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  1. AdamV8

    Aussie World's new announcement

    Approval has now been granted for the 5 new flat rides.
  2. AdamV8

    The Big Pineapple

    A couple of snapshots from the recently submitted DA for the future master plan. Looks like a sizable water/adventure park could be in the works.
  3. AdamV8

    Aussie World's new announcement

    Here's a couple more screenshots from the DA. Just a reminder that it's still going through council approval so nothing is guaranteed at the moment..
  4. AdamV8

    Aussie World's new announcement

    Haven't seen any detailed plans of the Aussie World expansion, forgive me if this is posted elsewhere? A DA was submitted before Christmas with showed some of the following pics..
  5. Hi guys and girls newbie here. I have been looking for information about this development recently and came across this article which is pretty detailed. Sanad Capital to partner with WhiteWater in developing Sunshine Coast waterpark - See more at: