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  1. Speaking of the devil, This is the happiest day of my life!
  2. I've only ever had the staff members use the tray for my glasses, which was something I didn't expect them to do. (But I very much appreciated still being allowed to wear them in the queue.) I don't like the current locker system, but I don't see how they could fix it without a complete redesign of the stations.
  3. I think the back of the park is in need for more urgent care than the Roxy Theatre in my opinion. With Scooby Doo out of action, it's just really empty. It's a whole lot of nothing until you get to Wild West Falls. They should have really themed Doomsday to the wild west in the first place. There just needs to be more reason to spend time at that side of the park. The Batman Legacy showcase also feels so out of place, it's really cool, but it should be moved closer to the front of the park.
  4. Why is this allowed? They are direct competitors. It's like Pepsi and Coke merging.
  5. Why is it always Disney when people discuss the expansion of the theme park sector in this country, It's exhausting to constantly see new articles about some empty new land that could house a Disney Park. Why is it never just a theme park in general. A well built theme park with good attractions will attract people across the country or even abroad anyhow, I don't see why these "proposed entertainment lands" have to only house a Disney park.
  6. I mean, Movie World consistently themes their new attractions to the latest WB blockbuster, and The Flash just came out a few weeks ago before this announcement. So I'd say that's the thinking behind it.
  7. Comparing a relocation from the park next door to a world class hypercoaster is insane. Would a ride like Hyperion even work at Movie World, there is a ride on the other side of the park that is offering a similar ride experience. Wouldn't you prefer a more diverse coaster line-up? I'd like to see Movie World get another world-class thrill ride as much as the next guy, but it's not that simple. Movie World is landlocked, with a working movie studio behind it, residential very close to the side, and then swamp land and top golf on the other side. This is a park that will have to be very clever with future large scale investments, being forced to use the limited amount of land left very wisely. Future attractions may need to come with some major sacrifices. I also just want to express how good I think this relocation is, and how much it will do for that area of the park. It really opens it up, and makes it more attractive of a place to be in. Outside of Arkham and Superman, it always just felt dead and depressing, it wasn't really that nice compared to other areas of the park.
  8. Isn't that where the planned hotel is suppose to be? Also, that's ridiculously close to a residential area.
  9. Yes. The ride has been down at Wet and Wild for a long time, I'm not really sure what's stopped them from moving the ride during that downtime, if it was so easy to just dismantle the ride. What could they even do to dress this ride up? It's not a lot of space, it's located on a huge concrete slab, and they probably want the ride to be operating as soon as possible.
  10. Will the ride get a new colour scheme, what would you even theme this to.
  11. Can I have their Minotaur statue then? If they aren't going to be needing it anymore.
  12. Maybe Hanna-Barbera just isn't that appealing to kids anymore, sure they are recognisable entities to us. But how many kids these days are actually sitting down and watching the Flintstones, Yogi Bear and The Jetsons? I was born in 2003, and it was already out of fashion when I was growing up. Besides some 4D attractions of released movies, I doubt you will see Movie World really go out of their way to license characters that I'm not convinced kids even like that much these days.
  13. You theme it to the scene where Henry is driving around with the helicopter chasing him. You have the trains be like cars, and then do the ol Superman Escape trick and have a helicopter on the back. The park could charge extra if you wanted to be in the helicopter seat.
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