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  1. Anyone have ideas on what they would like the 2 new mazes this year to be?
  2. It depends if those Cast Members are still with the park. I think there may only be one regular there at the moment that was seen often. Ive heard a few call it 'playing pretend' or 'playing dressing up' for a living. Makes me giggle.
  3. What are the games everyone is playing at the moment? I'm playing a lot of Dead By Daylight and Fortnite(I know. A bit unfortunate). I'm still to finish The Evil Within 2 and The Last Of Us 2. Can't play them with kids in the house. I've played a bit of CounterStrike but im really not good at it. Like at all. I also enjoy a game of Civ 6.
  4. Green fog? They show smoke/mist puffing(for a lack of a better word) into the centre of the giant ring. Which it does. You can hear it, you just can't see it.
  5. As it currently stands, you do not get park entry for the day. So extras like backwards passes and Fast Video are redundant. I mean with the change of the time of day the climb takes place, most would probably be bought in park if they started properly advertising it to their day guests. Which means they have already paid for entry to the park anyway. You would end up needing to have 3 different prices/packages. -One just for the climb by itself. For those that do not wish to have entry to the park at all.(Which is the price as it is now) -One for people that require entr
  6. The event isn't free. 😉 They just have free tickets to an event that one would normally have to pay to get into. There's a difference. One has to be interested in going to an event to even bother using their free tickets. E.g. If I had free tickets to go see U2, i wouldn't. Because I have no interest in them. I don't see why someone would waste their time at an event they don't like or want to be at just because the tickets they have a free. But also, basing an event on how someone got in or why someone is there is a bit stupid. It's one persons opinion. E.g.
  7. There is a show under the big screen at 7pm and 8:45pm The band plays a few sets during the night. The closer is the usual. A 'DJ' and the dancing girls. They added a Hype man this year as well.
  8. It's not always a case of 'wouldn't' pay, sometimes its a case of 'can't' pay. Don't have the money to spare but would still like to go and enjoy the event.
  9. That was already there as part of existing theming.
  10. I have photos of me on this. It was around 1999 I believe. I would have been around 7yrs old.
  11. Haha. Yeah, the term 'sexual fantasies' has been related to HOK.
  12. Leather face is similar to Halloween, in terms of the styles of the maze. They are both based off singular serial killers with a mask. Parts of the maze in a house and parts in an outdoor setting. The only difference tends to be the weapon of choice. So to me, the mazes are the same just with a different protagonist. When you have done one, you can pretty much say you have done the other. House of Kane on the other hand was a completely new and different experience. It was more about being strange/weird to the point of making you say "WTF was that' as you are leaving compared to act
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