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  1. From Dreamworlds Facebook page ”The Queensland Government today announced it will inject $2.7million dollars into Dreamworld, helping expand the Corroboree area with a world-class research facility. The Dreamworld Future Lab will be the first of its kind in Queensland and will help support Dreamworld’s conservation drive. See it begin to take shape soon.”
  2. Dreamworld have said in response to comments on previous posts “they would love to have Big Brother back” Channel 10 have also been doing a lot of test and piloting this year... who knows? Celebrity Big Brother? I’m personally a huge fan of BBAU so, although doubtful I would love to see a return!
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned but Dreamworlds opening hours are 9-6 until the 13th of January.
  4. You need to remember Dreamworld also attracts a lot of international guests that would find this type of thing interesting. If i were at a local park in let’s say Japan i would love to learn more about their culture history through show and dance. Still good to see dreamworld are adding/changing shows
  5. From a customer service perspective I couldn’t agree more. Since the first time I went to MW and DW to the most recent, I feel like their staff are on complete different sides of the chart. at dreamworld, staff are always friendly and polite, love a conversation and clearly like or atleast act like they like their job. Asking me how my day has been, what my favourite ride was, where im from, even coming up to me and my friends and asking to take photos of us on our phones. Whereas each time at movie world it just seems like a robotic feeling, no acknowledgment, conversations, s
  6. I hope they stay consistent with their prices and don’t change them to frequently from here on out. I am all for a little price boost as I think the parks are worthy of it, especially with the inclusions and extra events included. I was going to comment on how expensive they were, but that was until I realised you can still purchase 7 and 14 day tickets (for holidays, Otherwise $200pp for a family of 4 would be ridiculous!) In reality you’re only going to be buying the annual pass if you plan on visiting each park multiple times across the year and most likely attend the include
  7. It’s how the article referred to it, hence why it’s in quotations update: I’ve changed the title
  8. There is a reason for this to have happened, it’s not like it’s a common occurrence. The reason for the post if more for the media already reacting to it negatively without a response from Dreamworld themselves.
  9. A video had emerged on Instagram of a tiger being hit across the head. Radio media such as Nova is already using it for News, https://www.nova919.com.au/news/confronting-video-emerged-handlers-abusing-tiger-dreamworld Video, https://instagram.com/p/BbPGuYSFXpn/
  10. Dreamworld must know the upcoming month is going to be shitty for park visitors, they are offering 30 days for $30 again and season passes at kid prices again. Unfortunate for someone like me, who literally just spent $90 on a season pass for my holiday next week.....
  11. We've basically all established what makes this map so bad, but after looking at the map and comparing it to maps from dreamworld, Disneyland, cedar point etc, I've found three common things that makes this map so shitty. The first being the shadows. Most other park maps do not have shadows, or if they do they are very subtle and almost invisible. I have no idea why the tones and shadows used are so dark, nor the reason the shadows are facing so strongly to the south of the park (correct me if i'm wrong) it's like 6am if the sunrise was in the north. The second being the content shown
  12. As interesting as it is to see Dreamworld try new things like this every now and again, I really wish they put some more thought into the lyrics rather than letting us know its a 'thrill' all day and all night (even though the park is only open until 5pm?) followed by several 'ohs...' Unless this song wasn't actually recorded for dreamworld particularly?
  13. Reminds me of the old comedy/dramatic teasers Dreamworld use to do for TOT
  14. I thought the exact same thing! Even though the picture obviously doesn’t look like a shark it doesn’t really help when it doesn’t look like a tiger either
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