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  1. Planet Coaster

    If someone wanted to make a Dreamworld recreation. They have the right rides to do it, we still don't have a motorcycle model by intamin though.
  2. After Taron and Klughiem in general i have full faith in Phantasialand and what they will do will be stunning.
  3. Planet Coaster

    The summer update is right behind the corner, so i am probably going to dive right into this. I haven't played much planet coaster but i think i just might get back into it. Speaking of summer update, it looks absolutely amazing. Fireworks, billboards, Impulse. The one thing i don't think i am a huge fan of is the inverting pirate ship thing, i don't think i will be adding that to my park.
  4. To Everyone: Let's Make Our Own Theme Park

    I have Planet Coaster, thats probably the closet i will ever be to be involved in a theme park production.
  5. Top 10 Bucket-list Coasters

    In no order. Taron Iron Rattler Twisted Colossus GateKeeper Fury 325 Mystic Timbers Maverick Black Mamba Blue Fire Nemesis
  6. The Best Rollercoaster in the world

    The Sponge Bob Boasting School Blast over at Sea-world is my favourite. The Air-time on that is amazing, best coaster in the world in my opinion.
  7. [Wishful Thinking] The Gold Rush Replacement

    I personal don't think they will be changing the theme, with all the money issues right now. Completely redoing the theme is a lot of money. Getting a new theme after 30 years or so developing that area is unlikely. Looking at the way Dreamworld is going. A family based ride is probably our best bet. The one thing we are missing is a solid Wooden Coaster. Wooden coasters are great for the fact that it can be a great stepping stone for all the young thrill seekers who want to do all the big rides on the coast. You can argue that the Mick Doohan coaster is this stepping stone, but that it's being marketed as a thrill ride. But as i was saying about the wooden coaster. Its great for young thrill seekers and thrill seekers alike. Also a big clean up of that area is a must.
  8. Planet Coaster

    The new update was released today. Adding, Go karts, Inverted and normal Boomerangs, and Inverted Arrow coasters and a few new flat rides and some other stuff.
  9. after hours and hours of hard work. I have finally figured out the new Coaster. Its Peppa Pig.
  10. I don't know what movie you were watching, but i hated Suicide Squad, much worse then Batman Vs Superman, i didn't overly enjoy both of them but i prefer Batman Vs Superman. Anyway, I am still trying to figure out the theme. Its not the joker, hes more purple and green. I would use Red and Black or Red and white to describe her. Pink Power Ranger? Probably not, isn't owned by Warner Brothers.
  11. My favourite headline was "Future Of Dreamworld in doubt" and "Is it time to close Dreamworld for good?". I was watching the Today show this morning and they were doing like a interview or something with this person (Probably knows nothing about Theme Parks). She said that Dreamworld's response wasn't enough. She was talking like there was something wrong with the BuzzSaw. What can you expect though.
  12. Dreamworld 'Pure Imagination' Campaign

    You guys remember Deamworld Insiders?
  13. 'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    In the end of all of this. Sea World is the real winner.
  14. "Dreamworld is punishment"

    Punishment? What are you on about? My brain can't handle this right now.