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  1. I think the character itself has to be approved by DC but i don't think the actors themselves have to be. Superman is a different story though.
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    They were moved to round the corner of the WWF toilets opposite the ice cream shop.
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    Its weird that they just gave away like 1000 tickets and only 300 people showed up.
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Yeah, they had extra concrete put in to make channels shallower.
  5. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    TopGolf site has been updated with a list of the different games you can play with their point system.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    Not 100% confirmed but considering how well it went last year its extremely likely it will be back this year.
  7. The Off Topic Topic

    Movie World is currently hiring for someone to play Robin. 12 Month contract. Most likely looking to have him in time for the DC Superheroes and Super-Villains event this year.
  8. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Batwing stripped back.
  9. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Hopefully WWF down time won't be extended..... AGAIN.!
  10. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    I believe it's supposed to be 3 levels with 27 bays each.
  11. Thank you (2018 edition)

    Yeh.... No one stores photos like that.
  12. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Gatsby as a character is also not a character in park. They just have a show that they call Gatsby as they use music from the most recent movie.
  13. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Yeah they are slowly pulling out more characters that they know they can use. With seeing more of Porky, Marvin, Wile E Coyote, Pepe Le Pew and Audrey Hepburn. We haven't seen Willy Wonka for a little while and I don't expect he will be back soon.
  14. Sea World Carnivale 2018

    You could also get the noodles without the Chicken or Prawns for a cheaper price. Had the chicken both nights. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was used by Fiesta Creations. As far as i know, they create their own shows and choose their own music. I don't know for sure but there is a chance that this may have not been a VRTP thing. They do not give out wristbands from about 5:30ish onwards. The wrist bands are only given out to people that enter the park for the event before the park closes to the general public. This is so staff know you are there for the night event and you do not get escorted from the park with other day time guests.
  15. The Off Topic Topic

    You are a bit early for everyone here in SEQ.