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  1. Aussie World's new announcement

    Yep it is a Technical Park model. Very happy that it is on the cliff! Will look really cool and be way higher than anything else at the park. Im not a fan of the name SX360. I know that it stands for Southern Cross 360 but not many guests would.
  2. Aussie World's new announcement

    Judging by the poster it looks to be a full sized model. Unsure where it will be in the park but it would make it even better if it was on top of the hill behind the plunge. Give it more height and visual appeal.
  3. Aussie World's new announcement

    Aussieworlds next addition is called SX360 (Southern Cross 360) which is a typhoon 360 ride.
  4. I agree with @themagician, Backwards makes me feel ill. The entire ride backwards is crazy amazing with the exception of the helix, that is the problem area for me.
  5. Movie World New Park Map

    Here is the new park map:
  6. Went to previews today and got in 2 rides then went to Superman at 9:30 as the person I went with felt sick. Got to ride row 6 and row 10. I love row ten for the drop and the first half but the bunny hills feel better in the front. I think that the front is my favourite.
  7. Ugh I'm so annoyed! I have a membership and my friend has a VIP so I can't go in at 8:30 but she can.
  8. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Just rode the backwards seats and I honestly didn't enjoy it. I felt a bit sick backwards and the airtime isn't as good a the front. But the ride itself is amazing, definitely my number one beating X2 and Twisted Colossus.
  9. A minor issues with DCR right now, got everyone out of line but said to come back at 1:30.
  10. Are you in line for DCR at the front gate!!!?!!? Woah
  11. If anyone is going to MW at opening could they post on here if it is open at the start. If not when or if it will open? As my party doesn't want to spend all there. Still going in with the attitude of it not being open to not get my hopes up.
  12. Me and the mates are popping over to Movieworld today so let's pray that Rivals will open. I've ridden X2 and Twisted Colossus (my two favourite roller coasters and a lot of reviews are saying that this is on par or even tops those two so I'm very excited to try it out hopefully.
  13. Same, I'm going to give Rivals a try tomorrow. (If it's open, hopefully)
  14. Yep definitely going tomorrow!