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  1. Just got back from USA where we did Magic Mountain, Universal Hollywood & Disney World & now I am so excited to be coming back to MW the ride this beast! Im so proud of our little park! Cant imagine it would top Twisted Colossus but after @ThemeTendo saying just that I'm that extra bit hyped to get on Rivals. Theming around the queue looks better than I expected, I think it looks awesome.
  2. Id like to see them continue the theming that they have shown on the top of the lift hill throughout more parts of the coaster. Similar maybe to what Bizarro SFNE has, I think Movie World are extremely capable of pulling off some decent theming in this style to create a storyline that stretches past the station and through the coaster.
  3. Greg Young just confirmed the colour to be Fuschia on FB Live 😅
  4. A DOUBLE FACING TRAIN! Movie World, you have done it! Excitement levels have just skyrocketed
  5. http://themeparks.com.au/hypercoaster The site is up along with a ride preview!
  6. A double facing train? Im sure we will know shortly! I'd say it was just animated that way for persepective though but who knows.
  7. From the Movie World web page just now. DC RIVALS HYPERCOASTER CONFIRMED
  8. SO EXCITED! Where are we expecting the announcement to be made first?
  9. I guess I was looking at the wrong section for a join... Why are you like this? Honestly 😅
  10. Exciting times! How many pieces of track is that installed? 2/3?
  11. Just stumbled across this while browsing youtube, nice to see some international enthusiasts speculating on this coaster. Trigger warning... He does call the track Pink once or twice maybe... *Probably should have posted in colour/theme thread, cant seem to delete.
  12. Just went for a look at the site while sussing out the floodwater. Heaps of track pieces onsite now, i'd say about 10, they were also unloading a container of about 6 or 8 supports at the time. More digging going on clearing what i think has been determined as the entrance into the track area as well. Plenty going on around the site. No photos sorry guys.
  13. Yeah the same ride operator who told us it would be $5 per use also said the same thing about fast track passes containing a VR experience. @Zanstabar really hit the nail on the head with the description of the ride too, it was nice to read actually because it took me back to parts I hadn't remembered, having only tried once with VR it was super hard to take all of it in. Im still in awe of it though, cannot wait to be able to give it another spin!
  14. Hey parks crew, long time forum browser, first time posting. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a little about getting to try out the VR on Arkham Assylum this afternoon. Saw @themagician had posted about VR testing this morning so decided to head to the park. Queued for Arkham at about 3:30 and noticed a few MW team riding with VR, decided to ask if we could try it out and we're initially told it would be completely random and couldn't be guaranteed but after queuing for a second time and asking a different team member if we could wait, he happily put us to the side and grabbed u
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