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  1. In the end of all of this. Sea World is the real winner.
  2. Punishment? What are you on about? My brain can't handle this right now.
  3. I think they should do a revamp of the area, i like the theme. But it's dead.
  4. Terrifying, I couldn't watch the video.
  5. I think this is Big Bash's best season yet. The finals weren't the best but over all, its been great. A lot more close games with year, the teams have improved. This might be biased since i am a Heat supporter and this is there best season since BBL 2. Hopefully BBL07 can top this and maybe bring in another team? Darwin maybe?
  6. Did you guys notice the failed streaker. Also, the game became a paper airplane contest half way through.
  7. I would say so, and yeah. Ben Cutting wasn't the man for the super over.
  8. Well shit, Heat lost the super over. Oh well. My question is, why did they Get Ben Cutting to bowl it?
  9. I'm going to the semi finals at the Gabba, i hope the crowd is just as good as it was the past 4 nights.
  10. Sixers clutched that.
  11. Last two Big Bash games everyone, a double header.
  12. When Joe Burns gave us a chance, the crowd was screaming. Didn't help renegades that there were so many wide's. he'l probably get dropped next season. Good thing Heat's run rate didn't go to shit after the loss, looking at you Sydney Sixers. Also $50,000 for the Ponting Foundation.
  13. Heat just lost to the renegades at home. we won all 4 of our away games and lost 3/4 home games, Maybe its a good thing the semi finals at not at the Gabba.
  14. I'm interested, i have been looking at videos, pretty fun game it seems.
  15. Amazing stuff, that's better than things i have done.