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  1. Did you start screaming German at them to see if they’d turn around?
  2. So according to the Sea World website the names for these three rides are: Vortex - Top Spin Trident - Star flyer Leviathan - Wooden Coast and also mentions the coaster will be 32 meters tall
  3. Really excited about these three new rides! The wooden coaster is going to be so good and a perfect fit for Sea World! Let's hope for some amazing and massive set pieces for the Atlantis area!
  4. I’ve always thought the dome theatre ride themed to the creatures of the deep would be a really great attraction for Sea World.
  5. That tv tonight post about Big Brother was written on April Fools last year and confirmed to be a prank. If Big Brother was to return in the future, my guess would be it wouldn’t go back to DW. My guess is consentino
  6. It’s quite hard to see in this picture as it’s pretty dark in there but there are some massive prop pieces visible with many columns sitting outside wrapped up. The picture you can somewhat see the Atlantic warrior statue.
  7. @GoGoBoy TPR use to do full interviews but they have stopped that in recent years, unfortunately. The best coverage I find is In The Loop in YouTube, their videos come out a little later than other channels but the interviews are really enjoyable!
  8. Hi, My family (2 kids, 2 Adults) went on a West Coast holiday a year back. Not everyone in the family is a die-hard themepark lover so we had a pretty decent mix. This was our Itinerary... 1. Hollywood (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 2. Hollywood (Bus tour, Sign and Universal Studios) 3. Hollywood (Santa Monica Pier) 4. Hollywood (Warner Bros. tour and drive to Anaheim) 5. Anaheim (Wallmart 😂 and Disneyland day 1) 6. Anaheim (Disneyland day 2) 7. Anaheim (DCA day 3) 8. Anaheim (DCA and Disneyland Day 4) 9. Anaheim (Legoland) 10. Anaheim to Vegas (drive, calico town, the strip) 11. Vegas (walked around) 12. Vegas (Elvis renewing of vowels and stratosphere tower) 13. Vegas to Grand Canyon 14. Grand Canyon to Vegas 15. Vegas to San Fran 16. San Fran (Bike Ride over the golden gate bridge) 17. San Fran (Alcatraz) 18. San Fran (The Piers and other touristy stuff) 19. San Fran to home. Highly recommend staying at the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood and the Hotel Zypher in San Fran if those were locations you were looking at going to. San fran is one of the most amazing cities I've been to, you could head over to California's Great America and SF Discovery Kingdom while you're there but San Fran was incredible without that. I hope that helped a bit, if you have other questions send me a message
  9. Yep it is a Technical Park model. Very happy that it is on the cliff! Will look really cool and be way higher than anything else at the park. Im not a fan of the name SX360. I know that it stands for Southern Cross 360 but not many guests would.
  10. Judging by the poster it looks to be a full sized model. Unsure where it will be in the park but it would make it even better if it was on top of the hill behind the plunge. Give it more height and visual appeal.
  11. Aussieworlds next addition is called SX360 (Southern Cross 360) which is a typhoon 360 ride.
  12. I agree with @themagician, Backwards makes me feel ill. The entire ride backwards is crazy amazing with the exception of the helix, that is the problem area for me.
  13. Went to previews today and got in 2 rides then went to Superman at 9:30 as the person I went with felt sick. Got to ride row 6 and row 10. I love row ten for the drop and the first half but the bunny hills feel better in the front. I think that the front is my favourite.
  14. Ugh I'm so annoyed! I have a membership and my friend has a VIP so I can't go in at 8:30 but she can.
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