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  1. If not pics at least a track colour?
  2. There is video of Blue Fire with a spinning car at the end of its train Blue fire is a Mega Coaster and different to Flash although it still has a loop element sprinning cars still would definitely be awesome in my opinion.
  3. I didnt actually mean the ride layout Just the trains
  4. Has anyone considered that if it is Wonder Woman that the train may be a Mack Xtreme Spinning train? That would fit WWs lasso.. the video below was shown at IAPPA In Orlando last year The RCDB page says Extreme Sit Down Steel Spinning Flash Variant could be Wonder Woman - I am all for a strong female coaster. I would think that when the GP think DC super hero's the three that almost all of them know are Batman Superman and Wonder Woman. It would be an awesome thing to have what I'd imagine is going to be replacing Superman as the "top" coaster be a Wonder Woman coaster Just on another note in the video that turnstile loading is so cool especially since it gives two ride options
  5. Ratbag93

    Disneyland Australia; will it EVER happen?

    I so very much hope so. The last hint of anything was project Lester in Sydney but even then that wasn't really a park http://disneytimes.com/2014/01/disneyland-australia-details-on-the-failed-plan/ I guess part of the question for Disney is where? Disney proves that weather isn't really an issue so we cannot rule out somewhere like Melbourne just because of the cold. The Gold Coast is the popular choice if I remember correctly and would be amazing I would live at Disney if it was there... but the thing is does the coast have the space for it in the first place yet alone expand? Disney seems to be the kind of company I can imagine wanting all that extra space. When we are considering location for a Disney theme park we need to not only think of rides and attractions but of the hotels and shopping district surly wanting to do. On top of that with an Australian park being not only Disney's first thing Downunder but the first something other than a cruise ship in the southern hemisphere I am sure they would want to do something special. On that also Disney might actually decimate the Australian theme park industry if it was built on the coast or not. It is one of the those things that will either help or hinder our parks if built outside the coast. With the consideration of project Lester I wouldn't be surprised if it is to happen if it is Sydney...What are your thoughts? I also get the feeling that having Disney somewhere in Australia would attract not only the locals but the foreign tourists including the Asian market irrespective of their own Disney parks to have the "Disney Downunder" experience. Its a money maker for sure I just hope it hurry's up. I feel like they could build it in Tassy and the people would begrudgingly come. or somewhere in the middle of the nowhere and I'm sure we would all come. Why? because its Disney. On that note please Disney do not build the park is Tassy....
  6. You might want to check with Clive Palmer about this first.....:p
  7. Eyewitness Account - Gold Coast Bulletin Hi Guys I came across this and thought I'd share it. Again been a looker not a sharer for a while.