpected and fast) Another thing, I was thinking do you think the DROP rides such as space probe are the utlimate thrill? What I mean is, if a coaster hill was as tall as SP would the drop be the same. The coaster will be falling on an angle. I'm just wondering as If I ever go to a US park I want to know if i could handel the massive coasters. Maybe doing SP could be worse then the first drop of a hyper coaster. (I know high G are to follow on a coaster but I always think the first drop is the worst) - The ballon chase ride is slowly going up in Gold Rush. -A few game areas have been fenced off in Gold Rush - What could this mean????? Whats wrong with Bounty's Revenge? It's be closed since I was at the park in January. (You can say Demon or Space Probe are Wonderlands signature attractions but I think Bounty's revenge is. It's one of the originals) Anyway some things to think about, but post if you want to discuss!
  9. imperial

    Ned Kelley's Getaway

    I believe overhang means that you can't see the bottom of the drop because the hill tucks into itself. I did see Ned Kelley's getaway in operation and it was not a straight droop. The hill sort of curved inwards. I sure thrillseekers who ran fast onto the slide would of got some air time as they went down the drop.
  10. imperial

    Ned Kelley's Getaway

    Yes, I heard that someone had reached up and grabed hold of the house structure the train travelled through, but you know these urban miths go around. How many times have you heard the Bounty's Revenge has been stuck upside down....... Anyway back to Wizards fury and another point, just before it closed it had a very bad paint job. Each car was painted a different colour and it looked as if the employes did it in thier spare time. It was awful. I loved the dark navy colour it used to be. This ride was also the very first fast ride I went on when I was younger. PS. I hate the zodiac's paint job aswell. It was much better with the stars and the clouds that faded to night. Anyway why complain, I should be happy I even have a theme park of that size in my city.
  11. imperial

    Clearing things up

    I think they would be very silly to tear down the beastie. I really really hope they build a big attraction in the old little wonders land so access to the beastie is still possible. A family type log flume would be excellent and maybe use some of the wildlife park as a seeting for the boats to go through. They could even call it Ned Kelly's Get away!! hahahahah! Then maybe a year later they can build a mega coaster. There is soooooo much room in that park.
  12. imperial

    Ned Kelley's Getaway

    If you ride the Ampol cars (If you can waste some of your time) you can see the wooden structure that held the slides up. There were 2 slides, cream in colour. Guest would need to walk up the stairs to the very top holding very heavy plastic boards. This was the only ride I never went on at Wonderland as there was a massive over hang and made it look very steep. The slide ended not in a pool but fake plastic grass with a small amount of water. The grass would easly graze legs and arms if you were to fall off the board at the end. I also heard that someone was killed on the Wizards Fury.
  13. imperial

    Photo's in the forums

    This is such a good idea. I'm hoping some one might be able to get on the Bush Beast with a still camera as I'm trying to do a recreation in the No Limits Rollercoaster sim. I need heaps of on ride photos to get an idea of the right layout. If anyone ever does a helicopter flight from Wonderland please try and get some good arial shots of the park espc. BB. I promise If I get the chance I will do the same.
  14. imperial

    My Early memories of Wonderland

    Yes that ad was the "get out of everyday land and get into Wonderland"
  15. imperial

    My Early memories of Wonderland

    I also remember that ad. There was aslo a show channel 7 did on the making of Space probe. it was filmed because people had won a comp to be the first to ride. It was hosted by the guy who hosts sydney weekend on Ch7. During the show they showed heaps of stuff including the making of the commercial. In the commercial the family on the ride did drop but in real life they were pulled horisontaly across a big tube. They never really fell at all. The commercial also featured a helicopter with a spotlight flying around the tube.