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  1. New Dreamworld jingle

    As interesting as it is to see Dreamworld try new things like this every now and again, I really wish they put some more thought into the lyrics rather than letting us know its a 'thrill' all day and all night (even though the park is only open until 5pm?) followed by several 'ohs...' Unless this song wasn't actually recorded for dreamworld particularly?
  2. Actventure Sunshine Coast

    Reminds me of the old comedy/dramatic teasers Dreamworld use to do for TOT
  3. 'Great Whites' coming to Dreamworld

    I thought the exact same thing! Even though the picture obviously doesn’t look like a shark it doesn’t really help when it doesn’t look like a tiger either
  4. Healthy food at theme parks

  5. Healthy food at theme parks

    Glucose (in milks) and fructose (in juices and fruits) sugars act differently in the body to sucrose sugars (in soft drinks) I think juices (maybe something like boost juice) is a good idea, wouldn’t immediately be more popular than the coke range of products but atleast it’s more option. If you have just a McDonald’s chances everyone’s going to get McDonalds If you have McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Hungry Jacks, Zambrero and a fish and chip place people have options right in their face to choose from, rather than the one choice
  6. Village Roadshows new video talks about the medias false news about its ride stoppages
  7. Yeah it is, but if MW could avoid it, don't you think they would?
  8. It would be so cool to be themed to Bizarro because its Superman's Villain and Superman is probably the best known ride at MW, I feel like it would fit well of the recent theme of 'villains being better.' However, it would feel kind of weird walking from Supervillains Unleashed, to Main Street, through part of the DC superhero are, back to another Supervillain ride? It could always be Superwoman? Although she is often red and blue she can be referenced with pink sometimes? Also upon a google search I discovered a character called Huntress and another one called Starfire, which although would make no sense, is still an option for the colour scheme? Personally, as much as I hate to say it, my money is on Suicide Squad...
  9. I noticed the trailer for Wonder Woman was released today, if the coaster was to be themed to this, now would be the best time to announce it while the hype of the movie is fresh (no pun intended)
  10. Sea World future attraction ideas

    I don't really care if they renovate or build a new waterpark but they should definitely make use of the space they have. The water park hosts quite a large area with so much potential if removed but also so much potential with a Reno or a new waterpark. I personally, would really like to see some new rides (don't really care what they are.) I understand SeaWorld is targeted at animals so I can't really say "why don't they have many rides." But to grow rate and generate more even numbers of age groups I think investing in one or two rides in a 5 year plan should be crucial
  11. Although something over 300 feet tall would be cool and give an immediate visual perspective of the park IMO after the first drop is when you can start to enjoy yourself. AA is a great roller coaster - it's not all about the height. GL is a great roller coaster - not about the height. As much as I would like to see a 300 foot high coaster I'm relatively happy with whatever they build, aslong as it is both visually pleasing (which movie world always delivers) and physically enjoyable to ride.
  12. Thunder River Rapids incident at Dreamworld

    My hearts are with friends, family and dreamworld staff going through all of this at the moment
  13. With IAAPA just under a month away maybe MACK will announce something that will clear up speculation? Not necessarily "hey we're building this at Movie World on the Gold Coast" but maybe announce something that could help us put a few puzzle pieces together?
  14. Arkham Asylum - VR coaster at Movie World

    Not sure if anyone has seen it they posted a sneak preview on their YouTube