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  1. I love middle aged YouTube! Especially Australian middle aged YouTube.
  2. The general public aren't stupid, this sentiment is a stain on the community in my opinion. Just because they aren't interested in the latest and greatest of theme park developments, does not at all mean something like that will fly over their heads. They'd be the first people to point out that they are the exact same ride.
  3. Historically speaking, whenever a theme park is bought out the new ownership tends to enjoy marking it's authority over its new purchase. I think we could expect something big installed for Arkham Asylum's replacement. It well and truly could be a B&M, Richard said something a bit ago about them being on Village's radar. Their coasters would add something valuable to Movie World's line up. A Mad Max theme might be pretty cool, but they'll probably just name the coaster after the newest Superhero movie like they always do.
  4. The general area. The ride is pretty close to the film lot, which does limit the potential space. Even if they manage to find new room, I still do not think it would be enough for a large scale B&M, which coasters like a wing, dive and hyper usually are. I could be wrong, but it is just my though process.
  5. If we were to see a B&M replacing Arkham Asylum, it would have to be one of their more compact coasters. Which leaves it either their new surf model, a flying coaster or the inverted model. The area is not small at all, but B&M's tend to be quite bigger in comparison to other coasters. Personally, I think would be really cool to see a flying coaster. Very easy to sell, and they could do so much theming potential.
  6. The Arkham area looks great and clearly kept in good condition, and the emptiness does fit the theme. But I also feel that the area could be used for so much more and not be so empty and depressing. I honestly think Arkham closing is going to be a blessing in the long run. Never liked the actual ride anyway.
  7. I'm pretty sure a Raptor can only run 1 train, and I am not 100% sure on how many trains run on Green Lantern at a single point in time. But I am 100% sure it is more than 1.
  8. I am sure if we all pitch in, we can get it done. Maybe start a fundraiser?
  9. I think we could expect the first 500 feet roller coaster built for the Wonderland revival. It is really the only reasonable conclusion we can come to. Sure, it will take a lot of feet to build, but when it is. It will be a site to see.
  10. You'd hope so. You can never allow yourself to take advantage of the situation you are in, it will eventually blind you from innovation. If Intamin are continuing to take inspiration from other manufactures and pushing the boundaries of the roller coaster industry, it will only push the other manufactures to better their product. Not everything will work, but eventually you will find something. I would of been disappointed if Intamin were not adventuring into new territory, challenging themselves with new ideas. Competition in this case will only benefit customers, which will trick
  11. Him and his profile picture, utterly terrifying. Where is Walt leading Mickey Mouse? That is the real question, what is Walt going to do to him? I agree with Mr. Bean.
  12. I am sorry, but this is one of the most stupid threads I have possibly seen. Granted, I have personally made some stupid threads in my day. The most productive answer you will get is 'intense' or 'not intense'. You are asking us to describe a feeling, we can not possibly do that. Do you want words like 'extreme', or even 'pure adrenaline'? How about intense in Spanish? Intenso! Does this fulfill your needs? DC Rivals was so Intenso! My point is, stop asking us to describe a feeling. Do we look like Shakespeare? The only way you will overcome roller coasters is through
  13. I would say the most iconic ride Australia has ever had was the Tower of Terror. It might of only had the world record because of a delay, but it is that it held that record is what is important. I think it is what put Australia on the map in terms of theme parks. DC Rivals might be too young to be called an icon, but it will definitely grow to become synonymous with the Australian theme park industry. I mean, one can argue it is already the star attraction.
  14. I would be very surprised if Wild West Falls gets removed, it is a very popular and iconic ride at the park. Also, it is one of the only water rides in the entire park, so removing it would leave a massive hole. Is there even any evidence to suggest it would be Wild West Falls? But Arkham Asylum is certainly gone, and i am quite happy about it.
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