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  1. I have tried using that but when I try to put it in game it does an error. I am thinking of changing the ride anyway to another one but thanks for the suggestion Thank you, I am working on showing the inside queues and actual track Thank you, this made my day. I have more rides and buildings coming. The Arkham Coaster took me a really long time.
  2. Green Lantern Coaster Entrance and Track (from Behind) Ride was based upon the Movie World ride Justice League building and Sneak Peak of Inside Queue UPDATE: I will upload videos of the queue's and the actual ride, also more rides and areas will be built. Stay Tuned..
  3. *STILL IN PROGRESS* This is not a recreation of Movie World Gold Coast this is a Theme Park based on Movie World but focused on the world of DC Comics. Front entrance of the park Close up on the ticket booths The big entrance into the park DC Comics Store found near the entrance Superman Ultimate Flight Building (not to be confused with actual ride Superman ride in real life) Track of the Superman ride Close up of the Doomsday Ride Zoom out of Doomsday ride including Daily Planet and Villains Area Bizarro Ride Entrance
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